God's Only Constraint

Square-Circles was the heart of my former
intellectually regressive,
philosophically stagnant position,
creating boundary for
the sake of conclusion now.

It was my limitation,
my conclusion made in the absence of reason,..
as 'The absence of belief' -- words of lifeless weight
...so often owing too.

And convinced of what, then, was valid,
always "repeated...with impartial scrutiny,"...
the problem consisted in seeking void,
as a skeptic loves nothing--
like when nothing's been proved.


They are their group of erroneous arguments
in support of the preconceived,
and distributed word: "Sheep,"
from this frightened horde
that willingly absorb then parrot.

It's a tendency of organization
that sides opposing assemble in equal line,
uniform but for their color,
leaving this world--Where There's No Character.


Speak of what seems senseless enough,
"Or show"...One or the other.

In such instance, we take Human as weak,
yet all near universal
still with need to argue
of nothing but literal
(of whose side?),..

That an evolution 'reaching' morality in humans, being purely material,
came with unparalleled aimlessness stumbling upon the Laws of Nature;
and that such a lone thing can be 'Good.'


This position does nothing for holder.

God's only constraint: Creation that hasn't His influence.