"Go Kyle! Go!" I shouted, cheering my half-brother on.

Kyle wiped the perspiration dripping from his forehead with the end of his uniform as I watched all the girls sigh or ogle his body. I had to admit though, for a half-brother, he was pretty good looking and muscular Oh, sick! Did that girl just...

I watched his green eyes surveying the courtroom, watching for any opening. The court went silent as everyone held in their breath in anticipation. A minute, that was all that was left before the end of the game. 34-35, the other team was winning, could he make it? The girls screamed as Kyle intercepted and dribbled to the other end. He shot it as I held tightly to the bleachers, praying it would go in. The ticket to the championship game, it all depended on him. Could he make it? Oh, please, please, let it go in.

The ball went through the basket as the siren went off signaling the end of the game. Swish! Wild cheering broke through the crowd as Kyle ran towards his blonde cheerleader girlfriend. Who was this one again? Taylor? Jessica? Maura? I rolled my eyes as he took her lips into a rather R-rated kiss. It didn't matter what her name was. She would be out of his life in a few days.

I glanced at the blonde haired boy who walked towards a brunette cheerleader with a wide grin. I watched in horror, a twinge of pain searing through my chest. I took in a short breath, watching him kiss her. My ex-boyfriend… the boy, no, man that I had believed I loved… who had taken my innocence, my purity but I had given it to him… I'm such an idiot! Tears blurred my vision as the fresh wound opened up yet again. We had gone out for three years. We had lasted three years. It started out as a puppy-dog love in junior high. We were thirteen and immature. No one expected it to last this long not even us and yet we had… but Jason… I tore my gaze from his, cringing at stupidity that night.

I shook my head and got up from the bleachers. It was useless to dwell in the past. I forced a smile, reaching Kyle. "Kyle!" I screamed and wrapped my arms around him. "You were so awesome out there!"

You know how in movies the protagonist hates the half-brother for ruining his or her family? That's not true! Sure, I resented Kyle when I was a child but I got over it. It's not Kyle's fault that my father lacked fidelity. I couldn't blame him. In fact, I kind of adored him. He was my age so I got to see him a lot during school. He always had people around him. He was athletic and good-looking. He was popular and respected. He was my role model, a hero, if you will. He was someone, I wanted to be, not be with. I guess, I looked up to him as a brother. That's why I forgave him for being part of that bet, the bet among the guys about whether Jason could sleep with me before the end of the month.

Kyle grinned and enveloped me into an embrace. "Jules! We made it! Championship game, baby!" He tousled my hair, affectionately. "I told you I'd take you to the championship game."

I laughed. "No, you promised me the trophy."

He grinned. "Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky." In the corner of my eyes, I saw Jason wrap an arm around the girl, whispering into her ears. She giggled, blushing red. I stared at them, bitterly… maybe even jealously.

Kyle glanced towards them and frowned. "You alright, Jules?" he asked, softly.

I nodded. "I better get going. I'll see you at the party."

He nodded as he headed towards the locker room with a dark look. He glared at Jason as he walked inside. Sighing, I walked outside, hoping to clear my head. Jason was in the past. It was over. It was no use dwelling on spilt milk, right? With that in mind, I walked home, preparing myself mentally for the party. I hate parties. It reminds me of that night with Jason.

After I reached home, I changed to get ready for the party. I glanced at the clock. Half an hour 'til Kyle came to pick me up. I logged onto my computer, checking my email, and then facebook, yes the evil facebook. The phone rang as I had begun to scroll down my profile. I glanced at the clock and nearly fell out of my chair in surprise. It had been almost two hours. Stupid facebook, it was like a black hole for time. Where was Kyle? He was supposed to pick me up two hours ago.

I ran downstairs for the phone. Maybe he forgot? "…Hurt yourself?" I heard my stepmother's high-pitched voice as I came into hearing range. I stopped mid-step. "Kyle, what did I say about getting into a fight!" she berated. "I don't care if he had it coming to him. There is no excuse for you-… Kyle! I'm picking you up right no… You are in no condition to go to a party… I'm sure Julia would understand."

"I'll go with you," I said, walking down the rest of the steps.

My stepmother nodded as she grabbed her keys. Why would he get into a fight? He knows it's the most important time right now for him. He had the championship game to worry about. Walking into the hospital, I froze at the sight of him. He had bandages on both his hands and his left foot. He had a clutch by his side. I gasped. "Kyle! You…" He had his head down low, his light brown hair covering his face, masking his expression.

"I'm not playing in the championship game," he said solemnly. "I can't play for awhile."


"I sprained my Achilles' tendon. I'm… I'm sorry, Jules."

"What about your scholarship?"

He shrugged. "It doesn't matter. I decided to go to St. Bernard Academy."

I frowned. "What are you…"

"I've been meaning to tell everyone. I want to study there. It's an all boy's boarding school. No distractions…" He sighed.

Almost a year had passed since he had gone away and I hadn't seen him since. I lost contact with him… it was as if he had disappeared from the face of the universe. All I knew was that he had given up on basketball. I had to get him back. I know he wants to play. He loves basketball. He was the whole reason why I started playing. I adored him. He was my hero so I sought him out to help him back on his feet. And that was how this whole mess started in the first place. And, that was how I ended up standing here at the gate of St. Bernard Academy, dressed like a boy. Oh boy, what was I thinking?