[01: Ashes to Ashes]

Itching with pain Edgar pulled his limbs. There was no way to break free from the taut straightjacket. The man foamed at the mouth as a burning fire etched in his throat. With all his strength he pushed against the steel door. Blood leaked from the corner of his mouth as he panted for air. Tears slid from his sore eyes as he collapsed to the floor. Suddenly the fluids on his face ignited. The flames began to melt the jacket from his body and shot up the walls. The hallway guards quickly opened the door only to be consumed in a wild combustion. He cried as the fire grew and devoured everything in his path.

"Water, Oh god someone get me water!" Edgar screamed.

Barely able to move the prisoner attempted to stand. His entire body felt useless. All he could do was stumble over like a toddler. Determined to leave, the male crawled his way into the hall. Blood shot out of his pores, slowing him that much more. Directly in front of his path was a long glass window. Edgar swallowed his hot, dry spit then coughed out an enormous explosion. Crying he rolled out of the broken window and fell four stories into a dank moat. Air bubbles surrounded his sinking frame. Color faded from his reddish brown eyes.

"Water …more water, I am on fire!"

A small current pushed his body into a large stream. His eyes closed; his heart beat declined. Hours passed and then days all of which came with fresh rain. Within a week his body had washed up alongside a river bank. Flies walked across his scorched skin and sucked on his wounds. Scavenger birds circled around his motionless body. Ants marched on the bridge of his brittle nose.

Sounds of a motorcycle bike hummed life into the ears of the unconscious body. A spiky haired man began to corner a caramel skinned woman. She let her grocery bags slip from her fingers. He flipped open his switchblade and grinned. The woman backed up as the thuggish looking man put the sharp edge on her chin. Her face trembled as the point twisted into her microscopic pores. Blood trickled down her neck and met at her collarbone.

"I thought you loved me, Hallie."

"I don't know how you know my name, but I certainly don't love you!"

"Come now, all I want is a little money…or a little skirt." He grinned, pulling up her dress. "Floral panties, those are for virgins only, I'll have to get rid of those."

"You sick pervert!" Hallie shouted, as she swung her leg across his face. He grabbed the limb with his left hand and licked her flesh. Shock bent her brows downward. "Let go!"

"Pain doesn't affect me and neither will that sweet smelling leg."

"Bastard, let go of me…Ah!!"

Hallie fell against the scared body; the young thug spread her legs open wide. She closed her eyes tight as she felt the blade trail around her inner thigh. He used her hand to unzip his leather pants. Grinning he licked the salty tears from her face; his foul smelling breath burning the hairs in her nostrils.


"What's that baby you want it in the water?"

"I didn't say anything!"


"Ha, you are just trying to scare me aren't you dumb broad. I'll make this a quickie and kill you slowly."

Edgar began to lift himself up as the fire jumped around in his esophagus. Hallie hopped off of his body and scooted far away. The thug snarled and lifted Edgar up by his neck.

"Don't you see I am trying to cop-a-feel with this little honey?"

"Pathetic, you deserve to die." Edgar groaned as he placed his hand over the man's face.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?


Flames shot out of the goon's eyes and liquids bubbled from the corner of his mouth. Heat ate him from the inside out and turned his body into ash. Edgar removed the remaining hand from his throat then fell back onto the grassy riverside.


Hallie dashed over to her grocery bag and grabbed a liter of water. She pulled up the small spigot and leaned it inside Edgar's dry mouth. His eyes fluttered as the fluid cooled his throat. Sadness overwhelmed him as he felt her compassion melting over him. The strange woman placed her hand on his boiling hot forehead then removed the bottle from his mouth.

"You have a fever."

"I just killed a human being, don't you care?"

"You saved my life. For that I think I can look the other way." Hallie smiled, as she stood up. "Now I need to get you home." She picked him up on her own and carried him to the nearby sidewalk.

"If I am too heavy you can just leave me anywhere you want."

"Nonsense, you need attention. Besides you're a lightweight compared to that other guy."

Edgar made a small laugh before falling asleep against her cool skin. He held on tighter feeling a sense of security for the first time in years. Finally there was someone he could trust. The flame inside of him began to die away; the winds touch now apparent.

A young man dressed in elaborate wedding garments chased after his beloved. She laughed and spun in her glittery wedding dress. He grabbed her and looked into her ebony eyes. The woman had porcelain white skin and haunting red lips. They stared up at the starry sky before sharing in a passionate kiss. Splats of blood formed all over her gorgeous gown. Her flesh started to rot away. The groom shrieked as her eyes liquefied and boiled away.

"Don't let me die…Edgar don't let me die!"

The grassy field they once stood in disappeared along with her body. Edgar found himself locked away in a rusty cell. All that was left of his wife was a sullied gown. He buried his face into the silky fabric.

"It wasn't me it was Michael…he did this!"


"I am innocent it was Michael and his stupid spell casting!" Edgar shouted frantically.


"I loved her I would never do anything like this…only a wizard could have managed this!"

"Liar, there is no such thing as magic. You really are a loon just like St. Michael said."

"Michael is the devil!" Edgar cried, tearing his wife's dress. "He killed Marie!"

"Let's teach this loon his place."


Scratching at his skin Edgar shot up from a cozy bed. His hair was disheveled and sticky with sweat. Coughing he grabbed the sweating glass of water next to him and consumed it fast. It was amazingly crisp and fresh. Sighing Edgar leaned forward and toyed with the bandages that had been wrapped around his skin. After a few more moments he wanted more water. Holding onto his back he limped out of the room and to kitchen. He turned on the old facet and stuck his mouth under it. Edgar got his fill then turned off the water. Stumbling he got back into rickety old bed. Despite the mattress's state it felt luxurious. Snores echoed from the other side of the bed. The man looked over to notice Hallie, holding a bowl of water and a towel. Her body laid limply against the wall; drool slid from the side of her mouth. He tossed the items onto the floor and lied her down with himself. Edgar stared at her skin and thick lips with curiosity. His index finger rubbed around her mouth and pulled her bottom lip down. Then his hand stroked her slightly exposed chest. Blushing he turned onto his back and watched the ceiling fan spin.

"How can I think of another my dear Marie? God let me live this long only to avenge you. And I swear that is what I will do."