Something About Her

It starts with a crash. It ends with a laugh.

The girl laughs, sending it tinkling throughout the compact car. Something about her – the way she moved, the way she laughed, the way she looked – was different. The boy barely knows her, but already feels like he loves her. Strange, but true.

The boy looks at her, trying to figure her out. She has blond, cropped hair, soft features, and strange green eyes. Eyes that looked too green; as if they were fake. She cocks her head to the side, a smirk on her face. She was…distracting.

She turns her head back to face the window, her body going rigid, her eyes going wide.

"Look, out, Andrew!" the girl screams, pointing a pale finger to the incoming tree.

The boy – Andrew – was too distracted by her to notice his driving. Andrew tries to steer the car back to the road, but it is too hard and the damage is done.

The car hits the tree dead on, although it is more on her side. The girl's head is thrown against the glass, causing a crunch. It is the last thing before they both go unconscious.

A girl is sitting on an old swing; the type that has a plank of wood as the seat. She is wearing a light pink tank top, and some striped pajama pants. If you look closer, it is the same girl from the crash.

She looks unscathed; completely normal. Her head is turned to the side slightly, looking out to the clouds. A faint light is surrounding her, a light that is compared to a heavens' light. She seems happy, like she belongs here. She swings slowly in a rhythmic pattern, no breaks. Back and forth, back and forth. It could be considered hypnotic.

The boy comes to in a hospital bed, tubes coming out of his nose and arms. A bandage is wrapped around his head tightly, a gauze pad over his right eyebrow. His mother rushes to his bedside, tears falling down her face. He looks like her with his black hair, hazel eyes, and Indian skin.

"Cassie?" he croaks, causing his mother to break down again.

"Andrew, honey, she's dead," she replies through her tears, feeling her sons' pain.

He looks stricken, then closes his eyes slowly. His mother grips his hand.

The hypnotic rhythm is still going when we return. Instead of the pink and white clouds from before, memories that looked like home movies were flashing on them.

The girl was looking at them sadly, wishing that she was still alive.

The clouds shift to a section called 'Andrew'. Even though they are brief, happiness is over her face. At the end, she laughs, enjoying the moment.

It started with a crash. It ended with a laugh.