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Anyway, a little background. Jae is a dancer for a Korean company called SM Entertainment. Tucker is a biker from American who is fluent in Korean as his family and gang is located in Korea. It's not like a hardcore gang but a biker gang! Anyway, they have had tons of stuff happen to them and well... I just wanted to write this story and I'm sorry if you don't understand very well or if it is not clear for you guys. I'm really sorry to if it's quick and like short and like.. lame. :( Anyway, THANKS FOR STICKING WITH ME MY FAITHFUL REVIEWERS3 I love you guys so much you don't even understand. You guys make me love writing more than I should. hahaha.

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Night Play

ps. The actual title of this story is Korean but I can't seem to put it in. It is called: 'Saraeng Halddeh Jookuhddeh Gajji Saraeng Halguya' which means 'I'll love you until I die'. But for FF I changed the title as you see.

Faithful Love: part 1

It was one of the biggest moments in his life; many moments seemed to be when he had a huge tour and all the tickets were sold out. Jae just sometimes wished there was that one person there to be all excited about it with him. Someone not in the group, someone well… not famous like him. Someone like…

"Jae! What are you doing over there? It's time to start the show." Dae-Han smiled as he was finally done with costume and make-up. Jae smiled as he shook his head and the minute he stood Dae leaned down and gave him a kiss. Jae gave a little sigh into it and kissed him back gently before Dae pulled away to look him over.

"Your missing home aren't you?" Dae said as he stood closely to the other so he could caress his cheek, "Don't worry, after this show we are going back to Korea. Manny said it would be for a long time this time too."

Jae could only smile as he leaned his head back into the others hand. They were finally moving off this country and going back home. He was happy about that… but also scared because he was sure he'd run into Tucker then. And he wasn't sure what he would do once he saw him…


First week back in Korea and Jae's mood already seemed better. He was happier and not so gloomy but Dae was also figuring it was all the sleep Jae was able to get now than when they had to work all the time.

Majority of the first week Jae stayed in bed all day and only got out of the bed to shower, eat, maybe get on the computer and go out to take a very short walk. Going into his second week of vacation he was ready to go see the studio that made all this possible. He was showered, ready and telling Dae, "I'm leaving now; I'll be back later tonight, kay?"

Dae gave a grunt since the first week he was here was spent partying and sleeping –Jae was alright with that – so he gave the other a wave and a mumbled, 'Have fun', before going back to sleep.

Jaw was slightly nervous of course; he wasn't sure who he was going to see, if Tucker would be there still (not sure why since Tucker wasn't a dancer), and if his old teacher would knock him and say he's lost talent since joining the group. His fingers tightened across the strap of his gym bag and he was so nervous he had to take a break in a café. He was sliding in, ordering his coffee and sitting down on a stool near the window.

It was almost odd how he was in sitting and drinking coffee in the same spot he saw Tucker for the first time. It made him slowly look up to see if Tucker would be there doing his crazy faces and holding an unlit cigarette.


He was almost disappointed as he gave out a sigh of relief… his emotions were all mixed up. He eventually got up and continued the walk with a half filled cup of coffee in his hands. He was almost there… just had to turn the corner.

There it was! He was excited to see the large dance studio as he waited for the crosswalk to turn green so he could go. Which he was quickly going in now; the front desk lady instantly stood up and squealed: "JAE!!!!!! You're back!! Oh my God!!! Why didn't you give us a call we would have prepared with tons of cake and food!"

She rounded her desk to give Jae a big hug. It was almost odd since the girl really didn't care this much when he came every day. She was super sweet though and when he did come here every day wasn't rude to him or Tucker.

She took a step back to look him over and smiled, "Not much has changed! You look so much yummier now though compared to that skinny stick you used to be! Someone has to be feeding you right!" She giggled before running her fingers through her hair and then clapping her hands excitedly. "I'll go tell everyone you're here so that way the Teacher can show you off to all the newbie's!" and before he could say no she was running down the hallways into the dance rooms.

Jae couldn't help but smile though as he tossed his coffee into the trash can looking around to see if anything had changed.

And there it was… the motorcycle noise. Not just one, but… two, no three. It made Jae tense and his brain go crazy as he tried to figure out what to do. Maybe it was just some dancers who rode motorcycles…. What wishful thinking! All dancers signed by SM Entertainment had cars and vans to pick them up. Unless it was Dae… but Dae was sleeping at home with a hangover! Who could it be…?

Then he heard the voices which instantly made him want to pass out.

"Soooo, are we just picking up your boy-toy and heading out? Cause if not I wanna check out some of the dancing. The boys this year are supper hot… beefy arms and a six pack." The girl giggled, "And no, not a six pack like yours old man." And then she punched the guy walking with her. Who gave a false laugh and shoved her back.

"You know Amber, no one wants an old lady like yourself watching them dance. First of all it's scary to see you react to it, probably intimidates them all… and it's just plain gross."

Yep, it was time to die, Jae thought. He was reaching up slowly to make sure his hood was on before casually starting to walk down the hallway. He pretty much ran when he was far enough down and then snuck into the locker room to change. Hopefully Tucker couldn't sniff him out because that would just be weird and so awkward when he found him.

The front desk lady was back and looking at Tucker. She at first had an 'Uh-oh' look before covering it up and smiling. "Hey you too, what are you doing here?"

"What do you mean what are –we- doing here Miyoung? We are here to pick up Lee and then head out."

Amber groaned unhappily at that and sighed, "Yeah, what the old man said."

Tucker glared at her as he looked back to Miyoung, "So, is he done yet?"

"No, he probably won't be for an hour. There is a special performance today and he'll probably want to see it."

"Whhhat? Special performance by who? Not by the Teacher right? There is –nothing- special about his dancing." Tucker chuckled as that brought back old memories…

Amber gave a snicker too, "Yeah, but... will he have some back up dancers? I totally wanna see the newbies shake their hips." And she did a little shaking motion with a wink to Miyoung. The lady gave a laugh,

"Well, maybe next time? You guys could come back in an hour to pick Lee up?"

Tucker shrugged, "Nah, I think I wanna see the Teach dance, he always thinks he's the best."

That made Miyoung tense and shake her head, "Private dance performance today."

Tucker scoffed and started to walk back, "Then I really have to see it... because it's probably horrible."

Amber nodded, "Totally." She just wanted to see the guys … made not dancing but sitting was fine too. She could totally get her flirt on.

Miyoung was stuttering as she followed them back trying to make up excuses. The music already starting, and loud, it only made Tucker and Amber walk faster.

Jae was super embarrassed when he walked into the Studio with all the new dancers, and some old ones, sitting down clapping for him. He looked around before the Teacher smiled at him and said hello.

"Jae! You're back! I was wondering when you were going to stop by. You'd be the worse student ever if you didn't come to see the teacher that helped you on the way!"

Jae rolled his eyes, it seemed that comment had him on the defense, "Excuse me, you weren't the only teacher I had."

Which made the rest of them chuckle a bit but instantly stop when they got a glare from the Teacher.

"Well then, if that's the case… give us a performance. I still have your music and I'm sure..... since you've gotten famous you've only gotten better at your art? Yes?"

Jae flushed instantly as the Teacher continued, "These students are studying break dancing… just like you did when you were there age, so come on. Show it to them." And Jae just sort of bit his lip as the students clapped and cheered for him. Some of the girls so excited that they were crying, others sitting there in awe, some with their phones out taking pictures, some of the boys were ogling as well… everyone but one boy. Which he didn't mind... he didn't like the stares he was getting from the majority of the group.

The music started and he let the beat go for a bit before he was moving his body to it. Just like before but better. Of course better! He was in one of the most popular boy groups of Korea now and it just made him better at his craft.

He was only a couple minutes into it before the door opened and he looked up to see Tucker and Amber and Miyoung.

Tuckers body instantly because tense as Amber was giving the biggest grin Jae has ever seen her give. He didn't stop dancing though as he looked away. Insta-blush though running down to his neck as he continued; during the dance though his jacket had come off somehow leaving him in a black beater and a pair of ADIDAS sweat pants and black shoes.

His arms a bit more defined as before and his body well much more muscular and toned than before plus barely any fat. He heard the whistle from Amber and all the students chuckled as they were now wooing and clapping for him.

When the dance was done he instantly leaned down for his jacket and put it on. His hair was still shaggy and a light maroon color. His skin perfect as usual and his eyes a bit grey from his contacts. He put up his hood as Amber was then squealing; "Jaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" and running over to him to tackle him to the ground.

Which, Jae instantly fell with a groan as the girl attacked him and was hugging him on the ground, "When did you get backkkk? I totally read on your website that you were finally coming back to Korea but WHEN! AND WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL!" and now she was upset as she sat up on him and punched his chest.

Jae might look stronger but he was still a weakling and instantly brought a hand up to rub the area that she punched and gave a cringe. "Duude, I totally knew the scent in the lounge area was familiar... and you just –walked- off like that.. ohmygooodness. I KNEW it!!" she was happy again and helping him up to hug him before looking at the new boys and girls that were watching him dance. They were all glaring at her and she instantly went wide eyed.

"Geeze… what the hell? He's not even on the market for dating you tweenies!" Amber looked back at Jae and took in a deep breath. Jae did too as it seemed he was finally able to get in a word.

"I got back last week and have been at home… sleeping." His voice was soft, and almost scared to talk. Especially since he could feel Tuckers gaze burning through his jacket.

"That is totally unacceptable! Let's have dinner tonight! Be ready by seven and meet me in front of your apartment complex. You live in the same building as before right? Tucker told me where since Lee is shacked up there now too, I guess. Anyway, outside seven!" The mention of Tucker made him look up some and he instantly wanted to walk over and hug him, kiss him and just stay in that position. He didn't even realize he said 'Okay' since she had distracted him with Tucker's name.

Tucker looked away when he looked over and called out, "Lee, Amber. Let's go." And that boy who wasn't too happy to see him when he walked in got up and grabbed his bag that was by the door and left. Amber hugged him one more time, "Tonight, Seven." Before leaving.

And… Jae. He just sort of… felt like shit since now he was thinking Tucker had a new dancer as a boyfriend… and it just made him want to jump off a building – even if he did have a boyfriend too.

The teacher took over his brain now as he was putting him straight to work with the newbie's. It was fun of course but he was now teaching them how to do some movies. He wasn't done until about six and was then rushing out of there since Amber had said seven and he needed to change and all that still. He said bye to everyone and promised to come by tomorrow before rushing out.

It took 15 minutes to get home, ten to shower, five to dry, five to change clothes, and the rest for him to prepare. He ended up wearing fashionably torn jeans, a black long sleeved shirt that was sort of a low V-neck, and a simple silver chain necklace. His hair was perfectly done too… he had mastered it; straight maroon-brown short but shaggy and coming over one side of his face somewhat emo but hot on him – as his Manager and group members said.

Dae was watching him get ready and slowly got up from where he was laying on the bed. He was ready too but not to go to this dinner. More so to just go out and party again, his arms slunk around Jae's waist as he nuzzled against his neck. Jae looking at him through the mirror as he finished putting on some lotion.

"Where are you going?" Dae muttered gently against his neck as he placed a light kiss against the curve of his neck. Jae shivered gently as he turned in his arms and wrapped his own arms around Dae's shoulder. "Just dinner, I can meet you at the club later."

Dae smiled, "Really? You up for going out and dancing?"

Jae smiled, "Why not? It's always fun to dance leisurely." He gave a little chuckle as Dae kissed him, and then deepened the kiss.

Jae could pretty much see where this was going and before it got to heated his hands ran over Dae's and pulled them away; "I'm late, Dae…" he muttered as he gave him a soft peck. "But tonight..." he promised as he nibbled on his lower lip. Had to get him off somehow right?

He was outside five minutes after seven and heard Amber yell for him. "COME ON PRETTY BOY!" and he paused. She wanted him to get on a motorcycle? He never got on anyone's motorcycle but Tuckers and he was scared now. Just like the first time. Amber saw this too and tossed him a helmet, "Get on. Tucker will be mad if we're late. He's cooking you know."

And that made his stomach drop as he looked to Amber, "What? He's… cooking?" I thought it was just us going out to dinner? What?" he caught the helmet and was not timid. His fingers pulling at the straps some as he put it on.

"Well, he knows what you like… and you're not easy to go out and eat with. With your allergy to Chinese food and everything related to it."

His allergy… which wasn't an allergy but that's what Tucker had told everyone to make sure he would never have to deal with it ever again. He sighed some and just put on the helmet, swallowed his fear and got on the bike. His arms tightly holding onto Amber as she zipped through traffic and stopped at Tucker's house…

What he used to call home.


Being back in the house made him think of all the old memories, every part of the house had something. Some day he could remember that was making his heart squeeze and give him some sort of breathing problem. What made it worse was when he looked towards the kitchen and saw Lee up on the counter and Tucker between his legs making out as something was boiling.

It just made him flush with embarrassment as he remembered what they had done on that same counter and wondered… did Tucker do the same thing with Lee? Did he do everything they did together with Lee? Was he really… not actually that special?

The second Amber saw it she cleared her throat and yelled, "We're home!" and in that instant Lee pulled away to look towards the two and Tucker cleared his throat as his head seemed to tilt down before looking towards the pot. He moved as if nothing happened trying to cover it up as Lee slid down and started to get the dishes to set the table.

This was awkward. If he knew Tuckers new fling would be here… he would have asked to bring Dae. At least then they'd be on an even playing field and he'd have someone there to sort of get him through all this.

"I think its Spaghetti, smells good though huh?" Amber smiled as she shrugged off her leather jacket and tossed it onto the couch. Jae looked around as he shoved his hands into his jean pockets and slipped off his shoes. He bit his lower lip as he looked around and saw that everything was the same. The clutter, the pictures, the modesty… and that painting; he had painted it for Tucker on his birthday. He remembered that day… since it was a little drama filled with him coming over thinking Amber was his girlfriend and blah blah. It ended up being all in his head and Amber was there for some reason like she couldn't book a hotel.

He smiled when he looked it over and the bike that he knew so well and pretty much loved. He didn't really like riding on a motorcycle with anyone else but Tucker… and he didn't really like any other bike but Faith. Some time had passed and Amber had worked something out to make Tucker go and get him which made him nervous as hell. Especially when he felt that hand against his shoulder even if it was for just a moment.

"Hey, the …" Tucker's throat seemed to swell when he looked down at Jae who looked just as innocent, timid and sexy when they first met and all the others years after that. Tucker cleared his throat and moved his hand away, "Food is ready."


The dinner was awkward. Everyone was in total silence as they ate and when Amber tried to strike up a conversation it just seemed to make everything worse. Like, jealously was running through the table. If they talked about how famous he was; Lee was upset. If they talked about Tucker and his relationship, Jae could barely swallow. If they talked about Jae's relationship, Tucker would go sour. Lee was happy with that topic of course but still… Amber just sort of gave up and just ate instead.

Jae was in love with the food as usual and didn't mind just eating. Tucker was an awesome cook and that was obviously one of the things he remembered. Tucker used to always cook for them and they never had to go out. And his food was always yummy… and then his family... X, he could cook. Just thinking about it made him feel like he gained an extra five pounds.

He smiled some as he finished and just sort of… as if everything was back to normal put his dishes away and rinsed them off. He then grabbed a glass from the cabinet and got himself some water. This made Lee glare, how easy it was for Jae to sort of melt back into the atmosphere. But in the end when he realized what he did it just made him hurt more and made Tucker look away and give out a sigh. Amber just smiled and couldn't help but feel like something was on its way to fixing this whole ordeal.

As Jae finished his water nervously he rinsed the glass out and set it down. He stood there for a moment before his phone went off making him jump and reach for it in his pocket. He looked at the caller and looked to the three of them before excusing himself to take it in the bathroom.


"Jaeee? You done yet! We are all waiting for you at the club!"

"Dae? I can't really hear you!" he wasn't yelling, but sort of raising his voice. "I'll be there in about half an hour!"

"KAY!" Dae screamed and he then hung up the phone and sighed. He sighed heavily again as he turned to look into the mirror and fix his hair some. Adjusting his clothes before running his fingers over the silver chain around his neck and slowly followed it until he pulled out the pendant hiding under his shirt. A little music note he never parted with when he left for Japan.

He tucked it back under before walking out and going to where the three of them sat in the living room and pretty much straightforwardly spoke to them all. Only one person in the room would realize how scared he was to say something but wouldn't say anything about just how Jae felt on the inside about what came out next.

"I'm going to the club and was wondering if you all wanted to come along." Jae never gave invitations not only that an invitation to Tucker was even harder when they weren't together.

Jae was happy he didn't have to explain as Amber jumped on the chance to see Jae dance in the clubs and shouted, "Yes!" and before Tucker could agree with her Lee was mumbling something about just wanting to stay home.

Tucker sort of slunk back as he looked to Lee and back at Jae. He obviously wanted to go… he just wanted to watch Jae for awhile. It'd been so long and even though it was awkward between the two he couldn't help but want to go and watch him dance. He was an incredible dancer…

"Well, how about this? We can go and have a couple of drinks… and then after I have a couple down I'll dance with you."

Tucker sort of glanced over to Jae who looked away during this moment. Tucker was trying to seduce the other to go and even offered up dancing. And it made him jealous because obviously he wasn't the one that would be dancing with Tucker.

Amber got up, "And I'll dance with you~~" she shook her body some and pressed it up against Jae playfully which made Tucker tense and jealous now as Lee smile.

"Really? You'll dance with me! Only me right?" he eyed him and Tucker sighed some, "Yes, you and only you. So can you go get ready?"

Lee was bouncing up off the couch to go change his clothes and Tucker was getting up to follow. He had to change back into the clothes that were appropriate to wear outside being in a biker gang he just sort of wore black on top of black.

Which Jae couldn't help but look Tucker over when he was fixing the collar of the leather jacket he knew so well.

"Let's go."


The ride over was a little tense as well since Tucker didn't like the idea of Jae on with Amber but had no choice. And well, Jae was eyeing Faith from the side since he had done Faith's design and well… it still looked brand new.

When they arrived at the club he slid off of Amber's bike and stretched while pulling off the helmet and shaking his head. He handed it back as he saw the body guard who smiled and waved him over – along with his buddies.

"Hey, Jae! Glad to see you back." The bodyguard spotted Tucker and raised a brow, "And you, been awhile."

Tucker gave a nod before the four of them walked in and all the other bikers were inside having a blast and the dancers. It seemed like it was always a mix party of awesome people and it seemed like they always got along. Biker gangs and normal people (dancers included); it was where he met Tucker, officially.

Amber was already running to the bar to put her stuff behind the bar before going into the dance floor. The rest of them at the bar ordering drinks – Tucker and Lee ordered a jack and coke while Jake stuck with water. He rarely drank and when he did… well, he pretty much quiet when he moved to Japan.

Tucker seemed to eye Jae with the water and gave a smirk; same old Jae. He never drank unless he had someone he could trust to take care of him. So he figured no one here would take care of him… Tucker would of course but he couldn't just say that out loud with Lee and what went on between them.

Dae finally spotted Jae and came over. He was a couple inches taller than Jae but not as tall as Tucker. His body structure was not as big as Tucker, but very similar to Jae. Dae was a dancer so of course he was toned and in shape but not in the biker gang type of way – not in the way that really made Jae squirm and well hot in the bedroom.

At least that was what Tucker was telling himself so he wouldn't become to overly jealous about the kisses that happened and the whispers while Jae was being pushed against the bar.

Daes head dipped into Jae's neck and Jae sort of turned his face away glanced to Tucker who was obviously ticking at the jaw while the blood rushing to Jae's face was becoming more evident. Jae turned his head the instant he felt Dae bite against his skin and was bringing his hands to push against his chest. He then stepped forward with him as if it was some playful gesture and muttered under his breath, "Let's dance." To get them out of this weird, tense, and awkward situation.

Eventually Lee was dragging Tucker out on his promise and while Jae and Dae danced Lee and Tucker was right around them dancing as well. The music was loud so it was hard to hear anyone as they moved to the beat of the music. Jae and Dae's hips right up against each other while little kisses were given it seemed like they were becoming turned on by dancing. While Lee and Tucker had a bit of a problem.

Tucker never really knew how to dance so he never really danced unless it was with Jae. Lee on the other hand was trying to lead him but was failing and was becoming frustrated. Eventually Tucker was getting ready to give up and was walking through the crowd. Amber saw this and was quick to pick Lee as her partner as Dae's partner from earlier wanted to dance again. Jae looked over to him and back to Dae and Dae just sort of told Jae not to worry about it and pulled him closer. Jae smiled and wrapped his arms around him to whisper into his ear, "Don't worry, I'm going to go to the bathroom… so have fun dancing with him. We can dance all night anyway…"

Yeah, he would of never said that anytime else but he sort of… couldn't help but want to dance with Tucker. He just wasn't sure how that was going to work out. So he… did go to the bathroom and on his way out he was snagged by someone on the dance floor near the bathroom and then pressed up against a body he knew so very well.

He blushed, furiously, as he looked up to see Tucker look down at him. His eyes locked as he felt Tuckers hands run down his body and eventually pull his hips close and grind against him. Tucker leaned down to take in Jae's scent before whispering in a low raspy voice, "Just like making love, right?"

Jae blushed even darker as he then stuttered, "Ju-Just like making love, Tucker." And they were at it. Just like old times. Tucker's hands on Jae's hips and Jae's arm wrapped around his neck as they pressed their bodies up against each other and was going with the beat. Tucker was bad at dancing, but Jae had taught him how to dance with him… and only him. They fit each other, they were perfect for each other… and for now, they forgot what had happened and were just enjoying each other. Even if Jae was scared Lee or Dae might see.

He took this time to lean up against Tucker's neck and take in a deep breath. Smelling the scent of the bike shop mixed with the leather jacket and it practically made him groan against the others neck. He loved that smell…. he didn't before but on Tucker, he loved it. And it made his fingers squeeze against the jacket as he pressed against him.

Tucker seemed to have the same reaction, his fingers keeping the other pulled in as he nuzzled against the other and smelt the same scent he had a year ago. Sweet, and flower-like; Jae was always a tad girly on the inside and he couldn't help it. He liked what he liked and that meant flowery soaps and sweet scents.

All this was leading to more though. Jae's hands had found their way under Tucker's jacket and up around his back to feel those strong muscles again. Tucker letting his hands run down over the others bottom and grip tightly. He had always loved Jae's ass and the way it could move. Tucker smirked as he kept his left hand against Jae's ass and the other sliding up to feel his abs. His lips letting out a small, "I miss you, Kid." With a slightly needy moan as Jae smiled towards the nickname. Looking up to Tucker as he mouthed, "I miss you too, Old man."

And they just sort of stared at each other as their hands moved along each other's bodies and their hips grinded against each other.

And that was when the chaos seemed to happen. Because the minute they kissed it just seemed like the world was against them and both Lee and Dae turned their heads to see this. As if some radar went off.

But the kiss, it was so good. Jae was melting into it and couldn't continue to dance as his hands came up to run through Tucker's sweat hair to pull him close. Tucker's hands around the others waist to pull him up so he could deepen the kiss; Jae's legs around his waist now as he kissed Tucker hard. As if he was about to die and he'd never get another chance – because he wasn't sure when he would get another chance and even though there was bad blood between the two he just wanted to kiss Tucker.

He moaned heavily into it as their tongues moved along with each other, Tucker not even wanting to pull away to breath as his brain was being filled with Jae again. Just how it should be; full of intoxicating Jae.

Dancers around them were wooing but Lee and Dae were pushing through the crowd as they saw this. Amber was happy but pushing through as well because if she had to kick ass she would. But otherwise on the inside she was totally rooting for Tucker and Jae to come out of this together again. What had they broken up over anyway? It had to be something since they seemed inseparable before.

Dae had made it to the two kissing first and reached up to grab a handful of Jae's shirt to pull him of Tucker. Jae wouldn't have slipped off as easily as he did since Tucker's grip was tight but Lee was there pulling at his arms and punching his shoulder.

Jae seemed dazed as he caught himself on his feet and was falling against random people who were no watching what was going to happen. The yelling instantly started on Dae and Jae's side. Dae starting off,

"What the fuck are you doing Jae? I don't go off kissing other guys and cheat on you! You fucking no this is not acceptable behavior and in public! Where you embarrass me and make our relationship look like a piece of shit." And the hand came; right across Jae's sweaty and flushed face, knocking him to the side some.

Tucker saw red at that and didn't give a shit about what Lee saw as he charged towards Dae and threw a punch right across his face. Jae was up as he saw Tucker rush by and was instantly trying to make it stop. Tucker could not ruin Dae, he was part of the group… the leader in fact and to ruin Dae would be horrible. Dae had the most fans… "Tucker!" Jae screamed as he tried to pull Tucker off of him.

And really it was a cliché fight because the instant his elbow came up to throw another punch it hit Jae right in the side of the head – since Jae was trying to pull Tucker off and well, Tucker's arm was dangerously close to him anyway – and knock him down to the ground.

It made everyone just sort of stop and at that time the music turned off because Jae was on the ground with a hand pressed against his head ready to cry.

It was quiet and Amber was now pissed as she yelled, "TUCKER! Just stop it right fucking now! Look what you did!" and he finally saw that he had knocked Jae on the ground and Jae was shaking and trying to get up now but was a bit dizzy from the heat and everything else going on that a knock in the head wasn't good.

Tucker pulled himself up to look down at Jae, "Jae…" he muttered as he stepped closer and Jae just sort of cringed, "Tucker… stop it." He breathed out heavily, "You don't have the right to beat up on Dae! He has done nothing to hurt me, has been good to me…"

"But he HIT you, Jae! He HIT—"

"THAT doesn't matter Tucker!" Jae screamed as he looked up to him, "At least he didn't leave me." His voice cracked as he said the last line.

And that made Tucker, Lee, Amber and everyone else freeze in the club. No one knew what had happened to the most solid couple ever, and now to hear just a piece of what could of happened made everyone stop. They wanted more.

Tucker? Leave Jae? It sounded almost unthinkable. Tucker was all about Jae… Proud of him, settled down for him, didn't ever cheat on him, didn't want to stay out late because it made Jae angry (he couldn't help it most of the time though he still had duties), always was checking up on Jae. He was really like a settled down old man because of Jae… and he had left all that to go back to his one-night stand biker gang life? He had given up a serious relationship…. He had been the one to leave? There had to be reason…


It had been a couple days after the incident and Tucker was still in the foulest of moods. He had hit Jae and he never, ever, ever would have done that, EVER. He wasn't sure how it happened either he was just so angry and pissed of that Jae's new boyfriend had slapped him that he didn't even think that he would hurt Jae in the process. Just hitting Dae probably had Jae squirming because of his past… that's why Tucker always dealt with his problems away from Jae's eyesight. That and because he didn't want to liter Jae's head with what his job really was about – violence.

Lee had left, obviously after what had happened he didn't want anything to do with Tucker. He figured that the only reason Tucker dated him was to stay connected to the dance studio since that's where Jae was from. Plus he saw the way Tucker kissed Jae… Tucker never kissed Lee like that. So he just sort of gave up on the biker and packed his things and left.

Fine by Tucker… Lee was trying to take the place of Jae and that was a huge spot to fill. No one was as cute, innocent and timid as Jae. And all those traits in Jae could never be found in another person ever again. Tucker really loved Jae and knew that he would never find anyone else as perfect as Jae – Jae was really the one for him and he had fucked that up when Jae was content on being with him and staying here.

Amber got out of the shower and then grabbed a mug of coffee before sitting down on the table in front of Tucker and finally just looking at him and saying, "What did you fucking do Tucker? You never told me what happened but your fuckin' gonna tell me now because I bet it was some stupid ass mistake and all your fuckin' fault." She took a sip of the coffee, "And hopefully, HOPEFULLY it's fixable!"

Tucker gave her an annoyed look and sort of looked away as he raised his mug and took a drink. He gave heavy sigh as he finally muttered; "It was for his career. He wouldn't leave to go on any tours because of me… even if I told him it was okay. And for his career to get anywhere like he dreamed it to be he had to leave… especially because he was a part of a group. He couldn't just stay in the house… so I figured the only way to make him leave was to break up with him. And it worked… look where he is now." Tucker smiled some as he looked into his mug and took another sip. "He's famous and livin' life. He made himself something…he's a star."

Amber seemed to calm while Tucker spoke. It was for Jae… Tucker didn't want to but he knew that Jae wouldn't leave him. And what better reason to leave when he was trying to get over the love of his life? Breaking up obviously made Jae jump at the idea of leaving as fast as he could, Tucker had known that.


Dae was on pain medication for the bruising and swelling but otherwise he was fine. He had a black eye and a bruise on his jaw that was healing rather quickly and a couple ribs that were sore but nothing big that would keep him from touring in the next month.

"So," Dae muttered as Jae was laying in bed still depressed about that night. He could still taste Tucker… feel Tucker against him and it made him want Tucker even more. The nights with Dae were not the same either. It was disgusting almost, as if his body finally realized he was with the wrong person.

Jae gave a grunt as he kept his eyes closed. The bruise on the side of his face was already pretty much healed and the slight cut on his cheek from the slap would leave the faintest scar.

"Get up, Jae. And tell me what happened the other night."

"I don't want to talk about it. I promise it won't happen again."

"Jae…" Dae Han muttered as he slowly sat on the side of the bed, "I've never seen you so passionate in a kiss. Not even with me… and we've been together for awhile now. I was mad, yeah. But now you're just some depressed bag of bones on the bed and it's not good for your health."

Jae peeked his eyes over to the other as he gave a breath before closing it again, "It was nothing."

"Jae, I'm trying to understand you okay? Take it now before I become a boyfriend you're just going to start to hate. The two of us are half of the group we're in. We cannot be on bad terms if we want to be able to continue on the path of success. I need to know what that man was to you… or I will resent you and you'll just hate me and we will ruin everything for the group."

Jae opened his eyes some as he turned onto his back and looked up to Dae Han. "Dae…" Jae muttered gently as he then looked up to the ceiling. "Tucker was… well, you should know. It was all over the internet before we left. He was the one I wanted to be with forever… I thought I could never live without him. And he… just, broke it off like I was nothing." Jae choked up a bit. "He told me to get out, to leave. That's why I was so eager for us to move to Japan for a year and make our Japanese album. I plunged myself into work because it made me forget… and then you came to comfort me. I don't know if you meant to but you cared the most out of the three, we connected… and I feel like now that I've used you. I was going to tell you but you know… I genuinely started to care and love being with you. But nothing… nothing will ever be like Tucker. No one will ever be like Tucker."

Dae Han smiled some as he shook his head some. "Jae, if you don't love me… you should have told me. What you basically told me is that I'm your best friend that you've been screwing around. We weren't on the same page."

Jae closed his eyes some as he sighed heavily, "I didn't mean to though…I was going to say something but things were just so good...We were doing okay."

"But it was a lie. On your part because I love you like a lover… and you love me as your best friend."

Jae cringed as he ran his fingers through his hair and then pressed the palm of his hands against his eyes, "I'm sorry."

Dae smiled as he eventually got off the bed to lean over the other and kiss the tops of his hands, "Don't worry. I don't know what you and Tucker had but it seems real. I'm jealous of course, want to punch him a couple times," (not like he really could) he chuckled, "But you know what… it'd be pointless. Because you'd be on his side at the end of the feud."

Dae was grabbing his stuff and putting on his jacket, "So I'm going to go visit the other members and get SM to give me my apartment… and we'll take our own vacation and when we get back… let's just start over."

Jae sat up as he shook his head, "No, you don't have to leave." He was surprised Dae Han wasn't having a freak attack and destroying his stuff. "Hey, no. Just go back to sleep… yanno. We need a break anyway. I'm telling you when we go back to work we'll hate each other if we didn't have a break from each other. Especially after what happened. I have to go get over it now yanno? So… text me or something."

Jae was alone now… alone. In this big apartment that he hated to be alone in – he laid back down in his bed and pulled the white covers over his head.

It was almost weird how easy that was…