The Chronicles of Megan Zark

Hi! This is a random story about the...things Meg does to her family and friends. :D It's based off of a game me and my friends have, so yes, I own the characters.

Some things you may need to know about the characters used in this story:

Meg: She tends to abuse or pull cruel pranks on her family/friends. She's a nice person deep down, but can get very cruel. She's the middle child of the Zark family.

Zack: He's a nice guy, but can't choose between three girls; Miya, Haley, and Zimri.

Matt: Not much to know about him. He's Meg and Zack's cousin.

Zimri: She's a sweet girl who is head over heals for Zack.

Miya: She's a very cruel and angry girl. Not many people like her, except Zack, that is.

Haley: She's a red-head british girl who's had an on/off relationship with Zack for several years.



Chapter 1: Three Girls Revenge

Meg's P.O.V.

"What should I do? Haley's seriously mad this time." Zack said to our cousin, Matt.

Ah, Zack. He's my older brother. His girlfriend, Haley, is gorgeous, red-head, and british. But Zack's an idiot and is cheating on her. He's dating 3 girls; Miya, Zimri, and Haley. He can't just choose one girl, he has to have them all. Haley cought him kissing Miya, and, well, all hell broke loose.

"I don't know, dude. But you have to admit that dating 3 girls at the same time isn't the best idea." Matt replied.

"She hasn't said one word to me since last weekend." Zack stated followed by a long sigh.

"You need to choose one girl." Matt suggested.

"You think?" Zack asked.

That was when I got a brilliant idea, one that would make him realize what an idiot he is.


"Zimri, it's Meg." I spoke into the phone.

"Meg? What are you doing calling ME of all people?" Zimri asked with a rather timid voice.

"I have to tell you something." I stated, trying very hard not to burst out laughing.

"Oh, what is it?" The innocent girl asked.

"I can't say it over the phone. Can you meet me at the park at noon?" I asked.

"Um, sure. Noon sharp." Zimri agreed.

"See ya then." I said and hung up.

I burst out laughing and rolled around on my bed. This plan was just TOO good!


"MEG, WHAT THE FREAK DO YOU WANT!?" Miya screamed into the phone.

"Chill. I just needed to tell you something, it's about Zack." I said, faking a sad voice.

She still sounded angry, but sort of concerned. "What is it?"

"I just...can't tell you over the phone," I faked a small sob. "Can you meet me at noon at the park?"

"Yeah, see ya." She said and hung up before I had the chance to.

By now I was imagining their reaction and what they'd do to him, which caused me to snicker evily.


"Haley, hey, it's Meg." I greeted casually.

"Meg?" The british girl's accent rand in my ears.

"Yeah, can you meet me at the park at noon?" I asked.

"I don't know, I-" I cut her off.

"It's important, please?" I asked, using my sad voice, which worked on anyone, even if they knew my true nature.

"Welllllll," She drug out the word, which sounded rather odd. "Ok. Noon sharp"

"Thanks, see you then." I hung up.

Now to get one more person involved.


"Hey Zack." I greeted as I walked into the kitchen, where he had his head in the fridge.

He sighed, pulled his head out of the fridge and asked, "What do you want, Meg?"

"Haley called me. She asked me to ask you to meet her at the park at noon." I lied.

"Really?" Zack asked, clearly excited. "Wait, was she mad?"

"No, she said she really wanted to work things out." I lied, again.

"Great! Tell her I'll meet her there." Zack said and walked out of the kitchen.

Now, for a lesson to be taught to my dear brother.


"Hey Meg." I heard three girls greet at the exact same time.

Then they realized it. Three girls who were dating Zack were standing before me.

"Ok, the thing I needed to tell you is-" I started, but got cut off by Zack running up, panting.

"Sorry I'm late, I got-" Zack started, but then saw all three of his girlfriends in front of him. "Wh-what's going on?" He asked, sweating already.

"ZACK IS DATING ALL THREE OF YOU!" I shouted as loud as I possibly could, gaining me stares from people in the park.

These are their expressions:

Zimri: O.O

Haley: .

Miya: D:

Then in a split second they were all three ganging up on him.

"WHAT!?" Haley shouted.

"How long has this been going on?" Zimri asked, struggling to keep her cool.


Haley and Zimri: "Weak-lings?"

From there, it got crazy and I stepped back so I wouldn't get drug into it all.

Haley was screaming at Miya how she wasn't a weakling. Zimri was screaming at Haley telling her that "She is a weakling and couldn't work on a farm because of her being too snobby." Miya pulled out a knife and started threatening both of them. All the while, Zack trying to break it up.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!" Zack screamed. That finally caught there attention. "I'm going to settle this once and for all and just pick one of you." Ouch, bad move, Zack, bad move.

"What!? You can't just pick one of us!" Haley shouted.

"Yeah, hate to agree with princess here, but she's right." Miya said while holding the dagger up to Zack's neck.

"You told me you loved me." Zimri said with tears in her eyes. Oooh, tears, Zack's weakness.

"Girls, girls, girls. Don't you still want me though?" Zack asked. Ahhh, stupid vain guy.

They looked at him with angry expressions. Then they all looked at each other and shrugged, as if speaking telepathically. Then, something no one ever expected would ever happen, happened. They all linked arms and walked away.

I walked up to Zack and looked at the small cut on his neck.

"Ouch, they got you good." I said, standing over him.

He glared, realizing what I'd done. "MEG! What's wrong with you!?" He shouted.

"They had to learn the truth." I said, putting a hand over my heart and faking tears.

"Miya could've killed me!" Zack screamed.

"I know." I said with a bright smile.

He growled, got up, and before he could start trying to kill me, I ran away, laughing all the way back home.


Just something random that I came up with. I hope none of you got the wrong idea and thought Meg just purely hates these people. She loves everyone deep down inside. ^.^ Cheesey, I know. R&R!

PS: Any ideas for additional chapters? I'd love to hear them!