Hey! I just was in the mood to write a sad oneshot, so here it is. Enjoy!


It hurts. Ha! But when doesn't it hurt?

My name's Silence. Great name, I know. My parent's named me this and I'm not changing it. But it does kind of define me, I'm always silent now days.

The accident, it's forever engraved in my mind. I can't get it out, no matter what.


Dad, he's driving. He's trying to grow a beard, so all around his mouth is scruffy with little brown hairs. His short brown hair was slowly graying, but it wasn't too bad. His hands were steady on the wheel to the car. He looked to the in the mirror to look in the back. He smiled and his eyes went back to focuse on the road.

Mom was sitting in the passenger seat. Her bright blue eyes were shining with joy. Her hair was long, blonde, and flowing down her back. She had crows feet, but that comes with age. She smiled at the sight of a family in a car, obviously happy because they were all laughing.

My younger sister, Eva, was sitting in the backseat next to me. She kept leaning forward to change the radio station to her liking. She was 12, had light brown hair and brown eyes like our dad.

I was sitting in my seat, enjoying the moment. I looked more like my mom; bright blue eyes and long blonde hair.

We were on our way to the fair. We were all excited to be going, just us, a happy family.

Then, it happened. Eva had finally settled on a radio station. It was playing my favorite song, Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I felt the car jerk forward and next thing I knew, the car was falling. We were on a bridge and now we weren't. We'd fallen onto an interstate. A car slammed into ours, which was already on it's side. The car kept pushing ours at an incredible speed. Eva was screaming and I was near crying. Mom and dad were panicking, trying to figure a way out of this. But no, there was no way out of this. None. We were all going to die. Amazingly enough, the radio was still playing throughout all of this. Next thing I knew, I'd blacked out.

"Is she awake?" I heard my aunt Conny ask.

"She should be awake soon." I heard someone reply.

I sat up from wherever I was laying down and looked around. I was in a hospital room. I could tell by the white walls, the beeping, and the woman wearing a nurse uniform. I tried to remember what happened. Car...bridge...falling....other car....Face Down.

My eyes grew wide with tears when I remembered. "Where's mom, and dad, and Eva!?" I shouted. I regreted it because my throat was dry and my voice was raspy.

The nurse gave me a look that held on expression: pity. "I'm sorry." She whispered and then walked out of the room to leave me alone with my aunt, and my only living relative.

"Where are they? Are they not awake yet?" I asked.

"Honey," Conny started as she sat down in the chair next to my bed. "They didn't make it."

"What? H-how did I make it?" I asked, struggling to keep from letting the tears flow.

"Your dad, was-" Her lip was trembling. "He was covering you, protecting you. They found you with your dad over you."

"Why didn't he protect Eva!? Or mom!?" I asked, becoming angry.

"I think he just reached for the first person he could and protected them." Conny replied. She was my dad's sister, so this must not be easy on her either.

We sat in silence for a few minutes. I let it all sink in. "Where will I be living?" I finally asked.

"It's been decided that you'll come live with me right after the funeral." Conny replied. I winced at the word "funeral."

End flashback

Now I'm living with aunt Conny. I dress in baggy jeans, T shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, and ratty converse. I may as well be a zombee with the way I act.

I heard the door to my room open and looked over to see Conny standing there. "Hey, you ready for school?" She asked.

I felt bad for Conny. She's single and she had to take in a 17 year old girl.

"Yeah." I said and didn't even bother to smile.

This is my life now.