Hell and Heaven Came Together For a Moment

This was a chemistry lesson I won't soon forget:

Danger. Unstoppable. Insatiable.
Fall to me and fall on me,
as your liquid brimstone
flows beneath my skin like molten lava.
I tremble under your professional hands.

Your lips find mine, and cocaine
enters my body; I slip
even deeper into the love drunk stupor.
An electric current seems to exude
from where our flesh meets.

Is this the spell you've cast
to bring me under?
I've even forgotten how to breathe.
I swim in boiling water;
It's almost too much to bear,
but I don't want it to stop.

You scar my skin with the way you love me;
leaving me incapable of wanting another's touch.
Don't stop, because I want to leave my mark
on you too. You'll remember me
always, and never forget my face. You smirk,
I wonder how I affect you? Do you not feel it?

Even after you have left my side
your touch still corrodes into my flesh,
leaving your blackened fingerprints;
there's ash on a porcelain doll that just
survived a house fire.

Hell and Heaven came together
for a moment that stretches
onwards for what seems like lifetimes
spent together. We are grains of
sand in that hourglass.