For that very same girl, I plan to give exactly what this poem is titled: a parting gift. For risk of her finding out (paranoia), I won't tell what it is. I will however, post this poem. The reason I'm giving her a parting gift at all is because even though we've only know each other for three years, during that time she's made a great impact on me as a person and I don't think I'd be the same person had I never gotten to know her. She showed me what true love really was like, not just a crush, true love, and for that I can't be thankful enough. Now, after this final term, I'll go studying in Lund here in Sweden, while she's off for some other place in this country to do the same. I just hope that it's enough to make my unimportant existence remembered.

A Parting Gift

As this time comes to an end

Here's a little present from thy loving friend

A shimmering tower, the famous spire

A symbol of the ville thou so love and admire

Forged of silver, noblest of metals

A pleasant sight, like flowers' petals

It be a symbol, that our friendship shall last

For encased within, are the good memories of our times past

Let it remind thee, that there once was me

That weirdo lad who with thee liked to be

And should thou ever otherwise fear

Let this remind thee, that he'll always hold thee dear

I give this to thee, to let thee know, that in all ends

I always have, I do, I'll always see us as the best of friends

I give this to thee, a memento of the time that used to be

For I fear that thee, I never again may see

Perhaps, perhaps...

In this splendid, magnificent City of Dreams

Whose tower now beneath thy neck gleams

Mayhap, mayhap...

I may once again cast my eyes upon thy face

In this so joyous, wondrous, enchanted place