i wish tomorrow would never come,
i haven't finished living for today,
i wish yesterday didn't end so fast,
but i can't fix yesterday.

tomorrow is fading into last week, last month...
why does the sun sets so quickly?
how can i bring it back?

the stars shine only long enough for me to sleep,
why don't they stay all day?
then i could wish for you on the falling few.

what's today? where are you?
is the sky black? or is it blue?

it's been ten yesterdays since you smiled with me
it'll be a few more tomorrows until we can grin again
these twenty four hours have all been spent,
the next few hundred will end the same.

the only taste on my tongue is of your name,
all songs i've been hearing are in your voice
come home, let's sleep through today.

when is tomorrow? will you be with me?
the sun is underground, where will you be?