"Staceyy!" Sienna chirped.

"What is it, Si?" I said in my usual quiet voice.

"Me, Cassy and Kat are goin' movies this weekend, wanna come?"

"Sure." I said without thinking. "What are you going to see?"

"That new horror flick, Midnight Nightmare." She smiled.

"So-Sounds Great." I studdered, "Which day?"


"Sorry, I can't go." I lied"I'm busy." What else had I expected? It's not like she was going to see something that didn't have epic amounts of blood and gore. She and her other friends love gorey, horror, scare-you-out-of-your-skin movies, I did not.

"That's to bad!"

"Yah, but I could go another day." I had to hold back a smirk, I knew we couldn't go another day because Kat had karate Sunday and I had to go to my little brothers school performance on Friday night.

"Stace, you know Kat has stuff on Sunday and i'm not seeing this movie without her."

"I know. It's really okay, you guys have fun." I said as sincerely as possible.

RIING! The bell for homeroom rang. Sienna and I walked slowly to H/R as always. She said 'Hi' to a lot of people on the way. With the occasional look I got, I simply nodded and kept walking.

Home room was nothing eventful, kids chattered away while I sat by myself. Sienna was talking to Kat about the movie they were going to see. Kat was also very pretty, her and Sienna looked a lot alike. They had the same coloured eyes and hair, although Kat's hair was a bit shorter and had blonde coon tails through it.

Kat had tanned skin and Sienna was very pale but not in a 'sickly-dead-looking' way. Those two could deffinately pass for sisters. I looked nothing like any of them. I didn't even look like my own sister, Kristel. The ditzy blonde who was never home.

The bell rang to signify the start of first period.

"Science!" Sienna chimed suddenly hugging me. Well, it was more like a crash tackle than a hug.

"Yup." I said pointing towards the science building directly across from our homeroom.

Classes went through quickly, although they were very boring.

"So, are you sitting with us today?" Sienna asked as we walked out for lunch.

"Of course." I replied with a smile.

We sat in our usual spot, the picnic tables infront of the Food Tech. building. Cassy, Kat, Jack and Scott sat with us as usual. I pulled out what I hoped to be my luch, but was actually a plastic bag with a post-it note saying 'Sorry.' Great, mum obviously hadn't done the shopping like dad asked.

"Stace, what you got for lunch?" Jack asked pointing at the bag.

"Oh, I'm not hungry." I replied

He just gave me a weird look and went back to chatting with the group.

Sienna finally sat down beside me

"So, how was class?" Scott asked

"Boring." Sienna and I said in unison.

The table laughed.

"So, whos going to the movies on saturday?" Cassy asked.

Everyone raised their hands to signify they were attending. All except me. For once, everyone was staring at me.

"I-I'm busy this weekend!" I choked out. Everyone nodded understandingly. Even though attention is nice, I hate when everyone stared at me. So the group chatted mindlessly, occasionally asking for my commentary. Mostly I just needed to nod. The rest of the day passed which I wasn't really glad for. I really didn't like going home.

It had to happen. I opened the front door and announced my arrival. No reply, although I wasn't really expecting one. My 8 year-old brother was playing video games in the lounge room. I'm sure that's all the boy ever does. I walked past him and into the dully painted kitchen, where my sister (who I was surprised to see home) was painting her toenails at the kitchen table.

"Can you do that somewhere else? We eat here, I don't want your foot on the table." I snapped at her. I really didn't like my sister.

"I'm sorry, your majesty." she retorted

"Wow, what a big word!" I scoffed taking a can of drink and headed up to my room.