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Night Play

Faithful Love: part 2

It was a week before Jae was adjusted to being alone in his apartment without anyone. He hadn't lived in this apartment by himself since he met Tucker. He pretty much moved in with Tucker after his mother had put him into the hospital with her last attack. He had the key to Tuckers apartment and called it home. The only reason why he came back to his apartment was to wash his clothes or grab a few new outfits. Not that he didn't have enough at Tucker's place… but he didn't like wearing the same outfits all the time. Even if it seemed like he never did.

The time alone gave him time to work on his art as well. He loved to paint and take pictures. Projects he started before he left for Japan were being finished. Pictures he took years ago were finally being developed and majority of them were with Tucker and his family. At times he couldn't help but cry and other times he smiled while hanging them up to dry. Pictures he took with his digital Nikon were printed out as well and with all these pictures he would make an album.

Of course this took time. He always hand made everything since he was crafty and was thankful for the vacation time to finish it. It was something he was making for Tucker years ago. He always seemed up to making Tucker photo albums since Tucker didn't really have any of that stuff. He just had pictures on his wall… which was nice too. But Jae always thought it was nice to be able to flip through photo albums as well.

So the first one he ever gave Tucker was on his birthday… and that was probably the best one he made since it was filled with pictures he took at the race Tucker was in. It was the first time he bonded with Tucker's group, the first time he had gotten so pumped up from a race… the first time he was scared Tucker would crash but also the first time he saw how graceful Tucker and his father's were on a bike.

Tucker gave him a lot of first. The list went on since Jae hated anything crazy and adventurous before he met Tucker. He was always scared he was going to die so hated anything to deal with that. He liked quiet but Tucker was loud, he liked safe driving (in cars) but Tucker only owned a fast motorcycle, he was used to eating out (no Chinese food!) but Tucker always cooked for him, Jae couldn't cook at all but Tucker could and very well too. Tucker was a large, muscular, [biker] gang member and what was Jae? Muscular, toned, slender and dancer; Tucker dealt with violence and Jae hated it because he was always on the other end of it because of his mother. Tucker was outgoing and Jae was timid and always nervous. Tucker was always on the run from relationships, one night stands, boy and girl toys and making them leave in the morning… and Jae? Jae was scared he was going to end up like one of those toys because he wanted a relationship.

He remembered the first time they almost had sex. It was just tons of making out and led to the couch and then… he had gotten scared and stopped Tucker. Of course they had not told each other how much they liked each other and Jae had then accused Tucker of just wanting to fuck. It was their first fight… and he didn't realize just how upset Tucker had gotten from the accusations. Tucker was scared too and then Jae had said something along the lines of 'You can't just fuck me and leave me' and it upset Tucker.

Which led to the big ordeal with Tucker's birthday; Jae trying to apologize and being greeted at the door by a girl named Amber in one of Tucker's large shirts – what would any normal person think?

But with all their history and fights and misunderstands sprinkled in… Jae came to realize they were perfect together.


Tucker had felt like a child after the scolding he got from Amber. But after all that he was trying to think of ways to talk to Jae… to try and get him back. He wasn't sure what was going on with his life since Amber wasn't telling him anything and calling him an idiot every time he tried to sap some information out about Jae.

Amber finally blowing up, "Tucker! Just call him… better yet, I'll give you the best advice ever: GO and get him. Just GO." She then gave an annoyed grunt before looking back to the papers she was grading. Yeah, she might be a biker but she was also a first grade teacher and was busy.

Tucker was silenced and frozen for a couple seconds before Amber slowly caught his gaze again, "What the hell are you still doing here?"


Tucker didn't know when he had lost his balls. Why didn't he just go up and see Jae? He was the one that was always outgoing and always got what he want but with Jae it was much more delicate than just busting through the doors and getting what he want. It was always difficult and it made him second guess himself.

He didn't understand – he didn't even go and apologize for hitting him because he felt like utter shit and decided he wasn't good enough. But… he couldn't let that get in the way. No, Jae would forgive him… hopefully and he'd just have to be extra careful when he got there just in case he still had that boyfriend.

It made him glare but this was the only excuse he had for going over to Jae's apartment. On the way there he had picked up roses, tacky yes, but he needed to have some kind of present. He was already bad at picking out gifts for Jae… but to try and get something last minute. That would just be horrible. Flowers were safe and if Jae didn't like them they were easy to throw out. Not that throwing out a last minute gift would be hard…

He sighed as he drove up to the apartment complex and was sweating profusely. He got of the bike and set his helmet on his seat before fixing his messy, long blonde hair. His sparkling green eyes glancing to the doorman who smirked and let it pass; so that old man was still alive too.

"Hey, Kyu, Look – finally the American grows a set." The man at the front desk muttered with a chuckle. Tucker gave him a glare and muttered, "And that old bastard is still here. When is he gonna just kneel over and die?"

Tucker eventually made it to the elevator and clicked number seven for Jae's floor.


Jae was packaging the finished album in plain brown paper and tying it off with some brown string. It took a week but it was finally done and he was ready to go take it over to Tucker. He was already showered and in clothes but was putting on his shoes when he heard the buzzer of the elevator go off before the door opened to let Tucker into the house.

He tensed as he saw the other and set his foot down while looking over to Tucker who looked good as ever. And he couldn't help but laugh as he saw Tucker, this big American that was scarred all over from fights, carrying a bouquet full of flowers.

Tucker flushed a bit before holding them out, "They're for you." and that made Jae return back to his nervous self as he stood up straight and walked over with one shoe to take them.

"Thanks, they're beautiful." He smiled as he looked up to Tucker and then back down to the flowers before whispering, "Is this the only reason you came? To give me flowers?"

Tucker looked down to him as the elevator door finally closed leaving them in utter silence. "I came to apologize… I hit you and you know that I would never do that… but I did. And I feel horrible about it."

Jae smiled gently as he looked up to Tucker, "Don't… worry about that. I know you wouldn't… and it was… an accident." He was nervous, easy to tell as he was pausing and gripping the stem of the roses tightly. Thank god for foil or he would have cut his hand by now.

There was a silence for a couple minutes before Jae perked up and remembered the album. "Oh! I made something for you! I've had time the last couple of days and decided to finish—" Tucker didn't let Jae wander off to far as he grabbed his wrist and pulled him back in for a kiss.

A deep, passionate, loving and long kiss.

"I just … want you, Jae." He muttered as he pushed Jaw against one of the walls near the elevator. "Just you, I don't need anything else." Tucker muttered as he kissed him again and this time it was just all raw love.

Jae couldn't say no… because that's exactly what he wanted. And the kisses made it so much easier to forget what happened and just wrap his arms around Tucker's neck and groan against him.

"Take me back, forgive me." Tucker needed to hear the other say it… to confirm that he would take him back. And Jae was so flustered he couldn't say anything for a couple minutes before he swallowed down and looked up to him. He seemed dizzy, almost high off of Tucker and smiled.

"What took you so long?"

Cheesy, yes, but that's how Jae was and Tucker couldn't help but smile and kiss him again. This time a little less roughly but still needy like as he lifted Jae up from the ground; Jae's legs wrapped around Tucker's waist as everything became more urgent.

Tucker kicked off his boots as best as he could as Jae kicked off the one shoe he had gotten on. It was only a matter of moments that Jae was pulling off his own shirt before he landed against his bed. Tucker climbed on top of him. Both of them to excited and breathing heavily.

"Tucker," Jae let out harsh breath as his fingers shook to take off the others belt, unbutton his pants and shove them down. Tucker didn't let him touch though as he grabbed Jae's wrist and pinned them above his head.

"I'm getting there, Jae." But he was having trouble getting this down straight since it had been so long and he was just so ready to be inside Jae. It was a matter of minutes before they were both completely naked, wrapped in each other's arms kissing heavily as they could only tease each other. Jae had to push Tucker away to breathe and calm himself down.

"Tucker, wait…we…" he couldn't talk but he basically wanted to do it slow since well, he wanted to explore Tucker's body. He still remembered everything but he didn't want anything to be meaningless. He didn't want this to be some kind of quickie and then they calm down to do it right. He wanted it to be right all the time. He wanted to be making love every time.

Tucker understood that just in the look he was getting and brought his hands up to cup Jae's face before kissing him heavily. Jae's breath was caught as he groaned; his fingers coming up to run along the scar against Tucker's chin. His free arm wrapping around Tucker's waist and pulling him close so he could run his fingers along his back.

His eyes opened to look over the others back when Tucker dipped his head into his jaw and bit down. A loud moan escaped him – that was Jae's weakest spot. His neck … and it turned him on each time and drove him crazy. "Tucker…" he whispered as he felt Tucker's tongue run along the curve of his neck before sucking and nibbling against him. Jae's fingernails trailed down Tucker's back as he hissed when he was bit harder.

Tucker groaned from the stinging on his back and trailed kisses up towards Jae's ear. "Where is it?"

"Drawer." Jae said shortly as he lay back against the bed to watch Tucker straddle his waist and lean over to open the bedside table drawer. He pulled out the lube and untwist the cap before pouring a good amount on Jae's stomach. It made Jaw tense as he looked up to Tucker.

Tucker tossed the bottle aside now as he let his fingers run over the lube on the others stomach and leaned down to kiss him passionately again. One of Jae's legs wrapped around Tucker to pull him against his hips while Jae grinded up against Tucker making Tucker shudder and groan against Jae's mouth. Jae smiled as he continued to do that… Tucker groaning each time as he moved his hand around and pressed against Jae's entrance.

Jae arched into Tucker as he felt the cold lube against his hole. And then the index finger pressed and it made him still for a moment. He knew the preparation just for Tucker was going to hurt more than it did for Dae… for any of his ex-boyfriends really. It always did but Tucker made sure he was alright and prepared before he did anything.

And Tucker knew exactly how to take his mind off of it which was why Jae was moaning in a matter of seconds. Tucker's lips back against his neck as his hand that wasn't preparing him was wrapped around his member stroking him.

It was like sensory overload by the time Tucker had three fingers in; pushing in and out of his entrance as Jae moaned loudly and breathless mumbled Tucker's name. "I'm ready… I just... want you." Jae muttered as he brought his hand to stop the other from preparing him. He didn't care if it hurt he just wanted the other inside of him – To feel Tucker moving in and out of him and fill him up when they both reached.

The thought made him shudder as he felt both hands leave him. Tucker set one hand against his hips and held it so he didn't move away and the other was being placed above his shoulder for support. Tucker moved down to his elbow so he was closer to Jae and kissed him gently. Jae sighed heavily as he was covered in sweat already and Tucker only partially.

Tucker lined himself up and pushed in slowly to get the tip in first. Jae cringed as he tilted his head back and moaned heavily. Of course it still hurt… Tucker was big and Jae was always tight so it hurt every time for at least the first couple of minutes.

Jae whined and turned his head against Tucker's arm, hand coming to grip the bicep near his head as he pushed in deeper. "Tucker!" he gasped as he didn't remember it hurting this much before… well, once. Their first time but otherwise he didn't remember. He was probably not used to it anymore since it had been about a year but he was getting through it.

"Oh my God." Jae groaned as Tucker was moaning out of pleasure but trying to keep himself from just thrusting against Jae.

"Jae," Tucker whispered against Jae's ear as he started to trail his kiss against his cheek and moving the hand against Jae's hip to his chin so he could kiss him on the mouth. He kissed him deeply as he finally pushed all the way in and Jae shut his eyes tightly while the tears were falling from his eyes.

"Jae…talk to me." Tucker whispered as he nibbled Jae's lip.

Jae looked up to him and smiled some before letting his tongue lick one of his snake bites; "Move. Or I'll kill you." He threatened and Tucker smiled as he pulled his hips out and then pushed in. Jae bit his lower lip as he groaned heavily, "Faster." He mumbled and Tucker moved to what Jae said. Eventually he had gotten into a good rhythm. Quick and hard enough to thrust himself inside the other as deep as possible and of course that made it better for Jae.

Jae was groaning five minutes in and breathing heavily in pleasure. His noises only becoming louder as Tucker was thrusting faster and harder inside of him; hitting his spot every time.

"Tuck-er!" Jae moaned loudly as his nails bit into Tucker's skin as he continued to move. "Oh, god, Tucker." He whispered breathlessly as he trailed those nails down. Tucker moaning heavily as he smirked and soon dipped his head to make it even worse for the dancer.

His teeth teasing at the skin along his neck as he nipped and sucked not caring to leave a huge hickey for everyone to see – it would be the mark of their reunion. And it made Jae yelp a bit at how hard he bit down.

"Tucker," Jae gasped as he closed his eyes tightly while seeing tons of colors. His stomach was tightening so much and he was just pretty much ready to explode any moment now. He was just waiting for the other… and while holding it tightened himself around Tucker to make him groan and kiss Jae harshly. Jae's fingers running through Tuckers hair, his legs tightening around Tucker's waist as he thrusted against Tucker to match him. Faster and harder until finally he couldn't and his fingers gripped moved from Tucker's hair to grip the blankets and pull up while his toes curled and he came onto their stomachs. A long, whine-filled moan escaping him as his back arched into Tucker.

Tucker's hand slipped underneath Jae's back as he felt the other tighten around him and make him come over the edge. Tucker groaning out heavily against Jae's neck as he rode out their climaxes while their bodies shuddered and shivered. They were covered in sweat and sticky from each other's release but at the moment he couldn't care.

Tucker wrapped his arms around Jae as he heard Jae mutter a soft, "I love you."


The End.