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There he was, laying on the ground next to his bed with deep cuts covering his arms and a smirk covering his pain. The carpet beneath him was soaked with a red, thick liquid that I had learned to ignore. Little beads of sweat had begun to form on his forehead that slid down all the way to his chin, yet he just continued to grin. He tried to lift his head up to let his demonic eyes meet mine, but was too faint to do so. He just chuckled. He moved one of his bleeding arms closer to him, causing the gashes to peel against the carpet. I winced, but he just continued to laugh.

"I finally found a way to become immortal, Emma..." he slowly said. I didn't look into his eyes. His head rolled back and forth to give the appearance of him shaking his head. "I finally found a way to live forever..." he repeated. I didn't say anything. His eyes closed, but his sadistic smile said it all.

"How?" I asked, pretending as if I didn't know. He snickered roughly, his chest rising up and down heavily. "There's only one way for me to survive." He opened his eyes. "Bite me." My gaze did not leave the horrific wounds on his arms as I realized what had happened.

"You did this to yourself? Are you crazy?" It was absurd. It was insane. It was so... him. He took a slow, agonizing breath and explained, "You wouldn't change me, Emma. So I'm making you change me." I backed away, absolutely petrified. His eyes widened, and his wicked grin became wider by the few moments he had left. "What? I already told you that I won't change you, Dave. Why would you even do something like this?"

"Because I want strength and power, Emma. You wouldn't give that to me, but now you have no choice. I'm going to die if you don't change me." I reached for the phone in my pocket. "No," I said, "I'm calling an ambulance." He frantically screamed, "They won't make it, Emma! You have to make me one you now!" I shook my head, tears emerging from my eyes. I walked closer to him and kneeled down next to him. His hair was now soaked with his blood. The blood had reached so far, and he had lost so much of it. His face was cool, but I could see he was panicking from his eyes.

"What makes you think I'm going to make you a vampire, David?" I asked softly. His eyes closed, and his face turned away from me. "Because you love me too much to lose me. You can't watch a person die knowing you can do something about it."

I wanted to choke right there. I couldn't make him a vampire, he'd have too much power, but I couldn't let him die because I did love him. Even though, he did not love me. Subconsciously I leaned down to his neck and nipped it. It was too late to realize what I had done before his eyes reopened, and he gave me a dark, sadistic smile. His hands gripped the carpet as a seizure corrupted throughout him. His head bounced on the carpet along with the rest of his body for a few minutes. Then, he screamed. I rose and backed away cautiously. He vibrated on the floor a little before screaming again. The gashes stopped bleeding and closed up. The sweat on his face disappeared. All the color of his face flushed down to a pale white, but returned after a couple of seconds. Finally, he sprung up so quick, his body crashed into the ceiling. He plopped down back on the carpet but got back on his feet carefully this time.

"Well, now don't I feel great? Thanks, Em, I couldn't have done it without you."

I just stared at him. I stared at how strong he looked now, how confident. I stared into the body of Hercules. I stared into the face of a god. I stared into the eyes of Satan. Those cruel eyes. He smiled and casually strode towards me. "You know how much I love you, right?" he mocked me. I glanced down to my feet. I slowly closed my eyes and waited. All of a sudden, his hand was around my neck, my feet were not touching the ground, and my back against the wall. The tears streaked down my cheek.

"You little idiotic girl," he growled and threw me to the other side. I hit the wall and the floor, but did not want to get up. I heard the door close. He was gone. I laid there rethinking the situation. What did I just do? The world was about to meet its maker in the form of a bloodthirsty vampire whom I loved.

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