Lia was, different. It was difficult to say what exactly made her tick. She didn't dress like the others, skimpy tops cut low on their chests. Jeans cut up to mid thigh and rolled with long blonde hair streaked with caramel streak. They were clones. All simply clones of each other.

But Lia was different. She wasn't that eccentric type. There was just a particular radiance about her. She was friendly enough. But she never really seemed like she was there. Her body was there as so to say, but mind wise, imagination…she wasn't there.

Oh she wasn't insane either. She was smart alright, knew how to talk and all.

Maybe it was that hedgehog that rode in her jacket pocket. Was it the fact she was always munching on fruit pastilles? Or was it her hair? Brown with red streaks. Either way she was an ostracized member of the school, and she didn't care. That was probably it.

She didn't care what happened to her. As long as people were happy. She stayed out of their way and they stayed out of hers.

Lia chewed a red coloured fruit pastille and swung her legs on a tree branch. She reached into her pocket and fished out a sleeping hedgehog.

"Look!" She said to it, letting it face the rippling green meadow and the sunny blue horizon. The hedgehog continued to sleep but Lia didn't mind.

"And the lamb slept with the wolf…" She said cryptically to herself. She laughed, a mellow laugh of a three year old. She sighed and leant against the tree trunk, closing her eyes. The shouts and raucous yells of boys reached her ears and she smiled.

Lia smiled at everything. Everything pleased her. From the flitting wings of a butterfly, to the award given to her on stage.

She drifted off lazily, the brook running, bubbling through the edge of the meadow was shining and sparkling as the afternoon sun hit it. The hedgehog nestled into her warmth burying it's nose into the sweet scent of honey and fir wood.

Lia opened her eyes. Checking her watch, she cocked her head. Four, there was still time to get home. She clambered over tree branches and hopped to the foot, narrowly missing someone's hand.

Yelping she fell backwards.

A boy. More specifically, it was Chance. Chance was a boy who was played basketball and was a person that people didn't mind. Well the people on the basket ball team minded…but that was a different story. Lia always wanted to speak to him, but now seemed like a better chance than never. But Lia wanted more than ever, was a chance to make him smile.

Lia crawled forwards, curious at the same time worried. Chance was lying on his back breathing in sharply. His arm was clutching the side of his rib cage and he hissed as something inside him contracted.

"Hey, are you ok?" She asked, the boy's eyes opened. They were troubled and in pain.

"Yeah, I will be I think." He murmured. His eyes closed once more and suddenly crinkled in pain. Lia untucked his shirt, gently moving his hand to the side. Lifting it up she winced.

There was a nasty bruise spreading. It looked horrible.

"Ok," Lia said to herself, quietly coaching and thinking what to do next. Chance was obviously in pain. She drew from her pocket a fruit pastille.

"Here, eat this." Chance took it, raising an eyebrow. But not wanting to displease her he chewed it slowly.

"So, why are you lying in a field again? Around," She checked for the time, "Four thirty?"

"It's no big deal seriously." Chance mumbled he struggled to sitting position and rubbed two finger into his side, massaging the bruise.

"Well you obviously didn't get that bruise by yourself." She pressed, looking into his eyes, searching for an answer.

"If you really want to know," Chance said heaving a sigh, "It was the basketball team. But seriously, it doesn't matter. And you never heard me say this, ok?" He said eyes flashing.

"Oh…" Lia murmured.

"You're Lia Evangilence…right?" Chance said more conversationally, warmly.

"Yeah, and you're Chance right?" Knowing she was right. He nodded then added,

"Chance Jenson." He corrected.

"Chance Jenson, right wing defence in the Golden Eagles team, earned three awards for winning three regattas in 2005 and has one sister and one brother." Lia recited and stared at him, cocking her head to one side.

Chance raised an eyebrow.

"You know normally I would be majorly freaked, but then again. You are Lia Evangilence. " He said half scared yet full of wonder.

Lia smirked, "Yep that's me. I guess you're feeling better now? Fruit pastilles really do help you know."