Iceyrose141: I just finished reading a graphic novel (manga) and I wrote this poem because this was how the main character felt. just to make this clear IT IS NOT HOW I FEEL AT ALL!!!

please tell me of any careless mistakes I made and not noticed. :)

The Lonely Road

The Lonely Road

it's so familiar to me.

The Lonely road ends in a depth of despair.

The road of friend ship and family reject me

calling me an outcast.

No one really cares

whether I live or I die.

I come to the end,

the beginning of the abyss.

I drown in the abyss of despair.

I cry and plead for someone to save me.

when I think I'm about to be drowned by the despair,

you come and save me from this lonely road.

I now have a new road,

that I do not travel alone.

The lonely adn treacherous cruel hating road,

is now in the depth of my past.

The lonely road is hard and cruel,

please have no one more to travel it

like me.