EPILOGUE-obsession never looked so good

Satan sure had his ways of keeping me away from Karen. Turns out that
bastard was wrong, nothing could stop me from wanting Karen. She's
basically a virus that invaded my mind no matter what.

It's been years-year!-since the whole ordeal of gaining and losing my
heart and soul. And yet I still think of her. At first it was a
fleeting thing; she only managed to cross my mind rarely each month. I
spent my time doing Satan's bidding and whatnot.

Missions, my job as a Snatcher, killing and sex. My life went back to
normal and Karen Fennel wasn't important. She was just that girl that I
vaguely remember. But then after a year I saw her. I guess Satan
slipped up and there she was in Athens - I remembered that she was
probably in college studying abroad. And then I remembered just how
beautiful she was and how she seemed impossibly more stunning and
gorgeous. For once she seemed happy and all I could think about was
what-or who- made her that happy?

She was gone in an instant and I spent that week looking for her,
hoping that she was still here. To my luck she was but to my
misfortune she was with a man. No he was definitely not a boy no, he
was a man. Looked to be several years older and he made her laugh and
smile as they ate dessert together.

I remember that scene perfectly- I just stood leaning against the
shop's door frame a spoon in my mouth- I was playing with it to occupy
my time seeing as I was forced to be with this girl.

My job was to get her in place to be raped or killed or something-
that detail wasn't important enough to remember now. All I could think
of was how her eyes sparkled and how her smile was so perfect. Her
laugh oh her laugh it was like sex to my ears- why couldn't I make her
laugh like that? Who was that guy?

After my job was done I was forced back to Hell and I couldn't find
out more or interact with Karen. And Satan never slipped up again, I
never saw her after. That is until I planned a way to see her. With
the help of Charlie I found out that she attends Duke and really was
abroad at Greece.
I even managed to find out her dorm room.

And so I pursued her like a cat to a mouse.

I took a secret trip to visit Karen and knocked on the door. A tall
snobby looking blond girl answered asking why I was here and I said
something about being and old friend of Karen's. Obviously the two
weren't close because she accepted this and let me in, instructing me
to wait and not touch anything and that Karen would be back shortly.
She left right after.

"Holy-!" Karen yelped obviously surprised at my presence on her bed.
"Noah? I thought you were gone..."

"Nah, it's not that easy to get rid of me. Nice room, rather cozy if I
must say."

"What are you doing here?!"

"Came to pay you a visit. Say, got a new boyfriend yet?"

"Noah, I'm being serious!" oh the nostalgia of that moment- I missed

"I am too. So what about the boyfriend?"

"Yes I do have a boyfriend." She stated matter-of-factly.

"Really now? Who's this unworthy guy?" in all honestly I wanted to
kill this guy and the only thing stopping me is Karen.

"That's none of your business."

"What makes you think that? It's definitely my business-"

"Noah, we never even dated. Nothing happened between us."

How could she say that? Nothing?! With all we've been through and all I've gone through and she says it's nothing? I'm going to kill this guy.

"Karen," I get up and hold her waist, "Are you crazy!" I yell at her.

She flinches, "Why the fuck are you yelling! Well obviously I AM crazy!!"

"Because! If you think that what happened was nothing then you're mental! I'm not counting that other thing!"

"Noah, okay it was something but it's not like what I have now. Now I'm happy! And things are going good-better than good and-"

"You love him?" I finish for her, my voice was depressing.

Upon hearing my tone Karen got sad too, "Yeah I do."

"What's his name?" I figured that this was a time to be serious. My heart was breaking-and this time it was actually physical.

"Parker Callahan." She played with my sweater as I was still holding her waist and her forearms were against my chest obviously avoiding looking me in the eye.

"You know I'm going to give up right?"

And before I had a chance to hear her reply something-or someone-sucked me back to Hell.

That re-sparked my obsession. She was in love with that guy Parker and according to Satan she was bound to have a new soul mate and I think that Parker is it. But then I could tell that she still has feelings for me. And I don't give up and for once I have something to fight for.

"So Noah, it's been years since you've seen Karen, are you gonna give up?" Charlie asks as we spin around in chairs by his computer.

"Nope." I state simply.

"Are you sure?"

"Very sure."



"Well then I have some news for you." Charlie stops and I stop too, looking at him.


"Karen is-well-she's getting married."


"Yeah to that Parker guy, the man who was sent from Heaven and her soul mate- tough luck bro."

"Charlie, I think I have a plan."

There Karen stood in her wedding dress-her mind not processing what the man was saying. Her gown was beautiful, strapless and a bodice that fit her perfectly. It had crystal beads embroidered in two inch lines down the bodice and the first layer that wrapped around her and stopped mid thigh-the other layers were flowing and teared and reached the ground. Her hair now a dark chocolate color-after years of dying and undying and water and lemon in her hair it was now almost all the original color. The once quarter sized patches of freckles on her checks grew a bit-now there was a trail over the bridge of her nose.

Karen's icy blue eyes always remained the same and at the moment anyone could see her joy. She licked her lips-now a slight scarlet color from the lipstick. Karen couldn't believe that she was 23 years old and that she was getting married. Her of all people, the one who didn't get too attached and always remained in her world or terror and freight filled with death.

But here she was with the man of her dreams. Parker stood tall in his tux and a smile on his face- a proud 26 year old man. With those frosted blue eyes and now short cut golden blond hair he was a vision and girls always envied Karen when they saw her with him-not only because of her gorgeous beau but also for her looks.

To the outside world her life seemed perfect- graduated from Duke and possibly going for a few more years at the same school or elsewhere and she seemed utterly blissful.

Karen turned to look at her bridesmaid for a brief moment. Her best friend Jan there and smiling at her-sometimes Jan would bring up 'that boy from our senior year that had a thing for her'. At this moment, even though it was wrong Karen couldn't help but think about Noah.

Look wise Noah might've been even better looking than Parker. Sinful good looks and Karen slightly regrets not taking a good look at Noah the last time they interacted. She didn't want to look at him for fear that maybe she'd change her mind about Parker. His good looks deceived and he so obviously wanted her back.

Now though, Karen just wanted Noah to be happy but once he heard of this she knew that he'd freak out.

Parker, as he stood he couldn't help but think about how beautiful his soon to be wife looks-how she always looks this beautiful. Inside and out he loves her.

"…Speak now or forever hold your peace." The priest said. Karen snapped back into reality and smiled at Parker. This was it.

Karen's heartbeat picked up and she let out a sigh and smiled.

Then bang the noise of the doors opening caught everyone's attention and heads turned.

Panic overcame Karen. This couldn't be happening.

"I object." Noah said calmly from the end of the church. Everyone sitting in the pews looked from the unknown man to the bride and groom and whispers were passed from one another.

She had to admit that Noah looked good in his suit. His still long shaggy dark hair but he was too far away to tell much more. As if he read her mind Noah began to walk. Well, it was most like a strut or a stride but still. Noah stopped halfway though, to revel in the beauty of the bride.

Karen stood wide eyed staring at him-from this distance she could identify the bright green color of his eyes, they looked mischievous and they match this devilish face-of course he had a plan up his sleeve.

Noah was no longer 21-he was 23-Karen's age. He struck a deal with the devil only hours ago. Noah now would remain his age forever-and so will Karen. But she didn't know yet and well Noah would have to return some favor for Satan but he couldn't care at the moment.

"Uh-" Karen managed to say. What was anyone supposed to do at a moment like this? She opened her mouth and closed it multiple times like a fish and Noah chuckled.

"I'll be back." Karen rushed to Noah and pushed him down the aisle. She pushed him all the way through the doors and stopped before she walked through the doors herself.

"Excuse me, I'll be back in a moment. I'm sorry for the interruption."

As Karen closes the doors it begins.

"Noah! What the fuck?! What are you doing here?! Why are you here!? This-mhm!" Noah grabs Karen and smothers her lips with his. He's missed this so much, he's missed her.

For seconds Karen complies, enjoying the kiss but she stops and pushes him away.

"That was uncalled for." She crosses her arms and Noah bursts out laughing.

"I-I'm sorry for laughing. Well for one, I'm here obviously for you and to stop you from marrying that guy." Noah rolls his eyes thinking that she didn't even need to ask.

"Hrmpf, well! What's going to happen next?" Karen asks impatiently, "I do have a wedding to attend to."

"No you don't! What happens next is that we walk away into the sunset and kiss and everything is happy- like in those sappy movies."

"Uh-no! Didn't Satan tell you? You're supposed to be his successor, he wants you to be. And you can't be with me-and you have to give up love!"

"What!? No he didn't," Noah grits his teeth, "That bastard, I though he wanted to torture me not-"

"Well yeah, you have to go through torture and well Hell. So we can't be together! I love Parker and if I don't marry him then I'll end up unhappy because YOU will end up sitting in your throne in Hell without me!" Karen throws her hands up in the air for emphasis.

"Are you saying that being with me would make you happy?" Noah smiles. Karen kicked herself mentally for liking it.

"Yeah I am- but Parker makes me happy too."

"Well if we actually got together then I'd make you a lot happier than he's ever had…but still I'm not taking over. I refuse! I have to be with you. If I don't and I'm forced to be King then I'm just going to kill everyone."

"God you say that so calmly. It's not like you can throw a tantrum and get your way you know. He can drag you to Hell."

"But I don't care! I'll put up a fight, I can take him he's hundreds of years old and he wants me to be his successor anyway. I'm not giving up, it's you and me for the rest of eternity- I'm stubborn and in love. It's a deadly combination."

Karen sighs looking up into Noah's eyes. What could she say, she's in love with his man and he's in love with her.

Noah grins and pulls her closer. He the closes the distance between them and kisses her passionately. Karen bites at the bottom of his lip and he kisses her putting his tongue inside her mouth before pulling away briefly.

"Karen Fennel I'd go through Hell for you and to the ends of the world. Nothing and no one is going to stop me from being with you."

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