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Moving is one of the toughest things that I've had to do; leaving my big ass city of Atlanta behind and into the small country town of Boyce, Virginia. I don't know how I'll be able to survive my final year in high school at Washington High (or should I say "only-has-two-hundred-little-farmer -kids high"?). But as if being the new kid in school wasn't bad enough, I'm also gay. Now, mind you, I lived in a huge city; gays were everywhere! This place however, if they find out… I don't think I'll be voted most popular by the end of the year. Though, I have been pretty damn good at hiding this little fact about me for years now. My parents don't even suspect a thing!

"Hey faggot! You ready to go yet?!" yelled out my obnoxious older brother, Mason. He's the wonderful homophobic in my family.

The asshole.

"Give me a fucking moment!" I yelled back at him. Even though he called me faggot or queer all the time, he had no clue that he was actually completely right. He's too stupid to figure it out.

You may be wondering by now, who the hell is this and why the hell are they telling me a stupid story about them moving? Well it's all quite simple. My name is Hunter Grayton, I'm seventeen and I'm telling you this story because I feel like it. Happy now?

As I walked out to the moving truck and threw my last few things in the back. The fact that I was never coming back to Atlanta was finally sinking in. It made me sick to my stomach and I felt like I was going to throw up. But the movers wouldn't be very happy with me if I did that.

I climbed into the back of my mom's 1990 red corvette and looked out the window at what was my one and only home. Sucks, I know, but that's life for you, it always sucks.

My grandmother had died a couple months ago and left the house and everything in it to my mom. It was shocking because my mom and grandmother hardly ever spoke to each other after my mom had Mason. But hey, grandma had to love her if she gave her a free house.

I have no idea why my mom wanted to move in there, she'd lived there until she was twenty, wasn't she sick of it by now? I know I would be.

I never really knew my grandma. But then again, I only saw her a couple times when I was younger and even then I thought she was a creepy old hag. My grandfather had died way before me or my brother was born; some kind of heart disease finally killed the guy.

The house that we're now moving into always creeped me out as a kid. It had rotting wood panels and floors, huge willow trees formed around the house so you couldn't see it from the road. The roof was leaky, grass un-mowed, river in the back filled with man eating fish (or so I thought). All in all, it was just a creepy old house that had creepy old people living in it. Not much else to say.

"I think you guys will like Boyce," My mom said as we pulled on to the highway, "I used to love it as a child."

"I don't understand why you had to drag me along," Mason complained.

Though I didn't really know why my mom wanted to take him either. If it were up to me I would have given him ten bucks and dumped him on a curb… but that's just me.

"Where did you expect to live while Hunter and I moved?" My mother replied.

Mason smirked, obviously ready for this question "With Kyle and his girlfriend."

"Hell no," My mother shot at him. She knew as well as I did that Mason's friend Kyle was a drug addict and his girlfriend wasn't any better, though Mason kept denying these accusations.

The conversation dropped after that, though my mom would occasionally ask us if we were hungry or have to pee, but other than that it was a pretty quiet ride to Boyce. The view outside was just as boring as the nonexistent conversation inside. I was literally dying of boredom. Every few minutes would feel like hours upon hours! It was so frustrating!

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone, glancing at the five new text messages that I had neglected to read, afraid of getting depressed over my friends sending me farewell texts. However, one of the messages I desperately wanted to read was from my crush Daniel. But I just couldn't bring myself to read it just yet, I would wait till I was in Boyce before reading it so there would be no way that I could convince my mom to drive me back.

"Texting your boyfriend?" Mason snickered.

"Would you stop with that?" My mother snapped at him.

My brother shrugged and put his ear phones back on, drowning out any outside noises.

I wish Daniel was my boyfriend, but I have no chance at it now.

He was and still is my first real crush. I wish I could have been able to tell him about myself and to know once and for all if he was the same way. But once my mom dropped the news that we were moving, I knew that I would never be able to do any of the things that I fantasized with him.

I looked down the list of a few different text messages and finally opened one and read it. It was from one of my good friends, Stephan and what he said didn't make me feel any better.

"Miss u lots bud. B sure to visit lots!"

Yeah, he's not exactly the most literate person on the face of the earth.

I quickly texted him back saying "Miss you all too, I'll come visit soon. Try not to have too much fun without me." I'm one of those people who text with full sentences. It drives me insane when people use bad grammar or spell something wrong when they're texting or IMing me. Don't ask me why, it just does.

I didn't even bother looking at my other texts; one was enough for now. I looked back out of the window and it seemed like we were getting closer to where my grandmother's house was… wonderful…

An hour rolled by silently and my mom pulled into the long driveway of our new home. I swear it takes us ten minutes just to get from the street all the way to the house; the driveway is really that long. The movers where driving right behind us; it looked like they were having trouble weaving around trees and deep ditches. We parked in front of the house and Mason practically jumped out of the car, stretching out his limbs. I stayed buckled down in the back seat; feeling like the car was the last thing I had to connect me to my friends back home.

I glanced down at my cell phone and opened another message; this one was from Molly, I didn't know her very well, she was in the photography club with me and we were partners for a lot for projects but that was pretty much it.

"I cant believe Im going 2 have 2 find someone else 2 take pics w/ me! Hope u have fun where ever it is ur moving 2. Take lots of pretty pics for me!"

Again, my teeth clenched at the poorly worded message. I didn't even bother replying to this one, there was no point. I also didn't really know how I was supposed to reply to her.

I glanced back out the window; the movers were already unpacking everything and laying it out on the driveway. My mother and Mason were probably inside sweeping up really quick and starting to bring things inside. I should go help them, but I really didn't want to. It was sort of my way of rebelling... I'm not very creative when it came to things like these.

"You going to get out?"

I jumped and snapped my eyes over to where a guy was leaning through the driver's window and grinning at me with a half smile. He had dark black hair and a couple of beautiful green eyes, I had to catch myself before he caught me staring at his angel like face.

"Um… yeah," I stuttered out, fumbling with the handle of my door and crawled out of the car, glancing back over at the guy who was now standing up straight. He was tall and large, he could be one hell of a football player if he wanted to be. "I was just texting some friends before I got too busy with moving in."

He chuckled and walked around the car towards me "I know that," he said holding out his hand to shake "I'm Brian, I moved here a few years ago, so I know how you feel."

"I'm Hunter," I said as I took his hand and he gripped it tightly, shaking it twice with such force that I thought the bones in my wrist was going to crumble to dust.

"It's a shame that the old woman died, I really liked her," Brian said, releasing my poor hand and crossing his arms. "You know, she had some of the most interesting stories. I used to come over here, do some lawn work for her and then have lunch in her kitchen and listen to her ramble on and on about stuff."

I grinned, that sounded like my grandma. Very senile.

"Well, I should probably let you get to moving stuff in," he said, grinning again, "Actually, I can help you if you want."

My mom walked out just at the right moment and beamed at Brian "You want to help?!" she asked, ecstatic "Please! By all means! Help!"

Brian chuckled and quickly got to work, taking the heavy box from my mother's arms and bringing it inside the house.

My mom grinned at me as I walked over to her and the other piles of boxes, "Who's that?" she asked me, glancing inside at Brian leaning over to put the box of the floor "He's really cute."

"Mom, please don't go and check out guys that are young enough to be your son," I said, I little grossed out by her comment, "His name is Brian."

She chuckled and stuck her tongue out at me, picking up a smaller box and skipping off inside the house.

My mom was really juvenile, I really had no idea how she was able to raise two sons. But she could be serious when the situation called for it… but that wasn't very often. I loved her to death though.

Once all the boxes and furniture were inside and the movers had left with their truck, the only thing left to do was actually put everything where they needed to go. But all of us had decided that we'd done enough for today. My mom thanked Brian for helping us and that he was welcome over anytime, Mason had given him that manly hug that was like a half hug, half pat on the back. However, Brian just smiled at me and waved goodbye, and likewise, I did the same.

"I like him," my mom said smiling as she started a pot of coffee.

Mason merely shrugged and ran off upstairs to his new room and started unpacking his things. I should probably do the same, but my room was really creepy and made noises that scared me. So instead I grabbed a blanket and a pillow and plopped down on the couch that had been left behind by my grandmother. It was fairly comfortable, though I could've sworn I felt something crawl up my leg.

The first night in that house was horrible; I woke up every couple of hours to either the sounds of the storing from my brother or from the creaking floor boards. So you can only imagine how exhausted I was the next morning. I could barely stay awake while I ate my breakfast, or even when we continued moving in. This was pretty much my routine for the next few days, get no sleep at night and be exhausted during the day. To be honest, I took a nap or two (it was really about seven) while my mom and Mason were downstairs throwing out old furniture.

"Hunter!" My mom yelled to me from downstairs "Can you take this to the attic please!"

She'd been making me run up and down the stairs to the attic all week, my legs needed a break! But I went down stairs anyways, grabbed the box that she needed put up stairs and then went all the way back up to the attic. Maybe I should just stay up here and pretend like I can't hear her? Though, that would get pretty boring after a few minutes. I placed the box on the floor and out of the way and looked around. I hadn't been up here since I was a little boy and even then it was only for a few minutes before my grandmother started screaming at me to get out. She was always scared that the floor boards were going to break and I'd fall right through to the floor below.

There were tons and tons of junk, just lying around unorganized. There was a dressmaker's dummy in one corner, a treasure box in another, an old mirror, desks upon desks. However, the one thing that caught my eye was the oldest looking trunk I had ever seen and I instantly gravitated towards it.

I coughed as I opened the lid and the accumulated dust blew all around the room. There wasn't much inside, couple of letters, an old quilt, a bible, and a small journal. I pulled out both of the letters, one was dated 1680 and written to someone named Liza, it was opened; and the other had no date but was written to a man named Benjamin, this one was also opened. I laid the letters on the floor next to me and turned to the journal; I blew off the dust on the cover and opened it to the first page. The first entry was dated March 11, 1656. But when I tried reading the first sentence my mom yelled for me again.

I placed the journal and the letters back into the trunk and went back down stairs where my mom was waiting with a new backpack in her arms and a wide smile on her face.

I stared at the bag and then up at her "What's this?" I asked her, though I guessed that she'd got it as a present for me to start school.

"I thought you might want to start off fresh at school Monday, so I got you this!" She chirped, holding the bag out for me. "You like this color right? I thought that it was your favorite when I bought it, but now I'm not so sure."

"The color's fine mom," I sighed, grinning slightly; I knew I wasn't going to bring this to my first day at school; I needed my old backpack as a security blanket for a while, "Thanks." I grabbed the empty bag from her and threw it over my shoulder.

"Mom, Brian's going to show me around town, so I'll be out late," Mason said as he walked past both of us. He and Brian had become fast friends since that first day here; I have no idea how that happened, but it did.

My mom was actually pretty happy that Mason had been able to be friends with someone 'normal' like Brian. Maybe this was the reason she dragged him along? So he can make friends like these. It didn't matter to me though, I couldn't care less about who his friends are.

"Hunter, why haven't you made any friends yet?" My mother asked as Mason closed the front door behind him. "We've been here for over a week and I haven't seen you at least try and go out to meet people once!"

I rolled my eyes, I knew she'd do this at some point; I was ready with an answer. "I'll meet people at school, but right now I just want to get the moving in done."

She sighed, not really pleased with my answer, but she couldn't complain. She walked off into the other room and continued her cleaning.

I still hadn't read the message from Daniel, and after this talk with my mom I thought that maybe it was time that I read it. I clicked a few buttons and opened the text; it took me a few moments to finally start reading it.

"Hey dude, I still can't believe you moved. We all miss you already and you damn well better visit. It won't be the same without you now."

I groaned, he missed me… how could I have done this to him?! I read the message over and over, it was probably too late to reply and he'd most likely wonder why I hadn't replied to him sooner. If you didn't notice, he actually goes out of his way to text me in complete sentences; he knows full well how much I hate it when someone doesn't. I'll just talk to him once Mason gets the wireless internet hooked up.

I looked up at the roof and let out a deep sigh and then remembered that journal I had found. I'm sure I have some time to read it now. I raced back up stairs and back to the same old trunk, pulling out only the journal this time.

"March 11, 1656

My pa had given me this book so I could write down my time over in Jamestown. He told me he wanted to know everything that I was doing and the only way for me to remember anything was if I wrote it down.

I'm guessing that if some other man reads this they'll probably want to know something about me, so I'll start out with an introduction.

My name is Benjamin Arthur Addison and I'm 17 years of age. I'm short for my age, but I'm one hell of a worker. In fact, when I was working in England with my pa almost every farmer in the area wanted me to help them plow their fields or help the woman harvest. And let me tell you, I worked for anyone who asked, their money is always welcome in my pocket.

But now I'm moving to Jamestown in the Americas. I always hated ships, but this ship is sending me over the edge. Everyone is sick and bringing their food back up their throats. It's revolting. The ship's captain had stuffed all the colonists below deck. It made it so hard to move with all these people in one small, hot room.

One woman had even given birth the other day. It was pretty amazing and disgusting at the same time. I'd never seen a woman like that and when she held her new born son in her arms her face lit up. I wondered if my ma had the same expression after having each one of my brothers and sisters.

I'm getting nervous about landing in Jamestown; the man that I am staying with is a widower with a large plantation. I'm only staying with him until I have the money to build a home for my family to move here later on. But that will still take me many years. By then I will most likely have my own family and I will have to build another house for them as well.

The widower's name is Thomas Carver, I believe his wife died in childbirth and the baby didn't last long either. It must have been horrific watching both your wife and child die together like that. I don't think I would have been able to bear it. He's an old friend of my father's, so that is the only reason my pa is even letting me move across the world.

My friend Eli Naylor had decided to come along with me to the new country after I had told him that if he didn't come we'd never see each other again. He knows as well as I that he'd never be able to live without me. If it wasn't for me he'd be locked up right now. The damned trouble maker got on every man's bad side. Though he always had the girls cooing over him, I have no idea how he manages that.

I've known Eli since we were little boys in school. He literally was my first friend. We were like a pair of thieves in our lessons, Eli would do something and I would get him out of trouble. All in good fun, of course though.

I remember one time when Eli was smitten with a girl, Mary Stone, in our school and this girl's father, Mr. Stone caught them kissing each other's cheek. The man went mad and ran out of the house screaming at his daughter and Eli. Of course, Eli had to run as fast as he could into the wood while being chased. But lucky for him I was there waiting in the wood for him. He ran past me and dove into the river while I distracted Mr. Stone. Eli was lucky that Mr. Stone didn't have his glasses on so he couldn't make out which boy it was that had violated is darling daughter.

So as I was saying, I'm moving to Jamestown for my family. I am the eldest of 7 children. There's Charles who's 15, Chelsea who's 13, James is 11, Gavin is 9, Carol is 6, and last is Emily who's 2. My mother died when giving birth to little Emily, who was appropriately named after our mother.

I love my family, though I am closer to Charles and Chelsea. When we'd get bored us three would have our own little picnics out in the wood behind the barn. We wouldn't tell any of the little ones about it because then they'd want to join us. Charles, Chelsea and I had been doing these trips since Chelsea was old enough to walk. I still hope they continue having them without me; we'd always have the best fun.

I honestly miss them to death, but this is a part of my life that will have to be done. And I know that I will be able to see them again when they come to live here.

The ship is about to start supper, so I will leave you with this. I will try my hardest to remember to write in this journal, but I can't promise anything.

Benjamin A."

I sighed; this wasn't as interesting as I thought it was going to be. I wanted to read about how the writer was in some kind of Indian war and killing people! But this was it; a normal kid moving to America. There was nothing intriguing in this! I stormed off downstairs and forgot that I had the book in my hand; I threw it onto the desk in my room where it lied upside down. I examined it for a moment… there was something wrong with the back cover… I picked it up and wiped off some more dust (It was amazing how much dirt was on this thing)

"To my dearly beloved Thomas, our story etched in time."

Thomas…? The guy that he was talking about moving in with? Dearly beloved? Does this mean what I think it means? Is he gay? I would have never guessed that there were gay people in the six-teen-hundreds. I wondered who the hell this kid was and why did my grandmother have his shit in her attic?

When Monday finally came along, I was scared to death about going to school that morning. And by scared to death, I mean it literally. I was vomiting up nonexistent food and getting major migraines. I might as well be lying on my death bed. I even begged my mother to let me stay home and do that, but she flat out refused.

My mother drove me out to the campus and dropped me off at the gates like all the other parents. The bus didn't come out to my house, we lived too far away. I felt like a freshman again, being dropped off by their mommy and then saying "I love you!" when they were about to drive off.

I could feel the stares of the other students. I knew that everyone knew everyone around here and I was a new face, they didn't know me and I was invading their home. I guess you could even say I was like an alien, a foreign being (an unwelcomed being). If it's going to be like this for the rest of the year, I swear to god I'll shoot myself.

The classes weren't any better either, almost all the teachers forced me to stand in front of the class and explain my sudden presence. I didn't like talking about myself like that, it was a little personal don't you think?

The only thing that made me feel the smallest bit more comfortable was the fact that pretty much all my classmates were in all my other classes. This will make it easier for me to remember people and make friends.

However the real challenge of the day was where to sit for lunch… This was the deciding moment of my senior year at a new school. Who was I? Who I sit with determines who I was for the rest of the year. I knew for a fact that I was no jock, nor was I one of the chess geeks. But what really caught me off guard was that once I walked into the cafeteria I noticed immediately that all of the students were the same. They were all wearing 'normal country' clothes. You know, a lot of plaid and jeans and t-shirts with large prints of horses.

"You going to sit down or what?" a girl asked from behind me, nudging me in the back with her tray. I recognized her instantly; she's in all of my classes. Plus it's hard not to notice her; she was the only one that I saw in the whole school that looked somewhat normal in my point of view. She wore a dark red corset with a black blouse underneath, a small black tutu and her bangs were pinned to the top of her head. Though, I knew that to the other kids in school thought she was far from normal.

I blinked and took a few steps and stopped "Um… I actually don't have anywhere to sit," I chuckled out truthfully.

The girl grinned "I know," she said sticking her tongue out at me "You can sit with me."

I followed her to a table and sat down across from her. "I'm Charlie," she said holding her hand out to shake; I took it and introduced myself as well. "You just moved in right? In that old lady's house? I live right across from you guys and I saw the moving trucks. Did you know her?"

I nodded "She was my grandmother."

"Really? She never mentioned any grandchildren… or any children for that matter. But that's cool; you had a really awesome grandma. I wish mine was like that, but she's all strict and straight laced you know? A real mood killer."

I chuckled; I think I was going to like this girl.

"Hey Charlie," said a boy walking up to our table and then grinned at me "Hunter right?"

I nodded and grinned back slightly. The guy had hair as long as mine, the 'skater hair' only his was a dirty blonde color. But the one thing that really struck me was his eyes; they were the lightest blue that I had ever seen, kind of like the color of those baby pastels that you see at baby showers. He was a tad bit shorter than me and also a lot thinner, I never thought that I would meet anyone smaller than me. I was disappointed to find that he was one of those guys wearing a plaid button down shirt and jeans.

"I'm Dakota, nice to meet you," he said, he didn't hold out his hand though.

I've always liked that name, Dakota, it's so interesting. I wish my name was like that.

"You okay there, bud?" he asked me waving his hand in front of my face.

I blinked, I must have zoned out there for a minute. "Oh, yeah, sorry," I said, chuckling nervously. Damn it, they're going to think I'm a freak.

"Dakota, you up for coming over after school? Brian just got this really cool video game and he's going out with a friend tonight," Charlie said, stuffing her mouth with food.

Dakota smiled "Sure!" he said cheerfully.

Charlie turned to me "You want to come too?"

I blinked, not really sure if I should. I just met them not even two minutes ago. But you know what? Who cares, we'll do this kindergarten style and befriend them quickly.

"Yeah, sure," I said grinning; now looking forward to the end of the day.

"Okay then, we'll meet at the gates and take Dakota's car to my house," Charlie said, taking a big bite of food.

"Sounds good to me," Dakota replied, "But one of you two has to pay for gas."

When school was over with and Charlie, Dakota and I were all playing video games at Charlie's house, I couldn't help but feel at home. And not the home with the family kind of feeling, I thought I was back in Atlanta again and with my best friends.

"Can I play…?" Charlie's younger brother, Luka, would ask, poking his head through the door of Charlie's older brother's room. I wasn't surprised when I figured out it was Brian that is now my brother's new best friend. Charlie glared at Luka every time he would come in and ask and he would be scared off and walk away. It got to the point where Charlie finally got fed up with it and locked the door.

"So Hunter, you said you're from Atlanta right?" Charlie asked.

I nodded, too focused on the game and beating Dakota's ass to really answer her.

"I miss being in a big city, it was so much more fun, there's nothing to do around here unless you're twenty-one."

I shrugged not really caring at this moment.

"Oh, that reminds me, Plunge is letting kids 16 and older in tomorrow. You guys want to come with me?"

"Sure, I had fun last time," Dakota said smiling.

"What's Plunge?" I asked, shooting at Dakota's player furiously.

"It's a gay club," Charlie said casually.

"Game over Player 2"

I was so shocked to hear that Charlie and Dakota were planning on going to a gay club that I had lost pathetically to Dakota in our gun battle.

I heard Dakota chuckle at this.

"Have you been to one? You must have, you're gay right?" Charlie asked.

How did she figure it out? "I've never been to one," I snapped at her "Why would you think I would have?"

Charlie chuckled, "Sorry man, I thought you would have gone to one by now. But you are gay aren't you? You have to be, I'm never wrong with these things."

I could feel my face get redder and redder by the second, "I'm not," I muttered.

Charlie rolled her eyes. "Don't lie to me."

I didn't say anything "I have to go, I'll see you guys in school," I said, throwing the controller onto the floor, grabbing my things and leaving the house.

"Oh, hey there Hunter," Brian said, almost colliding into me as I was walking out the front door. "Didn't see you there," he chuckled, "What're you doing here?"

"Charlie invited me and Dakota over to play video games," I said trying to walk past him, I noticed that there was something wrong with his face in the dim light that was illuminating from the one and only bulb on the porch.

"Oh, you've met Charlie already?" He grinned, "That's good, I thought you two might like each other."

I nodded "Um, is there something wrong with your eye?" I asked him, subconsciously reaching my hand out for his face.

He let me touch it and chuckled nervously, "its fine," he said shrugging it off, "I just got into a fight, that's all."

I frowned, letting my hand fall loosely to my side "Oh… well, you better get that checked," I told him, it was rather lame, but I'm tired and just don't feel like thinking of anything else to say, "I'll see you later."

He grinned and then nodded, walking past me and into his home.

I walked back in the dark across the street and up my way-too-long driveway, continuously thinking about the plans that Dakota and Charlie were making. I couldn't help but wonder why the hell they were going to a gay club, unless one of them was gay. Charlie? Maybe, but she doesn't seem like the 'dyke type'. Dakota? I couldn't tell with him, he hadn't really spoken much since earlier at school.

However, I'm not going to lie, going to a gay club did really catch my interest.

"Hey, sweetie, how was school?" my mother asked me as I walked past her on my way upstairs.

"It was fine," I told her as I went upstairs to my room, avoiding a long conversation about where I was after school and why I didn't call her. I shut the door behind me and sunk into my over used bed that had the imprint of a relatively large man in the center of it. I made a mental note to beg my mom for a new clean bed.

Glancing over at my table I remembered the journal that I hadn't read in a couple of days due to the fact that I thought it was extremely boring. But I decided I'd read one more chapter and give the book another try.

"March 15, 1656

Our ship landed today, and let me tell you how happy everyone was to finally be able to stretch. I included. James town is still a small village, but that is to be expected. When we landed I expected people to be completely different than those in England. Don't ask me why, that is just what I thought.

Mr. Carver's slave, whose name I cannot pronounce, picked me up from the docks and drove me back to the plantation in his wagon. The man said that even though he is technically a slave, Mr. Carver treats him as if he were a white man. This completely surprised me since niggers are and always will be black and slaves. I knew from that point that Mr. Carver wasn't your traditional man.

Once we made it to the plantation I got to meet Mr. Carver. Me met me with a large warm smile and welcomed me into his home. He's rather tall and large build, I guess in some way it makes me a little bit more comfortable because he reminds me of my dad. Not much, but has that same presence. He has dark black hair that's slicked back making him look very… regal looking? I don't really know how to describe it. Despite being a plantation owner he told me that he works on the farm himself, refusing to have any of his slaves work alone. He's a weird one I tell you. However, you'd never know that he actually works on things around the farm. His hands aren't callused and rough like many of the farmers I England, he wears perfectly tailored and clean clothes and on top of all that he's relatively pail!

He showed me to my room, which wasn't very interesting, had a bed, a window, a door, four walls and a roof. He said I'd have to personalize it over time.

I met the mammy, her name is Tilla Mae, and I guessed she's the wife of the black man that drove me here. The moment I walked through the door she opened her arms wide and gave me a warm hug.

"Oh, how it's so nice to meet you Benjamin!" she said in her deep southern accent. She buried my face in her chest for so long I thought I was going to suffocate. "You probably don't remember me, but I'm the one that helped your ma give birth to you."

I wasn't really sure if I should believe her or not, mostly because I could not believe my mother would let a strange black woman help her give birth to her first born. Growing up, watching each of my siblings being born my mother would refuse anyone but her younger sister to help her.

But anyways, I'm getting off topic, Mr. Carver showed me around his farm, how he feeds his livestock and all of that stuff. For right now I'm only allowed to clean up the chicken coop, plow and harvest. He says he doesn't trust me just yet with taking care of his animals or planting the seeds for the crops. I don't understand why, but I wasn't going to argue.

You cannot believe how much I miss my family right now or how much I miss my home and bed. But Mr. Carver is making it really easy to feel welcomed into his home. Him, Tilla and her husband all sat down and ate dinner with me and we had some really great conversations.

I heard Mr. Carver say something that didn't quite seem very… Christian like, but that might just be my imagination playing tricks on me. Which I'm sure it was.

I'm trying to write fast because the sun is just about to go down. I have so much more that I want to say but I'm straining to see the tip of my pen now. So I will have to leave you with this, I am extremely happy here for now and hopefully I'll just as happy for a while.

Benjamin A.