This poem is dedicated to a classmate of mine.

who lost her only sister.

If she is reading this then,

here is something I want to say:

Stay strong.

Anyways enjoy.

Broken dreams

She had her dreams to become a doctor,

She had a younger sister who was nice and kind

That got left behind.

The older sister,

struck with terrible news.

a disease hard to fight.

It kept growing and growing in her brain

causing her pain.

I heard from friends

the older sister was nice and kind.

But on one night only

she faded away.

The younger sister I know,

filled with sorrow

from head to toe.

But now she is safe and sound

even though she left you behind

I know she probably didn't want to go,

or leave you behind.

But she's still with you

in your heart and soul.

Now God is with her,

she feels no more pain.

She looks at you

to see how you do.

So pray to her, and think of her.

I'm sorry about your loss,

but your friends are here for you.

I hope to see you in school soon.

Stay strong.