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Chapter Sixteen





Quote from Perfect Day

by Hoku


If I said anything right now, I would ruin this perfect moment.

Taylor stared up at the ceiling above her head. She took a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly, and then looked around the room she was in. As soon as her parents had found Dylan and her in the field, they had immediately taken them to the hospital. When Mrs. McKarthy had asked why they were there and what had happened, Taylor hadn't known what to say. But as soon as she started talking, it was as if she had been thinking of an excuse her whole life. She explained to her mom and dad that after Dylan had left, she had realized she had never locked the door before going to bed. She said that when she went to lock it, a man was outside—a burglar—and that he had taken Taylor with him. Taylor then said that she had been taken to the field and as soon as she could, had texted Dylan, telling him what had happened. Dylan then spoke up, going along with the story, and said he had come to her as soon as possible without even thinking of calling the police. As for why he and Taylor were so beat up, he explained that when trying to help Taylor the burglar hurt them both but gave up and ran away as he heard the McKarthy's car coming.

At first, Taylor didn't think her parents were convinced. It was such a strange and wild story, but after what had happened tonight the McKarthy's were just glad the two were still alive. Still, Mrs. McKarthy had cried her eyes out until the doctors told her that Taylor and Dylan were going to be fine.

Now, after four hours of resting in the hospital room, being checked every so often by nurses and having antibiotics given to her, Taylor was laying on a cold, stiff bed. Dylan was in the next room, in worse condition as her dad had told her an hour or so before. His ankle was apparently sprained and he had suffered some minor head injury. He would be okay but would have constant headaches all week. Taylor wanted to see him so badly, but the doctors, her family, and his had decided it would be best to wait until morning. Taylor wasn't in as bad as a condition as he was but she did have some scrapes and bruises and the doctors thought they should just keep her over night.

The only people Taylor had seen since being rushed to the hospital were her parents and Jessie. Jessie, although tired and still recovering from the flu she had just days before, insisted on coming to see both her brother and Taylor. After visiting Dylan, Jessie had come and hung out with Taylor all night. She was the only one, besides Dylan, who knew about what really happened that night. After telling her everything, Jessie reacted surprisingly; she started crying. But it wasn't a sad cry. As she had cried quietly she had smiled and was hugging Taylor.

"I'm just so excited it's all over and that you are both okay," was her explanation.

But now it was four-thirty in the morning, and everyone was gone except for her dad and Dylan's. They were both sleeping in the waiting room.

Taylor was about to press the nurse button to ask for some water, when she heard a knock on her door. The person didn't wait for her to say anything and when Dylan walked in, on crutches, Taylor beamed.

He hobbled over to Taylor and pulled up a chair, sitting down.

"Hey," he whispered, smoothing her forehead and kissing her gently. He smiled back at her. "How you doing?"

"I'm fine," she said. "What about you? You shouldn't be in here. What about your ankle?"

"What about it?" Dylan asked. Taylor motioned to his ankle. He chuckled. "Oh yah, that. I can barely feel it,"

Taylor snorted. "Yah, okay," she said.

The two both sat there for a moment, just staring at each other, lost in thought. Then, as he had so many times before, Dylan broke the silence.

"You want to talk about tonight, don't you?" he said, still whispering.

Taylor sighed and nodded. She actually didn't. She just wanted to forget about everything and return to her normal life. But she could tell that Dylan wanted to talk and after everything, it was the least she could do to make up for all of his pain he suffered for her.

"How? That's all I really want to know…how did he get to you?" Taylor asked, curiosity bursting out of her.

Dylan took a deep breath. "After I left your house, I was walking home. I was only about a block away, when I ran into Penn. I really didn't want to talk to him and as much as he told you before, we really aren't friends. He keep taunting me, saying, "What, afraid I'll beat you up?" and other annoying stuff. I was going to just ignore him and keep walking, but then—then,"

Dylan stopped and laughed softly to himself.

"I'm a loser," he said suddenly to Taylor. "But I'm in love with you,"

Taylor blushed. "What does that have to do with Penn?"

"The reason why I didn't ignore him had to do with you," Dylan said quietly.

"What? What did he say?" Taylor pressed after a moment of silence.

"He said to me, and these are his exact words, 'What? Getting back from your date with the whore?'," Dylan said softly, as if embarrassed to even say it aloud.

Taylor's eyes widened, aghast. "What?" she asked shocked.

"I don't think he'll say it again," Dylan said, casually.

"Why?" Taylor asked.

"I kind of kicked him where the sun don't shine, if you get what I mean," Dylan said, simply.

Taylor burst out laughing and for a moment forgot about being quiet as to not make the nurses come to the room.

Dylan just stared at her though. He seemed surprised at her laughter.

"Why are you laughing?" he asked. "It's not funny. He has no right at all to say that,"

"No, no, you're right," Taylor said between laughs. "No, he doesn't. Sorry, go on," Taylor controlled herself.

Dylan rolled his eyes. "Sometime I wonder why I love you," he said, chuckling. "You are so weird," Taylor laughed. Then, Dylan finished and said, "But you're perfect for me,"

Taylor blushed again, this time redder, and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ears as she had so many times before. "I love you too, but please, just continue with the story before I blush so hard my face explodes,"

Dylan laughed lightly. "Alright, alright. Anyways, we pretty much got in this fist fight afterwards. Things were looking really well and I think I was actually winning, but then Daniel came. He came out of no where and it was as if he had already been there but I was now able to see him. He used his powers or whatever like he did in the field and knocked me out. I don't remember exactly what happened after that but I guess the two both took me too the field. And that's when you came,"

Dylan now looked up from his shoes which he had been staring at the whole time. Taylor stared at him, with sad eyes. She was so sorry for all of this. It was all of her fault and she wanted so much for Dylan to not have to go through what she was going through.

"Dylan, I'm so sorry," she said. Taylor waited for tears to come to her eyes but none came. She had cried all of them out already. Now she was just sort of whimpering, her voice breaking and she spoke. "I don't know how to make this up to you, but you shouldn't have had this happen to you,"

Taylor pulled Dylan towards her, holding him close and whispering to him over and over again, "I'm sorry," and every time she did, Dylan would say, "You didn't do anything,".

Dylan pulled away from her and kissed her forehead, long and hard. "Go back to sleep now, okay?" he said, smoothing her forehead again.

"I wasn't sleeping before actually. I can't. I'm just waiting for something else bad to happen. I can't believe it's all over," Taylor said, tiredly.

"Well believe it, because it is. It's all over now, Taylor," Dylan said. He kissed her lips this time, softly and gently and smiled down at her.

And for the first time in a long time, Taylor knew that it was really over. No more nightmares, no more visions. No more voices, no more pain. No more Daniel. It was all gone. She could now have a normal life with Dylan, Jessie, and everyone else.

Taylor watched Dylan walk out after saying goodnight, leaning on his crutches as he did. Then, knowing it was safe to fall asleep now, she closed her eyes and drifted away. For the first night in a while, Taylor had a dream that night. But it was different than others. It was a good dream. She was with Dylan in her dream and she and Jessie were hanging out, having fun. This was the first dream she had had in a long time where she actually wanted to go back to bed. So she did.

* * *

XOTayTayXO: Don't worry Jules, I'm fine…

JCullen: Are you sure? Tay, it was a burglar! God, you have the worse luck…

XOTayTayXO: Care to explain further?

JCullen: Your school gets set on fire, your dad nearly breaks your boyfriend's nose, and now some dude has beat the crap out of you. Nice.

XOTayTayXO: Um…he's not my boyfriend

JCullen: Has he told you he loves you?

XOTayTayXO: yah…

JCullen: Than he is your bf. Just accept the fact, Tay…he looooooooooves you

XOTayTayXO: haha okay….enough my super messed up friend. I have to go.

JCullen: 'Cause your boyfriend is there! Oooo!

XOTayTayXO: Actually….

JCullen: I knew it! I'M PHYCIC! Ooo I'm good.

XOTayTayXO: Yah, you keep thinking that. Bye Jules!

JCullen: Have fuuuuuuun!

Taylor logged out of IM and smiled at her computer screen as if she could actually see Jules. She felt bad kind of for not telling her the whole truth; but still, she just wanted to forget about everything.

Walking over to her dresser, Taylor picked up the little jewelry box she had bought right after she had gotten out of the hospital last week. She opened it up and looked at the ring that was sitting inside of it. She grinned at it and then took it, looking at it as a ray of sunshine hit it through her window.

"Hi, Taylor,"

Taylor spun around, smiling at Maria who was standing at the window. She walked over to her and the two hugged.

"Hi, Maria," Taylor said, still pressed close against Maria. She pulled back and smiled again.

"How are you feeling?" Maria asked, sitting with Taylor on the bed. She took a pillow and held onto it while she talked to Taylor.

"I'm good," Taylor said. "No broken bones or anything,"

Maria smiled. "That's good," she said.

For the first time with Maria, Taylor felt an awkward silence. She didn't want to interrupt it, afraid Maria was just thinking about something but she wanted it to end so she could celebrate Daniel's death with her.

"You know what happens next, right?" Maria asked suddenly.

Taylor looked puzzled. "Happens next…what do you mean?" she asked confused.

Maria sighed and stood up. "Now that Daniel is dead, I have to go. I'm going to heaven now, Taylor. I don't have any reason for staying here anymore," she said.

Taylor forced a smile, sad to know that this would be the last time she'd see Maria. "That's—that's great Maria. I'm really, um, happy for you," she said. And before Maria could see the sadness spread across her face, she hugged her again, hiding herself in that hug.

"I'm going to miss you, kiddo," Maria said. She hugged Taylor tighter.

"Me too," Taylor said, muffled against Maria. "When are you leaving?" she said after she finished hugging Maria.

"Well," Maria said. "Now,"

Taylor's face dropped. "Why now? Why not later? Daniel just died. Don't we get more time together?" she asked frantically.

Maria smiled. "Don't worry, Taylor. I'm going to see you again,"


"Well, in heaven. Hopefully no time soon, but I will see you again,"

Maria then started disappearing, fading into whatever she was now to become.

"Wait! Maria, don't go yet," Taylor said. She rushed to Maria grabbing her wrist.

"I have to," Maria said, still disappearing slowly. "But Taylor, I want to tell you something; thank you. You are the reason I'm now free. You are so brave, you have no idea. Thank you. I'll miss you so much, Taylor,"

"Maria, please," Taylor pleaded.

"Good-bye," Maria said, smiling as she finally left.

Taylor stood in her bedroom, looking at the spot where Maria had just stood seconds before. At first she was incredibly sad. Maria was the only one who truly understood what she had been going through. She was one of her best friends. But then, Taylor smiled. Maria was going to heaven. She had been waiting to go for so many years and Taylor was glad she was finally getting what she wanted. And besides, she didn't really need Maria anymore. Taylor's life was back to normal now.

"Taylor!" Dylan called from downstairs. "You ready to go?"

Taylor, startled, jumped at Dylan's voice.

"Just a minute!" she called back down.

She and Dylan had been planning to go to the park today, skateboarding. Taylor hadn't skateboarded since the whole Daniel thing started. She had wanted to go for so long.

Taylor grabbed a grey hoodie from her closet. She looked at it for a minute and smiled. It was Dylan's hoodie. She tried giving it back to him but he had kept insisting she keep it. Taylor realized he was trying to give her his hoodie, as a sign or symbol or something that he was her boyfriend. She had seen in countless times in movies or read it in books, but she hadn't even realized it until just now.

Taylor shoved the hoodie on over her shoulders and walked down the stairs pulling her hair back into a ponytail. She had on ripped jeans and her converse. Knowing she had to look somewhat girly, she had put on her pearl stud earrings and make-up.

When she got downstairs, she saw her skateboard and helmet lying at the bottom of the stairs. She grabbed both and headed for the kitchen where Dylan was waiting.

As soon as she stepped in, she was shocked. Both Dylan and Mr. McKarthy were talking, laughing. It was as if they had been best friends all of their lives. Taylor had to clear her throat to get them to notice she had walked in.

"Oh," Mr. McKarthy said smiling. "Hey, Taylor. Dylan and I were just talking. Did you know he wants to play soccer when he gets to college? Just like I did, huh?"

"Yah, I know," Taylor said, happy her boyfriend and dad were finally getting along.

"Yah, well I'm sure I'm not as good as you are, Mr. McKarthy," Dylan said. Taylor snorted as she watched him suck up to her dad. She tried to contain her laughter when she saw it was working.

"Well, come on over sometime and you and I can play some one on one," Mr. McKarthy said, patting Dylan on the shoulder.

"Sure thing, sir," Dylan said.

"And enough with the 'sir' thing; you can call me Mr. McKarthy," Mr. McKarthy said.

Taylor beamed now. Everything just seemed to be going perfectly.

"Okay," Dylan said smiling. He looked over at Taylor. "You ready to go?"

"Yah," Taylor said walking with him to the door. "I'll be back in a couple of hours," she said to her mom and dad.

"Okay," Mrs. McKarthy said. "Have a good time!"

As Taylor and Dylan were leaving, Taylor heard her dad say. "Such a nice boy," She then broke down into laughter as she strapped her helmet to her head with Dylan.

"What's so funny?" Dylan asked laughing as well.

"You and my dad," she said still giggling. "It's hilarious. All you had to do was some sucking up and he now considers you to be the golden boy. It's really funny,"

"Well," Dylan said, getting on his skateboard with his helmet on. "I am the golden boy. It shouldn't be a surprise to you,"

"Oh, shut up," Taylor said rolling her eyes. "Now, let's go. I've been waiting to skateboard for, like, forever,"

Dylan chuckled. "Okay, then,"

"Let's race to the park," Taylor said excitedly as the two slowly made their way to the street.

"You're on," Dylan said grinning. "How about a kiss for good luck?"

Taylor laughed and started to lean in to kiss his cheek. Dylan waited, so sure of himself. Then, at the last minute, Taylor sped away on her skateboard.

"Hey!" Dylan called, getting back on his board and trying to catch up to her. "Wait a minute, you totally cheated!"

"Did not!" she called back. "Besides, all is fair in love and war,"

"That doesn't make any sense, Taylor!" Dylan said, now catching up to her.

"Fine; all is fair in love and skateboarding. How's that?" she said, now next to him as she kept racing him.

"Perfect," Dylan said.

And at that moment, everything was perfect. Taylor was skateboarding with her boyfriend with no care in the world. She wasn't worrying about anything; not Daniel, not about ghosts, or even about Maria. Everything was the way it should be; simple and fun.

Taylor and Dylan continued riding down the street. When Taylor saw Jessie come from another street, joining them on her skateboard, she looked surprised.

"I didn't know, you could skateboard," Taylor exclaimed.

"Well," Jessie started. "Prepare to learn something else,"

"And what's that?" Taylor asked chuckling.

"That I'm going to kick your butt," Jessie said.

So Taylor, Jessie, and Dylan skateboarded down the street, heading for the park. They all laughed and talked while riding, even though they were racing each other. Everything was so great, wonderful, fun—so perfect.