She was pretty, she was different and strange but in a good way. People had tried to tease and mock her about the way she dressed and what she liked but she laughed with them. In my mind, she was perfect. I envied her so greatly. She was Sienna Greene, the local scene queen and my best friend. I was her average-teenage-girl sidekick. I was the quiet one. No matter where Sienna went she was centre of attention. People rarely noticed me even when I was standing right next to her.

But who could blame them, she was so pretty. Long, sleek and always perfectly teased black hair with black eyeliner which never smudged. It made her bright green eyes look very catlike and sparkly. She wore a chunky Hello Kitty pendant every day. I've never seen her without it. She came to school in band tees and skinny jeans that looked so much better on her than it did on me.

Next, theres me. Stacey Hale. The deffinition of average. Shoulder length brown hair, strangely hazel eyes and I never wore make-up. My parents never allowed me to wear make up which I found absolutely stupid.

Another thing that everyone loved about Sienna, was her personality. This girl was perfect all over. Under that stereotyped 'scene' exterior, there's a chirpy, daring and overly kind girl. Everyone thought I had no personality, heck, I though I had no personality.

It makes me wonder why she chose to be my friend, or why I follow her around. Mostly, it's because she's the only one that pays attention to me. Most of my teachers don't even know my name.

Yup, I could never be like Sienna.