Blazing With the Stars

Synopsis: A comet falls to Earth, and finds it a cold, cruel and inhospitable until she meets an astronomer (Antoine Versailles) who sees beyond the veil of conventional life and although her physical presence fades, her spirit remains with him and part of his heart. Her lessons of agape and non-judgment go with him wherever he goes.

Chapter 1--The Cold Cruelty of Earth

For millennia, the comet had been trailing through space, passing by novae, spiral galaxies and planets, all of which she communicated with and never felt lonely. She felt she could carry on her flight without trouble until one planet's gravitational pull proved to be too much for her. Jupiter had pulled her off balance and sent her careening toward Earth, and after that, she knew she had no recourse. There was no turning back as soon as the magnetic pull drew her in. The splendid comet had not known sadness in her existence, but felt a strange emptiness in what could be considered her soul. Sighing melancholically, she plummeted to Earth's surface and hit the ground with a hard thud. Being made of rock herself, the fall hadn't hurt her at all. She found it strange, but she didn't curse her luck. At first, she felt that her circumstances had turned upon her, but once she gazed upon the stars, she felt less alone. She could communicate with the stars like she had always been able to do, so she didn't feel lost here on this alien planet. The stars had begun telling her that her appearance had changed.

"Cosmos, how can this be ? I have never changed. As long as you have known me, my only form has been energetic, and I have been free to roam wherever I please.", Metroid said, a bit concerned.

"Perhaps you should take a look for yourself.", Cassiopeia stated, straightforwardly. The constellation knew that something unbelievable had just occurred to Metroid. The bewildered comet gathered herself up and took herself to a stream and knelt down to look at herself as the constellation had suggested.

"I have a human form ! How is that possible ?", Metroid said, scratching her head, flabbergasted. Her facilities had not prepared her for something of this magnitude. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, she collected herself and decided to make the best of her situation.

"There must be someone here I can befriend.", Metroid mused as she began her journey. Her radiant optimism kept her going in spite of everything because as she traveled, she saw beauty, desolation, hunger, famine, disease, pain, joy, comfort, and multitudes of other differing human emotions and conditions as she walked. Even in this form, she felt no fatigue, since she had never known fatigue before. Her spirit carried her further as she tried to comfort those she could and leave those to whom she could provide nothing to.

Many human beings rejected Metroid's offer for friendship, but from their standpoint, she understood why. These humans had been so hurt by hatred, being outcast, or in some cases, untouchable because of their condition in their surroundings that they wanted no one else to bother them. They simply wanted to be left alone with their bitterness and despair. But, she offered them her happiness and hope anyway, hoping it would assuage some of the bile that had consumed them. Such was not always the case, however. Metroid started to wonder about her blind optimism but shook off the doubt and negativity that had begun to creep into her mind. She wasn't the type to abandon her drive to reach out her hands (now that she actually had appendages to use, she felt she had been given such things for a reason) to those who were willing to open their minds to her teachings of faith, love and the breaching of conventional thought that has been such a burden to human beings for their entire existence.

Though the journey was long, Metroid's legs never tired. Eventually she came upon a curious being known as an astronomer. He was with others like himself studying the Cosmos above. Drawn by his magnetic personality, Metroid studied the human closely until he spotted her.

"No, wait ! Don't run off, Miss ! I'd like to talk to you, if you don't mind.", the doctor stated, with a congenial smile. Metroid could sense that this man had a good soul and his character was benevolent. The so-called 'cruelty' of Earth had faded long into the distance as she began to converse with the astronomer, and more and more, she began to feel something that astral bodies of hers hardly ever feel; love.

Chapter 2--Doctor Antoine Versailles

When Metroid told Antoine of where she had come from, it was clear that the scientist had a plethora of questions for her. Antoine was the type to believe in concrete evidence, facts and figures, but there was something more to him than simply his skeptical nature. As ironic as the description was, he was a Christian Scientist. He had no doubt that Metroid was different from everyone else he had met and that he had encountered a special being. He didn't deny that she was otherworldly. It simply showed in her carriage, in her eyes and in her aura.

There was plenty that Antoine didn't understand about Metroid, but in all honesty, it didn't really matter to him. He knew he had made a unique friend that told him stories that were beyond what he could fathom. Despite all this, he had recorded their chats together and often treated her to dinner afterwards as a show of his appreciation.

"You do realize what I am doing, don't you ?", he would often ask her.

"I had only heard about the custom known as dating by hearing about it from afar before I crash landed here. I had no clue as to what it entailed, but now I am beginning to understand. It's rather unusual, but we have courtship akin to that, though you would probably find it object able. Our union is spiritual. There's nothing sexual or amorous in our connections.", Metroid explained. Antoine was rapt with fascination by the humanoid energy source and felt drawn more by her spirit. His heart felt warmth permeating every last corridor of it, coursing through his entire body. The last time Antoine had felt so tranquil was when he had been under the stars in the Mediterranean along the shores of Greece mixing his familiarity of myth with his knowledge of the stars.

"You know that a comet's life is only so long, don't you ?", Metroid said, no trace of sadness in her tone and a tenderness in her expression.

"Of course I do, but I'm not saddened by that.", Antoine said, in a hushed whisper, taking her hands into his own with such gentility that Metroid was beginning to understand just how powerful unadulterated human love truly was and she was glad she could experience it with him. She hoped that somehow, someway, her spirit would be able to rub off on him. Even if it didn't, she had a sense that she would always be with him wherever she went.

Chapter 3--Ephemeral Existence

As the two unlikely friends grew closer, their journey took them all over the world to view stars from many different locations. Antoine often theorized about Einstein's view on how in the future there would be a return of Christian Mysticism and how he welcomed its returned. He had already considered himself the first Christian Mystic, even if being dubbed the 'first' he realized was rather conceited.

"Not everyone may adopt your theory, Antoine, but I feel that there are many who are latching on to Mysticism. I don't feel this is wrong in any way, shape or form.", Metroid said, after Antoine explained his reasoning. He then noticed that her aura was becoming weak. He had formed such a close bond with her that he had seen her original brilliance begin to fade.

"I had warned you of my ephemeral existence, Antoine. Soon I will be rejoining my sisters and brothers in the Universe.", Metroid stated, gently. Though her spirit was still vivacious, he could see that she had aged considerably since their first moments together. They had only been together for 7 months and she now resembled a wizened woman. Antoine said nothing else but simply held her hand in his and began to see her blood vessels through her skin. It wouldn't be too long from now that she would be gone. Strangely, no sense of mourning came upon him nor did he even feel a semblance of sadness. It was probably because he knew where she would be going and knew that he would see her again.

As he walked with Metroid, she became weaker and eventually he had to hoist her on a back as he would a young child. She felt feather-light, almost as if she weighed nothing. The two of them were getting closer to the sea, a place where Antoine liked to reflect upon his findings near water where he could be lost with his thoughts and not be bothered by the noise his colleagues made when they made a new discovery.

"Are you more comfortable near the water, Metroid ?", Antoine asked, as she put her head upon his heart. Antoine's heart soared.

"Of course I am, Antoine. Part of me wishes I could've stayed here for a longer amount of time. But to be honest, my whole self is simply not comfortable with being confined in a fleshy vessel. No offense.", Metroid proclaimed, her voice becoming softer and nearly resembling a whisper. He saw her makeup begin to change entirely. Instead of being flesh, her skin began to resemble goldstone and her human appearance began to disappear. Her azure eyes smiled at him graciously as she leaned in close to kiss him softly upon the lips.

"I'll never forget you or our friendship, brother.", she said as she dissipated into dust before his eyes. A wind came by and swept her away. He swore he felt her fingertip brush the end of his chin lovingly in a final farewell. None of his colleagues had even noticed she had gone. It was as if she had never been there to begin with.


There were many of Antoine's comrades who had felt he was slightly off his rocker when he had spoken to them about the 'comet girl' even if some of them had met Metroid face to face. Antoine realized there were many doubters who believed proof even if it was in front of their faces and close enough to touch with their own hands. Though this annoyed him, he decided to tolerate their narrow minds because he respected them so much. Though no one ever mentioned the 'comet girl' ever again, Antoine never forgot her. Traces of her influence could be seen in his work, especially in the theses he had published for some rather austere scientific outfits. From the moment she had first touched his arm to the moment she had ascended into the Universe, Metroid was with him in everything he did and he hoped that her words would be mind changing.

The End