I found my fallen father

He is the drunk inside me

All of the pain I've been feeling

Is just another disease!

I hate him, I love him

Can't I do anything right?

To please him

Appease him

Can't he just love me tonight?


I feel cheated

I'm depleted

I can't keep walking this way

Now I'm bleeding

But not feeling

I am the thing I love to hate!


I found my bleeding brother

He's still lying on his face

All of this time he's been missing

He has been right here with me!

I tell him I miss him

Why did he leave me that night?

I'm shaking

I'm aching

Dan, please don't leave me tonight!


I feel cheated

I'm depleted

The blurry image won't wait

I'm still bleeding

But not feeling

Why did this hit me so late?


I told my prying mother

That she's not welcome tonight

Her favorite son fell away

And it's just me here tonight!

She sees me, right through me

Why can't I be him this time?

He just left

I'm what's left

I wish for once that was fine!


I feel cheated

I'm depleted

The liquor comforts me now

Now the bleeding

Is receding

There's not much left anyhow!


I see all my step-fathers

There's one and two and three okay

Now that they all are gathered

Who's gonna be the last one standing?

I'm sorry, so sorry

I couldn't be the son you wanted!

Beat me down

To the ground

Come on, show me your hatred!


It's so hazy

I feel crazy

I can't keep drinking this way

Now my blood's gone

And it's all wrong

Why won't this nightmare go away?