Time Machine

The old beggar on the street saw me running the other day,
He asked, "And what are you looking for today?"
I told him that I needed a time machine, needed one fast,
"I've done something that I regret, and soon it'll be too late."

His pallid eyes suddenly shone with laughter and with malice,
He said he knew no such thing but handed me a chalice:
"Drink this, my lady friend, and all your regrets will be no more,
But you must be sure, little girl—you don't get to practice."

I took the cup, I downed it all, then held my breath and waited.
The streets swirled, the beggar vanished, I think I may have fainted.
When I woke up, all was solved, save for just one thing—
I now regret having turned back time to fix what I first regretted.

A/N: mistakes are made to be learned from, bad decisions are valuable lessons. just a little poem making fun of people who regret things in their lives, and I know quite a few. i don't regret anything i've ever done. neither should you. :)