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chapter seven.

Ren and I walked out of the narrow corridor in awkward silence and I didn't quite know what to say after seeing Senri wink at me in such a... Disturbing fashion.

"Um-" the both of us started to speak at the same time and unwillingly I felt heat rush to my cheeks.

"Ladies first," Ren said, shrugging.

"Hello!" a short girl with pigtails appeared out of nowhere (why is it that people always seem to appear out of nowhere in this school, I'd never know) and I jumped in, er, shock. "Interested in toning those arm muscles?"

I looked at my pullover covered arms and thought of how I toned them by mad playing songs like Etude in E major by Chopin, Notturno by Grieg and random Piano Sonatas by Mozart... I shuddered. "Er, no-"

"Of course you are!" she grabbed my arm and started dragging me off to God-knows-where and I followed her, hoping she wasn't bringing me to the gym or something. I looked at Ren for help and he merely shrugged once more.


"Here we are," the girl smiled, revealing pearly white teeth. "Buchou!!" she yelled. "I've got two here!"

A tall, skinny boy with unkempt hair stood up from his spot at a desk under a tree in the huge field. "Ah, Seira, you're back so quickly," he produced a pair of tiny spectacles from his pocket and put them on. "Who do we have here..." he studied me through squinted eyes and I squirmed under his scrutiny. Then he looked at Ren and smiled. "Yo. What brings you here, her?"

Ren's eyebrow twitched and Seira laughed. "Buchou, do I bring out the bows?"

"Yeah," the boy nodded absent-mindedly and returned to studying me. "Hmmm..."

"Er," I began. Was there something on my face or something? I looked around for a mirror then cursed my stupidity as I realized that being on an open field usually equated to having no mirrors in sight.

"I'm Kuma," he extended his hand and I shook it. "Yoroshiku."

"Ami here," I smiled, still feeling slightly uncomfortable from being scrutinized at such proximity. "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu."

"So you here, will try out while you..." Kuma looked at Ren and narrowed his eyes. "Here to remind me about how the archery club's loss?"

Ren smirked. "Why not?"

Kuma rolled his eyes as Seira returned the bows and arrows. She smiled as I rolled up the sleeves of my pullover.

"Officially, we're the Kyudo-bu, so we do traditional Japanese archery and occasionally we participate in Yabusame competitions, which is the art of shooting arrows while seated on the back of the horse running at full speed," Seira explained as she showed me how to fit the arrow to the bow. "Well usually that's only when we have members who have practise as its a Shinto ritual. Kuma here's excellent at it, his aunts are Miko."

"Woah, that's cool," I said slowly as I stared at Ren, standing a couple of metres away from me as he shot arrow after arrow which hit the bullseye exactly.

"Ah, so he's the guy Buchou always talks about!" Seira exclaimed excitedly as her tanned cheeks reddened in excitement. "No wonder Buchou grumbles about it every year at the nationals because the one who bags a gold medal for the school in the male division is none other than Buchou and no one else."

I laughed nervously as she turned to me.

"Well, why don't you give it a try?" she smiled expectantly.

"Um, ok," I took a deep breath and let the arrow fly as I held my breath. It flew towards the bullseye and I felt breathless, then realized that it was because I was still holding my breath.

The arrow was about to reach the target board when suddenly, it turned around and flew back towards me, as if it was a boomerang. A cold wind blew past as my mouth fell open, unable to believe what was happening. Seira stared and so did Kuma, Ren was gripping his bow tight as he ran towards me.

"Get down," he commanded and just as I did, the arrow narrowly missed me and landed on the tree Kuma had been sitting under minutes ago.

"Are you alright?" Kuma asked, looking at me, then at the tree, then at me again, unable to believe what had just happened.

"Erm, haha, yeah," I laughed nervously once more. Sports were definitely not for me, somehow I had this knack of becoming extremely dangerous in any type of sport I participated in, except for maybe... Chess.

"Wow," Seira looked at me with newfound respect. "How did you do that?"

"Er, I don't know," I handed the bow to her and she looked at it, wondering how I pulled off my, er, feat.

"I think you're not quite cut out for archery," Kuma laughed and I managed a weak smile. Ren laughed along and I felt my cheeks burning in what seemed like embarrassment. "Although I must say, in all my years of being an archer, you're the only person who has been able to do such a thing. Its something impossible and I guess in a way, being able to do the impossible is a gift," he winked at me and smiled at Ren.

"A-arigatou," I thanked him as Ren strangled Kuma, who was laughing like a raving lunatic.

Seira smiled. "It seems that Buchou's getting back on track," she turned to me. "I'm so glad I met you today."

"Eh? Me?" I blinked. "What did I do?"

Seira smiled ruefully. "Well, Buchou's been rather depressed ever since he got second placing in the preliminary rounds for the nationals and the team has slipped a little in the rankings for the entire team so..."

"Ah, I see," I nodded slowly as Kuma tried to wriggle out of Ren's grasp but failed.

There was a loud chime and A major arpeggio in root position rang out.

"Attention all students," came a melodious voice from the speakers at the edge of the field. "The Drama Club will be putting on a performance entitled 'The Princess and the Teacup' in 15 minutes in Auditorium 2, located in the new block. Attendance is compulsory for all new students."

"Well um, I guess I'll be going?" I offered Seira a smile. "Good luck and all the best for the nationals!"

She returned the smile and I wondered if she was secretly in love with Kuma but did not ask. The lanky boy ran his hand through his messy hair as he chatted with Ren about something I couldn't quite catch.

"See you two around some time soon, yeah?" Kuma smiled as he waved, squinting at me once again.

I waved back and Ren fell into step with me as we walked across the field in silence.

"So, um," I started, breaking the awkward silence once again. "What was it that you wanted to say before Seira dragged us here?"


Buchou - president

Yoroshiku/Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu - nice to meet you

Kyudo-bu - kyudo is Japanese archery, so basically it means Japanese archery club

Arigatou - thank you

Shinto - the natural spirituality of Japan and the Japanese people. for more info, do wiki this.

Miko - shrine maiden

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