Xavier sits there for a little bit still trying not to panic then he struggles to sit up looking around his room at the same dresser, desk, and even bed that he had since he was a kid. "Same old shit, same old fake ass people" he says thinking of his sister. He slowly gets off the bed falling to the floor "damn" he starts to crawl over to his dresser and opens the bottom drawer and takes out some bandages and peroxide and slowly starts to clean out the cuts and bandages them neatly. He slowly scoots himself over to his computer chare and pulls himself into it then logs on to the chat room.

angelboy223: Hey loveangelboy223 I don't know if I can make it to night

loveangelboy223: come on angelboy223 u said ud b there :(

angelboy223: yah but something kinda came up

loveangelboy223: but you said ud be there

angelboy223: I don't have really anyway to get there

loveangelboy223: tell me where u live Ill get u

angelboy223: You know as well as I do that I will not do that

loveangelboy223: come on u can trust me im ur friend

angelboy223: I know and I think I might be starting to look at you as, well more then a friend loveangelboy223

loveangelboy223: well then u shouldnt be scared to tell me where u live

angelboy223: I'm not scared it's just that I don't tell anyone where I live! Fine I'll get there someway if you really want to meet me tonight.

loveangelboy223: of course I want to meet u 2nite I wanted to meet u when we 1 started talking like a year ago

angelboy223: Wow really you wanted to meet me that bad?

loveangelboy223: yes I wanted to see you so bad

angelboy223: Thank you, you just made my day I need to go now I need to sleep

loveangelboy223: hey why are you not at school

angelboy223: I'm sick, Why aren't you?

loveangelboy223: I am I have a study hall and we can get on the computers

angelboy223: Wow cool my school sucks we don't even have computers! :(

loveangelboy223: lol that must suck

angelboy223: Yah actually it does. Well okay see you at the Red House Inn at 11:30pm tonight bye.

loveangelboy223: kay nite see u at 11:30

He looks sleepily at the clock '8:24am' "hey I did get out of my French test, ainsi la chienne peut me sucer I was ready." He slowly manages to stand up and walk over to his bed and collapses on it then reaches over and sets the alarm on his clock for 10:30pm 'there now I wont be late' he thinks as his eyes slowly shut and for the first time in a long time he falls in to a deep sleep.