Here is an excerpt from the first chapter of the sequel The Keeper's Captive


The doorbell rang again.

Keith grudgingly labored to the door and opened it, if only to stop the obnoxious ring.

Through the doorway must have been the most beautiful person Keith had ever seen. His visitor had jet-black hair that fell across his delicate, pixie face and brushed against his slim neck. Narrow, dark eyes rested over sharp cheekbones, and his thin nose led to full red lips that practically pouted in need of a kiss. His frame was slim but seemed more fit than frail beneath the white cloth that intricately wrapped around his body.

The stranger was far better than the model Keith had been envisioning, excluding the fact that the visitor was too young; his looks were stuck between a young man's and a grown child's. Then the visitor's gaze fell on Keith's exposed chest. His hazel eyes widened, flooding his face with a look of innocence that took another year or two off his apparent age.

"Yes?" Keith growled. Despite the pleasant sight, Keith's foul mood had returned when the visitor landed himself in Keith's too-young-for-me category.

"I am the Key Keeper." The boy announced in a confident manner that had probably sounded better in his head.

Keith couldn't help raising his eyebrow. It was an interesting introduction, but Keith didn't have the patience.

"No, you are the bell ringer." Keith corrected. "What do you want?"

The boy cleared his throat and stood taller as if attempting to raise the top of his head to the level of Keith's shoulders. He was still an inch off. "I am Alair of Eastland and the appointed Key Keeper." He said, his voice dripping with self-importance. "I am here to bring you with me."

Keith laughed. He understood now. This kid represented some religious organization as a door-to-door conversion tactic. Keith gave the group points for originality, but he wasn't in the mood.

"Thanks," he said hollowly. "But I'm not interested."

Keith started to close the door, but the boy's hand shot out to stop it. Before Keith could stop him, his slim body slipped through the gap into Keith's apartment.

"Hey." Keith barked. "Get out!"

Keith tried to grab the back of Alair's shirt, but the boy danced out of the way and used the couch as a barrier between them.

"You are the man I've been searching for." Alair said as though justifying his actions.

"Then come back in a few years when you've grown up and I'll go anywhere you'd like." Keith commented dryly.

"I am grown up." Alair put his hands on his hips with an annoyed look that reflected Keith's. "This is my twentieth summer. And I can't wait. You need to come with me now."

"Come with you where?" Keith asked with a sigh. He hoped the sooner they got through the spiel, the sooner he would leave.

"Back to Eastland." Alair answered.


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