I'm drowning in a sea of pain
Wishing, Wanting, Waiting

My lung constricts
My heart predicts

That this is the end
Of Hating

Everything and everyone
Has given me hope and love

Then snatch it all away
Laugh and say

It's all your fault
Today's just not your day

I cry and scream
A soundless dream

Filled with anger and fears

Will you pull me from this Hell?

Will you grab my hand
And yank me up

As I gasp and cough and choke
Spitting this blackness from my soul

Will you hold me tight
As I fight and bleed

Thinking I'm better off alone?

Will you rub my back
As I curse and moan

Not willing to concede?

Will you sing to me
Of talking trees

And other silly things?

Will you be my savior?

Or, will you be my killer?

Please, oh please, oh please,
Lift my from my knees

To stand tall, and proud, and alive
Breathing in this simple thing

We call life, love, and faith

Pull me from the shadows
To bask in your shining light

And let me live again