[This is just a little scene a few of my friends and I formulated for our acting class assignment. The only guy is Orville. The rest are all girls. Enjoy!]

Doctor Orville Redenbacher- Physician at a mental hospital.

Sally- Mentally ill patient who believes she has a multitude of diseases.

John/Janine/Spike- Mentally ill patient with multiple personalities.

Jenny- Mentally ill patient who believes she has a twitch, but really doesn't.

Nurse Betty- Super happy nurse at the mental hospital.

Officer Buck- Guard at the mental hospital who is secretly criminally insane.

Emma- Mentally ill patient who is afraid of growing old.

[Emma, Jenny, John, and Sally are sitting in four seperate chairs.]

Jenny [to Emma]: So Emma, how did you get in here?

Emma [starts sobbing]: I have wrinkles!

Jenny [to John]: How'd you get in here? I got in here because I have a twitch.

[Jenny twitches.]

[John doesn't answer. She turns to look at Sally.]

John [to Sally]: How'd you get in here, Sally?

Sally: I got AIDS!

[Emma, Jenny, and John move their chairs away from Sally.]

[Enter Nurse Betty, from stage left. She is pushing a cart with pills on it.]

Nurse Betty: It's time for pills, girls!

Emma: I can't take pills! I'm wrinkly!

Nurse Betty: You look very beautiful today.

[Emma takes her pills.]

John: No! Pills!

[John exits stage right.]

[Jenny starts pushing her chair around to avoid Nurse Betty. Betty follows her.]

Nurse Betty: You have to take your pills, Jenny.

Jenny: No!

Nurse Betty: Jenny...

[Enter Dr. Redenbacher, from stage left. He walks across the stage and he and John come back in from stage right.]

Orville: John, you have to take your pills.

John: No! No pills!

[Jenny falls off her chair and starts ceasing on the floor. Dr. Redenbacher goes to her side.]

Orville: Jenny!

Jenny: No! I don't want your help!

[John falls onto the floor, and then stands back up.]

Orville: You have to take your pills, John.

John: John? I'm Janine. Don't worry, everybody. Janine's here!

[Emma looks at her reflection in a big button on Sally's jacket.]

Emma: I'm so wrinkly!

Orville: No, you're beautiful Emma!

Emma: No I'm not!

Orville [to Sally]: You need to get away from Emma.

Sally: Get away! You'll give me AIDS!

[Sally screams.]

[Janine starts jumping around, barking.]

Nurse Betty: Come here, Spike! Come here, boy!

[Spike attacks Sally.]

Sally [screaming]: Rabies!

[Enter Officer Buck, from stage left.]

[Orville runs to her side.]

Orville: Officer Buck, you have to do something!

[Officer Buck gets out a shotgun.]

Orville: What are you doing?!

Officer Buck: Helping!

[Jenny runs up.]

Jenny [to Officer Buck]: Shoot me! Shoot me!

[Officer Buck shoots Jenny, then Spike, then Emma, then Sally, then Nurse Betty, then finally Dr. Redenbacher.]

[Officer moves the bodies off the stage using a giant shovel.]

Officer Buck: I really want a milkshake.

[Officer Buck exits stage right.]