what is sand
days slip away
here in this box of life
so full
but I do not forget
could not forget
would not forget
there was a girl
I was when I was with you
do I know her
I can not remember her face
just the echo of how I felt
with her inside me
holding your hand like an anchor
and despite all of it
everything and the ocean
between us
somehow, incorrigibly
I still think of you like that
the anchor that leads to the ship
that sails to the corners of my heart
divides the continents of my mind
more fiercely and warmly than the wind

I think I must miss those sails
white in the sky like my surrender
more than the girl that gave in to them
who didn't know how to seek
any other current than the one to your heart
boats float. I sink when I do not swim.

these are the jellyfish in my mind
seeming so harmless along the day
so far away from the waters
that ran all around us
does the hook in my eye
prove me more fish than mammal
floundering in the memory
of everything we were and were not