Chapter 14


A giant fireball erupted from the cliff, a deep burning red colour. There was nothing left of the helicopter, debris spat into the air flying everywhere and people picnicking ran away from the edge of the cliff to take cover. Since it was a hot sunny day, the beach was crowded and people were screaming as if it was Armageddon.

The water was freezing and the waves crashed up against the rocks. Kitty had jumped the every second the helicopter smashed into the rocks. Her stomach stung as the water smacked into her like a belly flop. She managed to flip open her Swiss army knife and cut through the parachute lines and get free of the harness that was weighing her down. She started to swim away from the cliff until she got caught in a rip and frantically started to yell for help, spitting out saltwater. The rip pushed her up against some small rocks and she winced as the force of the water slammed her back against the rock and cried out in pain. Another wave came as she was trying to tread water, and snapped her head against the rock and then everything went black.

"This is Linda Dale reporting live from Dee Why Beach. Just five minutes ago, a helicopter crashed into the side of the cliff. People are moving away from the cliff, as debris is still a concern. Police have been notified," she paused, her head turning to shouts about the survivors, "There are shouts that there are survivors in the water, lifeguards have just entered the water. Stay tuned, for more updates. Cindy Spindale reporting." She finished, her camera operator killing the feed.

Gasps of shock and curiosity went through the beach kiosk as JJ staggered past, in dry clothes thanks to his rescuer Shaun. He caught a glimpse of the helicopter wreckage and the fireball on the kiosk monitor. He grimaced, pushing back tears. She was alive! He just knew it. She had to be. He made his way back to the guys.

"It's on the news." Jack and Trent looked up at JJ.

"Shit, that was fast!" Jack whistled.

Trent raked his fingers through his wet hair before pulling a dry black shirt over his head. They were hiding in the back of Jack's dad's company van, 'Stevens & Son Electronics'. Three surfers had paddled out to where they hit the water and rescued them. They were too stunned for words when they saw Jack, since they worked for Stevens & Son Electronics. Jack had met Shaun, Wesley and Savannah a few times when he went to see his dad at work and would always flirt with Savannah.

After they had cut the parachute ties, they headed back to shore, away from the crowd and into the lagoon and sneaked them into the van, before going back for Kitty.

"They will find her, they know these waters really well." Savannah said, putting her hand on Trent's shoulder. He nodded grimly, managing a small smile. She passed them all a mug of hot coffee to warm them up.

"Thanks, Savannah. For everything. What's going on with the company at the moment?" Jack questioned her.

"You're welcome Jack. Well.. as you know, there are different departments but we have had a new scientist who's a bit odd, but has high level security clearance, your mother hired him. She had everyone in our department moved up to the sixth floor, and the new scientist operates the basement levels and levels 1-4. Level 5 is now security, and they have upped it considerably. Security is really tight, some employers from Crenshaw Electronics have moved onto the fifth floor. Something definitely is up, but no one is talking." She said, ducking her head as she sipped her coffee.

"I'm sure it's nothing to fear, but I'll check into it. Is my dad's personal assistant still there?" Jack asked.

"Yes, Benji Smith is still there." She replied.

"Since when did Crenshaw Electronics have employers in the same building as Jack's dad's company?" Trent asked Savannah, puzzled.

"You mean you didn't know?" Savannah stared at him wide-eyed. Trent's stomach knotted.

"No, our dads aren't the best of friends are they Jack? The last thing my dad would do is move our employees into Jack's dad's building and they would definitely not agree to a merger." Trent said.

"Yeah, Trent's right. Our dad's are competitive and would always try to outdo one another. It doesn't sound good." Jack said.

"But we're only a video game company and your dad has a security company, how would they compete over that?" Savannah asked, confused.

Trent and Jack exchanged glances. "They went to high school together and always had to be the best at everything and get more recognised in the industry than the other. It's just an old rivalry. Keeps them young, I reckon." Trent said, shaking his head.

Jack nodded his agreement.

"Do you two have any say over what happens in the company?" Savannah asked, casually.

"I don't. My mum's the one who runs things while dad is away on his business trips. Although I do know everyone who works there." Jack said, winking at her flirtatiously. She winked back.

"My parents are still overseas on a business trip for a few months, come to think of it I haven't heard from them for a while," Trent said, frowning, "His assistant is in charge, I could probably take over but there are forms dad would have to sign in order to do that. Do you know what they are working on?" Trent asked her.

"No, but whatever it is its top secret." She said. Trent and Jack exchanged a glance.

"Savannah, Kitty will need medical attention but we need somewhere private and secure, the guys chasing us almost killed her at the hospital before we left. Any ideas?" Trent asked, hopefully.

She nodded. "A friend of mine, Dr. Callum Quinn works at Watson's Bay Recreational Military Base. He deals with black ops patients; it is only he and his team of nurses along with a few guards outside. No one will find her there, and you can all stay there until she recovers if you want. I'll call him now and set everything up." Savannah said to them.

"Thanks Savannah. You're a life saver." Trent said.

Just then, the van doors opened, with Shaun carrying an unconscious Kitty. "Get her on the stretcher." Wes said to Shaun.

"Let's go Savannah! On the double, we saw some black-coated men arrive, they didn't see us though." Wes said. Savannah slammed her foot on the accelerator and took off while talking on the phone to Dr. Quinn.

"Wait, men in black suits? Did one have a cape on?" Trent asked, shivers running down his spine.

"Okay, Dr. Quinn will meet us at the back entrance." Savannah said.

"Was that a Batman joke?" Shaun asked, chuckling.

"Yeah, now I think about it. They looked dangerous." Wes said to Trent.

"No, it wasn't a joke." Trent all but growled at him. Shaun shrunk back.

Jack, Trent and JJ groaned. "What? What is wrong?" Wes asked alarmed.

"Have you ever heard of Henry Mansfield?" JJ asked, grimly.

"Yeah, the world- famous jewel designer." Savannah said, glancing back at Jack in the rear view mirror.

"I received some information that he had something to do with my father's disappearance, so we..." Jack was cut off by Trent's hand over his mouth. Trent shot him a glare.

"Bottom line, they are the bad guys, that's all you have to know." Trent gritted through his teeth.

Savannah and Wes exchanged glances.

"How is she doing?" Wes asked, changing the subject.

"She's stable for now." Shaun said, noticing the tension in the van.

"She was in an induced coma at the hospital but we had to bring her out of it to get her out of there before they killed all of us. It's a long story." JJ commented.

"That's bad, right? What happened to her?" Wes asked.

"Of course it's bad, you dumbass!" Shaun scolded him.

"How can we trust you three?" Trent suddenly asked them.

Shaun levelled his gaze with Trent in surprise, "We saved your lives! Dude, whatever is going on, count me in, I'll help anyway I can. You have my word." He said, truthfully.

Trent nodded, "Thank you for saving us. You sure you want in? It's ..dangerous."

Shaun nodded. "I'm in." Trent nodded.

"Savannah? Wes?" Jack prompted.

"Yeah we're in." Wes said. Trent felt something was amiss with the two of them.

"No, you're not. There's something you're not telling us." Trent said, measured.

"You're right. Henry Mansfield has had meetings with your mother, Jack." Savannah said gravely.

Jack's jaw dropped, speechless. He groaned, feeling the beginnings of a headache coming on.

Dr. Callum Quinn shifted from foot to foot nervously awaiting their arrival. He gestured for them to hurry and run back into the garage as Savannah drove in and parked. They rushed Kitty into the hospital like room where Dr Quinn quickly got to work. His team of nurses got to work and assessed Kitty's injuries and stats as Trent told the doctor what had happened to her.

There was no time for introductions, time was vital for Kitty. Dr. Quinn secured the area and said to wait in the waiting room. All they could do now was wait. Savannah made coffee and tea for them all and plated up some sandwiches from the fridge.

Jack sighed, slouching down on the couch, Trent and JJ tailing him, totally exhausted. Savannah frowned, and went to the linen closet retrieving three blankets and pillows.

"Put your head up." She demanded of Trent, slipping the pillow behind his head and doing the same for the other two. They thanked her and within minutes, they were asleep. Shaun started the Playstation 3 up to kill some time, while Wes and Savannah were discussing what they could do to help their new friends.

"What can we do? Security is tighter than ever.."

"For starters, it sounds like this Mansfield guy is doing business with crooks, we need proof he's blackmailing Jack's mum and why the hell Trent's dad's company have moved into our building." Shaun said.

Savannah nodded. She glanced over at their three sleeping friends. She tapped the piece of folded paper that sat on the table in front of Wes and held eye contact with him. A "code of silence" look passed between them.

The three sleeping fugitives looked rugged and exhausted. "If they are going to LA, they need disguises. They will definitely get caught within minutes because who knows who's watching them, and we don't need the added stress of knowing if they are okay or not. Ring Benji and find out if he knows anything." Savannah spoke quietly, taking a bite of her sandwich while Wes rang Benji and dotted down the info they needed to know.

Savannah checked in with Dr. Quinn, who was finishing stitching Kitty's stomach up.

"How is she?"

"She had internal bleeding, but I managed to stop it, she'll recover nicely in a few days." Dr Quinn replied.

They exchanged a knowing glance for a spilt second and parted ways. Wes drove the van while Savannah made a list of supplies they needed.

Twenty minutes later as they were going into the chemist to buy hair dye, a dark suited figure caught Wes's eye. He became suspicious but made no sudden moves. He took Savannah by the elbow and dragged her over a few aisles and pretended to be looking at a wide display of different types of condoms and bottles of lubricants. Savannah blushed upon being confronted with the array of intimate...things. Wes blanched, feeling pretty awkward with a blushing Savannah next to him. He looked up to the corner of the store where a security mirror alerted him to the fact that three dark- suited men had come into the store and were heading their way.

Wes grabbed Savannah's hand and was almost out of the store until a lady said, "I'm sorry but you can't leave until you buy something."

They just looked at her, shocked. "What, are you like serious?" Savannah said, with her jaw hanging open.

Wes saw the suited men coming towards them, so he grabbed a few packets of something and quickly paid for them and dragged Savannah out of the store and they ran down the street, blending in with the crowd. They ducked into clothing store and kept out of sight of the entrance. Savannah grabbed a few pairs of different jeans and shirts and pushed Wes into the dressing room with her. Meanwhile, she kept a lookout through the display window.

"Try these on." She demanded, sorting out the twenty something items she had chosen from the racks. She had told the sales lady they were for her boyfriend.


"What do you mean why? I need to know if these will fit, you're about the same size as Trent, Jack and JJ." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Fine. Turn around." Shaun muttered. She did.

After he had tried on fifteen shirts and ten pairs of jeans, Savannah still did not like the combos she chosen. She gave him something else to try on and went back out into the store hunting for more fashion trends. She enlisted the help of the sales lady and later returned with ten more items. She also had three dresses to try on for Kitty, she looked about the same size roughly as her.

"Oh are you serious?" Wes cried out, exasperated upon seeing more clothes in her arms.

"Deadly. Try these on, forget about those lot. Turn around, I need to try these on for Kitty." She demanded of him, taking a dress off the hanger, closing the door of his changing room.

He froze. "You' ahh change in here?" he stuttered.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Yes. We've seen each other in diapers for god sake, what's the problem? It's not like I'm naked." She snapped at him.

"Yeah, but that was when we were kids Anna, besides you'll be half naked." He protested.

"Just change, Wes. I do have underwear on you know. Besides it's nothing that I haven't seen before." She said cheekily.

He huffed. "Oh ple-a-s-e! You're as virgin as they come." He muttered under his breath, although loud enough for her to hear him. She wacked the back of his head, hands on her hips facing him.

"You take that back!" She growled at him. He scoffed at her. She picked up his jeans and handed them to him.

"I thought you wanted me to try all those on?"

"I did, but I can't stand being near you right now - so change into your clothes, because we need to be out of here."

He sighed, not liking the fact she was mad at him. Maybe he did go a bit too far. As he pulled his jeans on, the packets of condoms that he had grabbed aimlessly from the chemist, spilled out across the floor. He cursed, he didn't realise that was what he had picked up.

".God. Are those what I think they are?" Savannah asked, disgusted.

"Yeah, I picked them up by mistake. Although, it's always handy to have a few on standby." He said, as an afterthought.

Savannah saw red. She suddenly had a mental picture of him engaged in a act requiring condoms. She quickly shook her mind free. Gross! She thought.

"Whatever. I'll meet you out there." She said, gathering the clothes they were going to get. She charged them to Wes's credit card, smiling evilly.

Wes was busy trying to stuff the packets back into his pockets when a hand appeared and snatched two away. He looked up and saw Savannah putting them into her handbag.

"Why'd you do that?" he asked, dumbfounded, walking after her.

"They didn't fit into your pockets, so I took the other two. Might come in handy." She commented breezily.

"You haven' way you couldn't...did you?" he stumbled over his words, thoughts running through his head.

"None of your business. There's the van." She said, hurrying to it.

Wes grabbed her pushing her up against the van and smacked his lips to hers, kissing her hastily before letting her go. Savannah stunned, got into the driver's seat while he gripped the seatbelt as she swerved out of the car park.

"Stop talking and watch the road!" He screamed as a car slammed into the side of them. The jolt sent tingles of pain up her back and her neck. Thankfully, they were okay. Wes got out and exchanged insurance details with the driver and climbed back in.

Not even 'I am sorry' or 'are you okay' from him, Savannah silently fumed. She stalked from the van into Dr Quinn's headquarters, dropping the shopping bags on the table and plopping down next to Shaun. She picked up a second controller and started killing the zombies on the videogame. She tuned out everything but the game. When they finished playing she went to lie down on the bed in Dr Quinn's private quarters. She knew he would not mind, as she did it regularly. Dr Quinn was her uncle, but very few knew it. She fell asleep instantly.

"What happened?" Wes asked Shaun, after Savannah left.

"I screwed up, man. I kissed her and a car slammed into us. I need to talk to her." He took two panadol tablets for the pain radiating from his shoulder and ignoring Shaun's look of shock , took another bottle of water with painkillers in to Savannah.

"Savannah ,I have some panadol for you." He said quietly. No answer.

He sat beside her on the bed and gently shook her shoulders. "What?" she mumbled sleepily.

He sighed. "Take these, it's panadol." He said, lifting her into a half sitting position against him and gave her the tablets to swallow while holding the bottle of water to her lips . She fell back heavily against him and he lowered her back down onto the pillow. He started to get up but her arm held him back. "Don't go." She whispered. He felt guilty. He hadn't even asked her if she was okay, some best friend he is! He lied down and wrapped an arm around her, whispering "I'm sorry." And kissed her forehead. She snuggled closer.

"You just took me by surprise earlier, you know I do like you." She said.

"You know we can quit anytime right? And live on an Island where no one could find us, just you and me." Wes said dreamily, stroking her cheek with his thumb.

She nodded. "After they leave for LA, let's do it baby, I hate this life and you're the only one I want to be with."

He kissed her passionately. "I was hoping you'd say that. I love you Savannah Hastings." She kissed him back just as hard, "I love you too Wesley Emery."

"Is she going to be okay?" Trent asked Quinn. He looked up at Trent, and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I understand why you can't tell me, I was in involved in Black Ops as an agent many years ago. Now, this IV drip I'm giving Kitty is full of potassium to restore the fluids in her body, along with a special serum that many Black Ops agents take in order for a full recovery, it is perfectly safe. She'll be as good as new." Quinn said.

Trent, JJ and Jack exhaled the breath they were holding. Thank God. Quinn had said they could be on their way in four days tops so, JJ dialled out on a secure line to call Dominic. They needed those passports, like yesterday!

After a few minutes of talking to the Prison officer, JJ began to sweat. "Dom- yeah it's JJ. Man, I need a huge favour...yes I know, I need four passports...yyou have? Ah yeah thanks Dom," JJ scribbled a number and name down on a piece of paper as he told Dom what they needed, "Got it, I owe you man. Bye." JJ hung up, staring at the phone.

"Well? What did Dom say?" Jack asked him eagerly.

JJ turned to face them, still stunned. "He saw us on TV, the helicopter crash and us in the water being rescued, said that it took guts to do something that crazy. He has given me his Uncle's details and said its on the house. We have to get there in two days time before 4pm to pick the passports up."

"That's great!" Jack said, clapping JJ on the back.

Trent smiled, "Thank god for that, least we don't have to rob a bank to get the 40,000 now." He laughed. The three of them went back into the kitchen and joined their new friends at the table, digging into the sandwiches laid out.

"I'll make the flight bookings and book a rental car." JJ said, grabbing the phone book.

"Good Idea, JJ." Trent said. "Yo! Doc! Will Kitty be able to travel soon?" Jack called out.

Dr. Quinn's frown deepened in thought. "Oh, yes she'll be fine, the sedative should wear off in an hour, but why the rush?" He asked, turning around to face them.

"Kitty's mum and our parents are awaiting our return to Perth, our hometown. They have all been very worried. We all met at Blue Water University." Trent said, half lying through his teeth. Jack and JJ nodded in agreement.

"Of course, course." Dr Quinn replied, nodding.

"We got you some disguises for your trip to LA, Wes and I went shopping." Savannah stated, showing them the clothes they got for them.

"Yeah, Savannah's hobby is being a make-up artist and stylist." Shaun said, grinning. Savannah smiled sweetly at them.

"Thanks guys, how can we ever repay you?" Jack asked as Wes handed him a backpack with the clothes in it.

"I have a backpack for all of you, and it's packed with clothes, shoes, personal items you will need and some snacks for the road." Savannah told them.

"Thanks you guys, we really appreciate your help." JJ said.

"Happy to help!" Wes said, grinning.

Shaun glanced at his watch and cursed. "I have to get back to work, sorry guys, I need to finish the programming on this video game we are releasing tomorrow afternoon. Hope you have a safe trip!" He shook hands with Trent, Jack and JJ, dropping his business card into Jack's jacket pocket as he hugged him.

"Wait up Shaun, we'll come too, I have a lot of paperwork to finish off." Wesley said. Savannah nodded and they said their goodbyes to their new friends and waved from the Van as they drove off. Trent, Jack and JJ waved them off and headed back inside.

They collapsed on the lounges until Dr. Quinn came in and suggested they order-in for dinner. They ordered four large pizzas, garlic bread and two bottles of Diet Coke. Two hours later, Kitty had awoken and changed into fresh clean clothes and joined them for dinner. Kitty was a bit groggy still but felt a lot better.

"This is soo good." Kitty said with her mouth full of pizza.

Jack leaned back into the lounge, patting his stomach. "That's the best meal since we were at Trent's house! Oh, god I'm so full." Jack mumbled. Everyone laughed at him.

JJ tore into the garlic bread like a hungry monster, and Kitty quickly snatched up a few pieces before he devoured every last scrap.

JJ pouted and Kitty poked her tongue out at him. Dr. Quinn had joined them and enjoyed a considerable amount of pizza.

"So, what's the plan?" Kitty asked, feeling more like herself.

"We have two days to meet Dominic, so JJ's booked flights for 3am in the morning." Jack said.

"Doc here said you'd be fine to travel, when you awakened." Trent told her.

Dr. Quinn nodded. "You might feel a little sore, but I'll give you some painkillers and my numbers in case you need advice or help. I'll drive you all to the Airport."

"We might as well stay awake, it's already past midnight now." Trent commented, sipping his coke.

"Better check we have everything." JJ commented, exchanging glances with his friends meaningfully.

"Guys, what about our recon plans? You know, before the crash." Kitty asked them, referring to Aaron Cramfield and her contact in Elizabeth Bay.

"It might lead us to new information but, I think we should forget about it for now. I mean we have to get to Perth so that we are in time to meet Dominic. I wouldn't mind picking up a few things from home, like a suitcase." Jack said.

"We have two days." Kitty pointed out.

"But I've already paid for the flights." JJ whined.

"How about we forget about Cramfield, but do some low key recon around Pierre's Mansion tonight before our flights? It's on the way to the Airport anyway. I'm sure Quinn wouldn't mind lending us some night- vision goggles." Trent said, eager to check out Pierre's place.

Kitty's eyes lit up excitedly. Yes! "Let's do it, Dr. Quinn can you come here for a minute please?" Kitty called out to him before the guys could protest.

They relayed their plan to Dr. Quinn and although he was not happy about it he agreed . Dr. Quinn showed them how to use the night-vision goggles and some other gadgets, a long range listening device and a pen that could scan any document. He passed them four sets of camouflage pants, black long sleeved tops with military issue boots and face paint. They loaded up Quinn's 4x4,while Jack and Trent hid the waterproof bag with the documents and usb drives and mobiles deep in the bottom of their backpacks, after cutting a section of the padding on the bottom of the backpack.

Trent had a gut feeling that they would find something at Pierre's Mansion. He so badly wanted a look around inside his house, to find something that may help to prove their innocence. Maybe it's where Jack's dad is being held? Could Quinn be trusted? Come to think of it he did not trust Savannah and Wesley, but they had helped them a lot. Maybe it was just in his head. Trent frowned in deep thought. He had no idea as to what their next move after they got to LA, should be. He was nervous to say the least, as so many things could go wrong. They would have to be smarter this time around and not get caught like last time. He packed the boot up with their stuff while watching JJ access Quinn's computer without his knowledge. He caught Jack's eye and jerked his head JJ's way and then to Quinn's. Jack nodded, understanding the exchange and went to occupy Quinn.

JJ was determined to hack into Quinn's laptop, he knew he was hiding something from them and JJ was sick of surprises. Once in, he accessed the main database and brought up Quinn's credentials and clicked the 'print' button earning an alarmed look from Trent, hearing the noisy printer start up. Kitty caught on and quickly turned the radio on. JJ clicked on the current projects file and printed those too. He mainly wanted them for proof and then hacked into a classified top secret file labelled 'Drug Rings'. The whole file on drug and money laundering operations, was quickly saved to his usb drive and he then erased his digital fingerprint from the computer. The screensaver appeared as he was stuffing the papers into his backpack. JJ went over to Trent, winked and threw his backpack in the boot, just as Quinn went to access his computer. Trent let out a breath, clapping JJ on the shoulder, relieved. Jack stuffed his mouth with pizza, sighing heavily.

Out of sight in the back room, Kitty changed into her dark clothes, feeling energetic and back to normal. Her eyes scanned the rows of shelves stacked with hi-tech gadgets. She giggled to herself - she was in heaven! She read the descriptions on each of them and then decided on the sunglasses. Putting them on, the microchip in them came to life and acted like a computer screen. It gave her little reports on her surroundings and an image of what was behind her. She clicked the power button off, putting them back into the case. She found a password hacker usb drive and a device that hacks safe combinations. She stopped abruptly, her eyes shining in glee as she picked up the sapphire stud earrings. They were beautiful! The description said that they were listening recorded conversations from up to a 500km range. Kitty did not think that was possible. Maybe it hadn't been tested yet? If she tested it for Quinn maybe, he wouldn't mind if she borrowed the earrings? Instead of closing the earring box, she put the earrings on and shook her hair around her shoulders covering her ears up. She would return them to Quinn afterwards. She was just borrowing them after all. She gathered up a few smaller items that Quinn would not miss including the pen that could scan and record documents. She had formed a plan in her mind to ditch the guys once at Pierre's Mansion to find anything that would bring him and Mansfield down. Then everything would get back to normal and she could allow herself to think about Conrad and track him down. She faintly remembered Jack mentioning that he had found some information regarding Conrad, but he had yet to tell them. Of course there hasn't been any time for chit-chat the last 72 hours.

Jack thought his stomach would explode! He had been so hungry that he ate too quickly and was so full, even after a few drinks of coke. He was relieved that Kitty was well again, but he wasn't so sure about staying here any longer. He had tucked a standard military issue gun into the back of his jeans, after loading it with bullets. He knew how to shoot. His uncle had taught him on their dairy farm when he was ten years old. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't hear Kitty's gasp of horror until she pulled on his arm.

"What are you doing with that?" She stuttered.

"Shhh! It's just for protection, I'm going to break into his house." He hissed at her.

Her eyes wide. "That was my plan too, but without you guys!" She exclaimed, a little too loud.

He clamped an hand over her mouth. He exhaled. "What's the odds of Trent and JJ having the same idea as us?"

"99.9 per cent." He grimaced, then groaned.

Kitty sighed. "It would be better if one of us went in, all of us would surely get captured then what would we do?"

"You're right. I'll go in." Jack said.

Kitty glared at him. "No! I will! Listen, I have some gadgets of Quinn's that I'm borrowing. They will record more information than if we all go in. You guys can cover me, I found earpieces back there we can talk through." She insisted.

"Fine, but I don't like this! I don't want you to get hurt again Kitty!" Jack said, rubbing his temples. "I know, but I want to do this." Kitty said, hugging him.

After another hour of arguing in the car, Kitty managed to convince them she should go in. Quinn stayed in the 4x4 off the road, behind the roadside bushes as they crept along the perimeter, at the back of the mansion. It was set in the middle of a meadow field that hid them well.

Through their night-vision goggles, they could see three men playing a card game near the pool area and a dozen skimpy girls splashing around in the pool. Kitty scoffed at the sight. Obviously, they were hookers and most likely hired for the night to entertain his guests. She only hoped the pool was heated! It was a very cold night.

She spotted a female waiter entering into what seemed a change room and came out in her swim suit, if you could call a g-string and a two sizes too small bikini top a swimsuit. She scanned the second storey balcony and spotted two guards on duty, but the balcony on the other side was empty.

"Two guards on the balcony." She whispered into her earpiece.

"Four near the entrance to the living room, behind the men playing cards." Jack spoke.

"Okay, I see four at the side of the house, I'm moving towards the front of the house." JJ said.

"I've got two at the side and two patrolling near the front gate." Trent's voice came.

"Found four more, two are in the middle of the front driveway and two in a room halfway near the front of the house. They have a whole security set-up, monitoring everything inside the perimeter. I can easily hack into it if you need me too, otherwise if you avoid the cameras you should be right." JJ said.

"Ok, there's a side gate surrounded by the box trees near the pool and the change rooms next to it. That's my way in. JJ, stay in position and watch the monitors. Trent, tell me when they move near my position, same with you Jack. Ten more minutes and I'll go in." Kitty told them, a plan formulating in her head.

She activated her earrings and was instantly bombarded with voices. She concentrated on the girls in the pool, the blonde haired, tanned beauty who was kissing of the guests. She picked up the girls' name, Josie and was told to entertain the guest any way he asked. Dirty thoughts and a mental image flooded her mind, yuck! Kitty rolled her eyes, but was glad because Josie was about the same height, weight as herself and they both had blonde hair. Kitty smiled to herself. The rest of the girls in the pool were too occupied to notice her arrival and the change rooms would be easy to slip into. She would borrow Josie's waitress uniform. She pressed the zoom in button on the night vision goggles and indentified the caterer's company badge on one of the male waiter's uniform. Snazzy Jazzy's Catering. She relayed the info to JJ.

"Ok, I've uploaded your picture onto their website. You are now Casey Wright. If they look you up you'll be covered, I'll monitor the website."

"Okay then. I'm going in, if I don't reply please do not scream in my ear, just wait until I can talk again." Kitty said sternly.

"Gotcha." "Ok." "Yeah, yeah." Three voices echoed in her ear. She rolled her eyes making her way down to the box-hedged fence.

She sprayed her mini laser beam detection bottle up and down, revealing two laser beams at the gate. She studied them closely. They were close together and were out a metre from the gate. If she crawled on her stomach, she would miss them, if she kept her head down. If she stepped over the bottom beam, she would surely trip it.

"You need another way in. The gate is in their direct view." Jack said.

Great, another problem. "I have to get through the laser beams first." She whispered in her ear piece. Okay, maybe if I put my right leg over the bottom beam, bend over straight and sort of duck, then move my other leg over forward straight, if I put my left leg over behind me my shoe might trip the beam. Okay, here goes nothing. She tied her hair into a bun and tucked her clothing in, and lifted her leg up level with the beam, then higher ready to swing it over the beam...

"One of the guards is heading your way on your right, hide in the hedging!" Trent's voice startled her.

"Okay." She whispered back, breathing heavily. She glanced to her right and saw the faint light of a flashlight coming closer. Okay, let's do this again! Leg over...back bent...check...stay still..transfer weight onto right leg...check...lift left leg straight over ...check...and down...success! She sprayed the mist near the hedging checking for hidden beams. She parted the hedge and stepped into it and let go just as the guard rounded the corner with the flashlight. She held her breath.

Come on, move! Go back, she chanted in her head willing the guard to turn back. Arghh! The guard lit up a cigar, the awful smell reaching her nostrils. She was allergic to cigar and cigarette smoke, it made her physically sick, she pinched her nose breathing in and out through her mouth. She stayed like that until Trent gave the "All clear."

"Synchronize watches. Give me forty minutes guys." Kitty whispered. It was 12:40am already. She felt along the fence sidestepping her way between the hedge and fence. Finally she came across a dog swing door. They must have big dogs because it came up to her thighs. She peeked through and saw it was the change rooms. Jackpot! She quickly and quietly crawled through and into one of the stalls. She grabbed the caterer's uniform off the floor and locked the stall door, shedding her clothes and quickly pulling the uniform on. She rolled her clothes up and debated where to put them. She lifted the cistern lid off, ripped some toilet paper off the roll, laid it in the cistern before placing her clothes in, and replaced it.

Objective one: accomplished. Objective two: pretend to be a waitress. Easier said than done. Already eight minutes had passed. Another stall opened and revealed a brunette buttoning her top up, not seeing Kitty or Casey for that matter yet.

"Oh! Are you on duty too?" She asked her. Kitty smiled replying a simple yes.

"I'm new here, I don't really know any of the girls, I think I've seen you around though, right?" she asked, grinning.

"I've only been with the company for a few days, so I'm still getting to know everyone as well, but yes you do look familiar now that you mention it! I'm Casey. Casey Wright." Kitty said.

"Nice to meet you Casey, I'm Ronnie Tessler, short for Veronica. Were you late? I didn't see you in the kitchen meeting when we got here." Ronnie said, pinning her hair up.

"Your boss's name is Jenny Bates, say your car wouldn't start." JJ said into her ear.

"Guilty! I was running later, my car would not start so I had to wait for the RAC to come, but I rang Jenny and she said as long as I get here its fine and to get one of the girls to fill me in." Kitty told her, animatedly.

"Oh, don't you hate that! My car is like that too. I'm so like getting a new one when I save up." Ronnie said, cheerfully.

"Omg! Me too! So, what's the go tonight?" She asked Ronnie.

"We have eight teams of two's. You're with me since Josie is now "occupied" with one of the guests. We'll head to the kitchen and get the hot food in the oven, and the next team will take the food out while we have a break and entertain the guest, its a bit like playing tag. We have all our stuff in one of the guest rooms to change and shower after being in the pool. Just follow my lead, ready?" Ronnie said hand on the door.

"Totally." She replied and followed Ronnie out to the pool where they both picked up trays of empty glasses and headed inside, smiling at the guards on duty. One, Ronnie ran her finger down his chest seductively. He winked at Ronnie, smacking her butt. Ronnie giggled and lead the way into the kitchen.

The kitchen was huge and thankfully did not look out to the patio. There were four ovens already pre- heating. Ronnie quickly prepared the baking trays as she told Kitty what to do. Working quickly, she spooned mixture into the middle of pastry cups and rolled them up like parcels on all six trays while Ronnie placed the vegetable pasties on four other trays. Kitty put the first two in the first oven and the rest in the other. She refilled the orders for the drinks and placed them on the tray for the guests.

"Would you mind taking the drinks out to them Ronnie? I'm so busting for the loo, I've been holding it for hours now." She pleaded with Ronnie.

"Oh! You poor darling! Don't worry about a thing! I know how that feels! Go up the stairs to right, first door on the left is ours the bathroom is through it. I'll cover you, take your time!" Ronnie said, patting her arm.

"Thanks so much, Ronnie! I owe you!" She exclaimed and hurried her way to the stairs.

"Oh! Casey, I meant the second level. First level is out of bounds!" Ronnie said quietly to her.

"Ok, thanks," She ran on her toes up the stairs, pausing. "Ok, I'm clear." She whispered into her earpiece.

"Thank god! 18 minutes down, move it, level 1 is clear on monitors, no guards, check for beams, you have to move when the camera isn't trained at you, keep to where the plant is under the camera." JJ said.

She hid behind the plant and watched the camera's movements mounted on the ceiling. 1..2..3..GO! She closed the door behind her quietly. She was in Pierre's study! Yes! Instantly, she spotted a jewellery glass case. The drawers below the display case were labelled.. Imports... Research...Devices...Data. Kitty quickly checked for laser beams before pulling on a glove and lock picking the drawers. Finally, the drawer opened and she grabbed her pen from her bra and scanned a few documents with import receipts and familiar names she knew.

The research was about how to shape and replicate a fake stone into a ring and the devices was a how-to planting a small micro data chip on the base of the ring before placing the fake stone over it. The data section was more interesting...scanning each page quickly while reading it. It was information on all the drug lords and their shipments and meetings. She managed to scan the whole folder and closed it back up.

She saw a small case of rings in the bin, labelled 'fakes'. She grabbed a ruby diamond ring out and pushed the ruby up a tiny clasp on a tiny hinge flipped it back revealing a small micro chip. Another note scribbled on the box was 'old data', which could prove very useful. There were more than a hundred rings, so a few would not be missed.

She grabbed two handfuls and put them in a small pouch that she clipped into the band of her underwear incase anyone searched her for a wire. She went over to the desk where the silver laptop was and hacked in, quickly opening a file called 'dossiers and locations'. The file was password protected though. Quickly she hooked the password hacker usb drive into the side of the laptop. A minute passed and she was finally in. In two seconds it was downloaded to the usb drive. Pulling it out she removed her digital fingerprint 'hack' and it returned to the screensaver.

"I'm done guys, tell me when to open the door JJ." Kitty said into her earpiece.

"Ok, wait..wait..countdown in five, four,three, go!"

She opened it and closed it quickly and raced to the stairs up to the second level.

"You're clear, there's no cameras on the second level." JJ said.

Thank god. She checked her watch. She heard girl's voices from her earrings from the kitchen. She had beeen gone fourteen minutes. She splashed cold water on her face in the bathroom. She had seven minutes to get out of there before she got caught. She headed back down to the kitchen, finding Ronnie waiting for her.

"Feel better hun?" she asked, smiling sympathetically.

"Oh my god yes! You have no idea! Thanks for covering Ronnie." Kitty gushed at her.

"No worries, come on it's our turn for some fun. We get to go in the pool!" Ronnie said, leading the way down to the change rooms. They both got into separate stalls and began to change. Kitty retrieved her clothes, throwing them over the top of the door onto the floor, the way Josie had left them and pulled her clothes on.

"Oh! One of the girls took my bikini top! I'll have to go up to the room and get another one! Don't go anywhere without me Casey!" Ronnie said through the door.

"Ok, hun, I'll wait for you." Kitty said back, hearing Casey run out and a some cat whistles from the men, she probably ran out topless!

Kitty pulled her boots on and crouched down to the doggy flip door and came out against the hedge. She lowered the doggy door down quietly and peered through the hedge. All clear. She sprayed the mist revealing the beams and quickly stepped through them just like the first time she did it and scrambled over to Jack's hiding spot.

"Ok, I'm out, let's get back to the car before our luck runs out." Kitty said in the ear piece. She and Jack crept along the dark shadows of the meadow field and could see JJ and Trent retreating. Once in the 4x4, they all exhaled and Quinn quietly backed out and onto the road again towards the Airport.

"Did you find anything?" Quinn asked them. Kitty faked a disappointed sigh, "No, it was a waste of time." She pouted.

"Yeah, he has about eighteen guards on duty, who'd be dumb enough to break in only to get caught by one of them?" JJ said, huffing.

"Maybe we were over-reacting? I just want our normal lives back." Trent said, sighing. Jack nodded in agreement.

They had agreed not to let on to Quinn of their findings before they left the base. Quinn dropped them off at the Airport and said goodbye.

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