AUTHORS NOTE: I'm a massive JB fan, and I wrote this ages ago, so please don't laugh! :$ I based this on myself. I'm a right sap!LOL. Also, The dress I talk about is supposed to be similar to Taylor Swifts on her single Tear Drops On My Guitar cover. :)

This was it. The night I would always remember. Eleven years of education to get here. Gosh, I never realised how much of my life was wasted walking down those same halls. Going into the same rooms, seeing the same faces – and some new ones every now and again, don't get me wrong. But this was it. Prom.

I looked in the mirror. My beige silk strapless dress. That I ordered when I just started year 5. I knew I needed this one dress. Sure it'd have looked better on a blonde with long flowing curly hair. But it looked just fine on me! Little old me. Leigh. Ok, so I wasn't the most attractive person. But hey, you know what? I wasn't the ugliest either. Far from it!

"She's my dream girl" the only bit of the song I really made out. I wasn't paying much attention. I was too busy styling my hair. I loved to get ready listening to The Jonas Brothers. Those guys just had a way with words, and chords, and looks. Well lets face it. They were just simply perfect. God had made three gorgeous looking boys, and placed them in a league far higher than what any ordinary school girl like me could acquire. I added the tiara to my slightly styled, but yet still plain and dull brown hair! It was times like this, times when I had plans, that I really missed the red streaks that I had. But that was along time ago. Three years since I went through "that phase" although I new it wasn't really just a phase. It's who I was. I needed to be unique, not so much to stand out and get attention. But to stand out, and be recognised. As me. As Leigh. The quiet little nerd in the corner.

"When you look me in the eyes, I catch a glimpse of heaven. I find my paradise. When you look me in the eyes." When that song played I was ready! I stared in the mirror. Looking at my short hair, beige dress, tiara and clutch. That's when I knew. I was ready for prom.

I turned round, to look at my collage of Jonas! I say collage, but really it was a shrine. The biggest wall in my room, covered in posters, pictures, song lyrics, magazine articles and tour dates. What can I say I was a fan! I walked over to the main feature of my wall. The rolling stones photo shoot poster. I let out a big sigh before winking at Joe, smiling and telling Kevin that I loved him, and last but not least jumping over everything to kiss Nick and say that we were "Inseparable". Cheesy I know. But it was a tradition. It brought me good luck! Or so I thought.

Y'know, every single person in my year has been getting ready for this night for about 2 months now. I mean don't get me wrong, we don't get as worked up about this as the Americans do. 'Cause that's the biggest night of their school year. Prom here, well in Scotland anyway is just another fun party where you can socialise and get drunk. Well that's all it is for my year group anyway! But what can I say we're "party animals!" But even though it's not such a big deal, it is still an important event. This is when dates count! But once again, I'm on a "group date" urgh. How I hate group dates. It's just a polite way of saying "Haha, you're ugly. You'll never get a boyfriend or lose your virginity and you're going to die alone." I already knew that I was likely to be alone for some time. But I didn't need a group of friends to remind me. I was going on the group date with my best friend Jessica, her boyfriend Chris, his best friend Josh and girlfriend Christy, and Jessica's blind date for me. I had no idea who my blind date was. All I knew was that he was in my year and friends with Chris. I was rather worried. But knowing Jessica he'd be a laugh.

I turned off my iPod, and slowly put my shoes on. It was 4:55pm the prom didn't start till 7 but we were all going to Christy's to get the limo. I had to be at Josh's house for 6 to then get drunk and drive to Christy's.

I slowly stood up after fastening my shoes. Damn heals. I hate wearing heels. They hurt my feet so much. Give me converses any day. I began to walk out my room when I opened the door…..

The End. Hope you liked it. :$