[02: Trust]

Edgar grabbed a bag of ice from the freezer and poured it inside a tub of chilling water. He pulled a single end of his bandages causing them to fall limply to the floor. Aches throbbed in his charred skin as he slipped into the tub. Steam rose from the fluid and fogged all the reflecting surfaces. Blood turned the water a murky brown. Steadily the man's temperature lowered to that of normal human beings. Pain darkened the color of his eyes as he struggled to scrub himself. It had been such a long time since he was able to freely use his arms. Moving them just a little made his muscles sore. If only he had not been born in a family with such a curse, things could have been different for him and Marie. In such an agonizing state, could he truly seek revenge? Compared to Michael, he was a spider's web. He would be killed alive and the memory of his late bride eternally forgotten. Edgar's body contorted and bent backwards. The water began to boil from the sudden load of stress. The light bulbs on the vanity mirror burst at the incredible power filling the room. Screaming he slammed his head into the brick wall.

"Why can't I control this?"

Wailing he rolled out of the tub and scraped his irritated skin. That sensation tugged at his body and soul roasting him alive. The man hollered as he banged his skull into the door. Deep growls left his throat as he slammed his fist into the mirror. Shards of glass punctured his sore flesh and slipped across his wounded face. Hallie swiftly opened the bathroom door and grabbed hold of the convulsing man. Their flesh made contact and the girl could feel her skin beginning to burn. Her grip tightened around Edgar.

"Let go of me, you'll get hurt!" He sobbed, as the burning darkened her skin. Scents of cooking human tissue filled the air.

"It's okay; it's going to be okay! Shhh…shhh, come on let Hallie take care of you. " The girl spoke through the smoldering pain. She turned the shower on cold and pulled him back in the tub. They fell in the struggle; his body lying fully on hers. Once Hallie calmed his nerves she started to hum and stroke his fiery hair under the icy water. Edgar felt his eyelids lower at the stranger's reassurance. He sighed as the flame slowly departed from his senses. For an hour they laid against one another until the ex-prisoner gained courage to speak.

"How can you look at me with such compassion Hallie? You don't even know my name."

"You saved my life. So in return I will protect yours. I don't need to know credentials."

"Edgar…that is the name I was given by my parents." He grumbled, before falling asleep. Hallie sighed as she attempted to lift him up in the slippery tub. After falling several times she was able to put him on her back and walked slowly back to bed. Tingles burned in her cheek as she pulled his naked body onto the mattress. She grabbed a bottle of potent ointment from her nightstand, and began to rub it into Edgar's skin. Stings shot up and down his body making his face grimace in pain. Hallie then wrapped him in fresh bandages from head-to-toe.

"Sleep well Edgar." She smiled, as she left the room.

Sooner than the lady had expected, sunset had taken over the town. Taking care of the wounded man was just so much work. It had been a whole day since her last meal and rest was scarce. But in a way it filled her soul with good. Her light brown eyes stared down at her uncared for arms. They were burnt to the second degree; a slight layer of skin began to whiter off one arm. She bent over the glass covered sink in the bathroom, and started to cleanse the burn. Salty tears slid to the crevasse of her mouth. Hallie did her best not to make a sound. Following the cleansing, she added Neosporin to her arm then coiled a fresh bandage on it.

"Now that, that is taken care of I should fix me and my guest something to eat." Hallie sniffled as she headed towards the kitchen.

After stretching her body out, she turned on the small television that sat the counter. A female newscaster began to talk about a gambler who was cheated out of all his funds. It was always something along those lines at six pm, so she paid little attention to the T.V. Hallie grabbed a handful of crisp vegetables from her refrigerator and rinsed them in colander. She pulled her chef knife out a drawer and sat it on the small dining table. Just as she was grabbing a chopping bored, the announcer spoke of breaking news. Slowly she sat the item down and stared at the television.

"Nine days have passed since The Living Waters Insane Asylum bomber's disappearance. Police have come to indentify the bomber as missing patient Ed."

A picture of scowling man with long scruffy hair appeared on the right side of the reporter. Hallie felt her heart start to beat violently against her chest.

"This person is assumed to be very dangerous. If you see this man, please contact the police immediately."

Echoes of the ceiling fans cords rang into the woman's ears. Perspiration increased underneath her arms; sweat built on the palm of her hands. She inhaled deeply but couldn't exhale. The blade of her kitchen knife was held tightly to her neck. Edgar's arm was wrapped forcefully around her stomach. Hallie did not struggle as she pulled into the living room. The blade slid down to her heart and twisted around making blood bubble to the surface. His lips brushed against the tip of her ear as he whispered, "What are you going to do now? Are you going to turn me in Hallie…are you? Not something you can do if you are dead, now is it?"

"I am not…going to turn you in, I swear."

"You swear, is that all? People swear all day and still stab you in the back."

"I told you…I don't need credentials. You are free to stay here and I will continue to help you the best I can." Hallie struggled to say as his grip stiffened. "All I want is to live a happy life I am sure that's all you want."

Edgar backed away from Hallie trusting her every word. The knife fell to the hardwood floor along with his body.

"You are too good a woman Hal." The man sighed, feeling remorse for his actions. "There is no way I can live a happy life until atonement is made for the things of my past. Can you help me?"

"Yes, whatever I can do to assist you…I will do."

"Do you think you can carry me to a library?"

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