This phone tag game is endless, except much
Like tiggy was back in the day, I can't seem
To catch you. Instead I'm waiting for just
A chance for you to catch me. The tears teem

Down my cheeks, and I feel so fickle for
Caring this much. Maybe it's nothing but
It hurts like something. And the car door
Sound that rings in my ears is deepest cut

Along with your voice as it broke the last
Time I heard it. And I miss you more than
Sense can explain. And maybe the past
Sixteen days mean nothing, but I can

Try harder I promise. But I don't think
Any of this is even slightly fair to me
According to any decency we're still linked
Not quite broken, there are words we

Need to share. That conversation that it
Wasn't the right time for needs to
Happen. And I'm sure if we just grit
Our teeth we can make it through

Again, because we're stronger than this
We've had practise before, remember when?
And maybe it fell apart then too, but missed
Chances are what we learn from.

You said you loved me then and it
Was believed it then too. And I like to forget
But it was as much a lie then as you insist
On making it now. I don't want to regret

You, but you leave me no choice. My heart
Is breaking again, and it's the last time
I let you do it. The wounds will smart
But I'll move on for the first time