I never had a chance to say goodbye. You never gave me a moment's notice. I stand here in a grey world without you, and now it is my grey reality. Life's questions never get answered until the last dull moments of existing; I hope all your questions were answered.

Every morning, late or early, I will watch for the sun to give me hope, and every evening, late or early, I will watch as the moon watches over me, assuring me that I will find peace in life. But life has no peace to offer me, for peace comes from bliss, and my life is not beautiful.

I will look at myself in the mirror, and the reflection will kill my soul as I cling to memories. No longer to I see the world with a colorful background, but rather a deep black hole I've dug myself in. If only I could relieve myself of that reality, but I know I can't.

So there goes my life.