//// No amount of psychological preparation can truly push someone, no amount of stroking that one performs on ones ego, like so much pointless self pleasuring, can truly cause the act to be performed. Daunting tasks, tasks that lead to purpose, tasks that are existential must be performed by actually doing them. Not to say that practice itself has no purpose, for life is practice is the pursuit of a dream. Practice is wandering, but it is also assimilating new knowledge through dedication////

I'm the Ruiner, I'm the Iller, I am the black houses with faces in the windows,

Windows like empty eyes that dream of Sister Death,

I will hurt you, I will kill you, I will eat or fuck the corpse,

they preach of gods, and wires, and things,

in heavens, and whore's dens and things of love.

They gorge themselves on morality and sin,

and we dance naked down the flagellants march,

and the glass barbed leather pulls up our hated skin,

(and we get hard, and we get hard, and we get hard)

blood drenched cocks with crowns of thorns point towards the sky in prayer

of pleasure we will never know.

Fuck you god! I spit on your Bible, and cast my figs at your feet,

I point my cold cruel gun at the heads of sheep,

their bleating sighs sound like curses of damnation,

I will meet them in hell.