Nearest To My Heart

Chapter 68

To My Nearest and Dearest,

Lost in my own soul

Searching for remembrance day by day

Draining my life force

Feeling you farther away

Don't you know I'm connected to you?

You try to sneak away, but you're connected to me too.

Left in this house without protection

Threats pouring over walls built to keep them out

Sifting through tea leaves I can't find the story

You're too far away

I don't hear you calling

Love echoes in my heart

ridiculing me for shouting out for you.

Love knows no boundaries for the pain it can inflict.

Not a friend in the shadows

Fingers cold

No one to hold them

Head feels heavy

From eyes full of tears

Voice has gone silent

Now I fear

The chess pieces are still

standing at attention

Waiting just as silently

in this house filled with tension

Clock ticks in the distance

Tocks a little closer

Come back to me soon