Made: Monday, January 25, 2010

Time: 7:19p.m

I've been wandering through

The emptiness of life

And the halls of school

For the cure of this strife.

People push past me,

But I ignore them, in part.

They're just empty bodies

Of flesh and bone and no heart.

My eyes are glazed over

As I smile through watery eyes

Somehow nobody notices

I'm too good with these lies.

I have no love

Stopped looking long ago

Because nobody will step up

And claim to be my hero.

It's true I have friends

A best friend even

But it's not that trend

That's left me grieving.

It's how people claim to know me

How I act and when I'm sad

But they overlook carelessly

That I'm never sad.

Maybe I'm not trying hard enough

To get them to see

That I'm really not all that tough.

That I need their help, please.

I guess it doesn't matter

Because I can't give up my charade

And nobody will come to me and chatter

So I'll silently fade away.