His voice called her from behind, but she kept walking. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but they couldn't make her run back to him. Her heart was broken into pieces by him, yet she managed to glue it back together and still have feelings for him. This endless game, she can't handle it anymore; her heart needs a place to where it knows it would be kept safe. Her ears could still faintly hear him calling her from a far, but she kept on going. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.


Five years later, a hand slowly turned the pages of a book. "Hey beautiful," a voice greeted; she looked up from the book. She knew who the voice belonged to anywhere. Bookmarking her place, she placed the book down and greeted the person.

"Hey handsome," she whispered in his ears as she hugged him. His lips landed on hers as happiness spread throughout her body. Their kiss ended moment later and she looked into the face of her boyfriend, Marcus. She gathered up her belongings; hands entwined in his, they walked off.

"Hun, where are we going tonight?" Her head turned to look at him for a respond. "And it better be exciting."

"Isn't it always exciting with me?" He gave her that smirk she couldn't resist.

"Haha. You're lame," she laughed at him. A slide looked appeared on his face. "Just kidding! You may be lame, but I still love you."

"That is what I thought so. Haha. Oh we are invited to a friend of mine bonfire tonight."

"Ohhhh that sounds fun, but cold." Bonfires were fun to her, but she didn't like how most of her friends had bonfires on such cold nights.

"Babe, it's supposed to be cold at the beach. Don't worry you have me to keep you nice and warm." A proud smile appeared on his face.

"I like the sound of that already." She loved how he always seems to show her how much he cares for her in the smallest ways. "What time is it going to be at?"

"It starts at around 4pm since you know how the beach closes at 10pm at night." Her head nodded in agreement. They stopped walking when they reached her house. He embraced her in a hug with all the warmness she needed. "I'll pick you up at 3:30pm, ok?" She nodded in agreement. A soft kiss landed on her forehead. "I'll see you at 3:30. Don't forget to wear a bikini and bring some warm clothes too." Another soft kiss landed on her lips. They pulled away.

She slowly walked to her front door and unlocked the door. Her head turned to see him still standing there looking at her with a smile plastered on his face. "Go and I'll see you later. Don't worry I won't run off." A laughed was heard from him. He nodded his head and walked way. She waved to him until he was out of sight. The front door was closed behind her as she leaned against the door and smiled. She was truly happy to have found him. Casually walking up the stairs, she went into her room to look for clothes to wear tonight.

A couple of hours later, the door bell rang as she was putting the finishing touch on her look. A pink bikini was chosen along with a jean mini skirt and a white tank top to layer on top of her swimwear. Her feet hurried to the front door. Hand twisted the knob, a smile lit up on her face when she saw him. "Hey you." Her eyes scanned over what he was wearing, v-neck t-shirt with plaid shorts.

"Hey you too," he said as well with a huge smile on. Apparently she wasn't the only one scanning, because from the moment she opened the door, she could feel his eyes looking at her from top to bottom. "Ready?"

"When am I not ready?" She sucked her tongue out at him for his little joke. Her hands grabbed the beach bag by the door and closed the door behind her.

The sunlight was still shinning as their hands were entwined in each other and he led her to his car. After seconds of settling themselves in the car seats, they were off to the beach.

Thirty minutes later, their eyes saw the beautiful blue ocean and their nose smelt the saltiness. "Where is the bonfire group?" She glanced around to see if she can spot a group of people.

"Hey Marcus over here!" A guy yelled to her boyfriend.

"Mentioning of which; there they are." They walked to where Marcus's friend was waving. "Hey man." The guys did the typical guy's handshake. Then his friend's eyes landed on her. "This is my girlfriend, Chrissy."

"Nice to meet you." Chrissy shook his hand.

"I can't say the same. I'm Jeremy. Marcus talked about you frequently. I can see why." She laughed. Her hand released after shaking hands with him. Jeremy was tall with dark brown spiky hair and hazel eyes. He was good looking, but not as eye catching as Marcus.

"Where is everyone else?" Marcus looked around for more people, but apparently he couldn't find anyone. His arm slides around Chrissy's waist to nudge her closer to him. Her body heated up by his single touch.

"They're coming. Not everyone come on time you know." Jeremy informed him. "I'm like the host, so I have to come early to set up."

"How nice of you." She commented him.

"All in a day's work. Beside I'm more organize than the others." Jeremy proudly admitted.

"Haha. Oh really?" She glanced up at her boyfriend, who gave her a smile back. Her head lightly shook at him.

"Need any help?" Marcus enthusiastically volunteered.

"Thank you for asking, but I'm done. You have already done your part in bringing the charcoal and fluid lighter. Everyone else is bringing the rest of the necessities."

"Sure no problem. If you don't need anything else, Chrissy and I are going down to the water for a bit."

"Have fun. The waves were pretty strong last time I saw, so be careful." Jeremy nicely warned them.

"Ok, so can do." Marcus held up the ok sign. Jeremy was laughed in agreement.

Chrissy snuggled closer to him as they walked toward the water. His holds tighten on her waist. "Jeremy seemed nice."

"Oh yeah; he's always like that. We are good friend since graduate school."

Their feet felt wet sand. "Come on Marcus; let's feel the water on our feet." She nudged him forward. The water was cold against their warm skin. Her hand reached down toward the water and splashed water onto him. She laughed at his surprised expression. A devilish grin begun to form on his face and before she knew it, he splashed her back. Her feet hurriedly ran away from him, but he was too fast for her. He grabbed her from the waist and tossed her in the water. "Marcus!" A screamed came out of her. Her body was wet from head to toes. He grinned at her. A devilish smile formed on her face. She held her hand up for him to help her up. To her delight, he grabbed onto her hand, but before he could do anything, she pulled him down into the water. She laughed when she saw he too was wet. All he could do was just smiled at her. Then their eyes met hence they moved toward each other. Finally their lips met and they were lost in the kiss; not caring that the waves were crashing up on them since they were sitting down. His hand caressed her cheeks as she used her arms to pull him closer. After what seem to be a long time, they pulled away, but their foreheads were leaning on each other.

"We better head back to see if the others came." He whispered. She nodded her head.

He helped her get up and walked back toward where the bonfire was set up. As they come closer to the bonfire area, they saw much more people have arrived while they were gone. The people from the group turned to look at them as they approach. "Marcus, you two are back; just in time too," Jeremy said.

Everyone else who Chrissy assumed was Marcus's friend greeted him. "Everyone this is my girlfriend Chrissy," he introduced her to the others.

"Hi everyone." Her eyes scanned the group.

As night time began to fall, the fire pit was lit; the BBQ was ready to cook, so they began their bonfire. The coldness at the beach was giving goose bumps to her skin. A jacket was placed around her shoulders. She looked up to see Marcus. "Thanks hun." She kissed him on the lips. "Aren't you going to be cold with me wearing your jacket?"

"I'm a man, who is not afraid of being cold. Beside I brought a blanket for us to cozy up in." He whipped out a blanket, which he wrapped around the both of them.

"You're the best." Chrissy snuggled toward him. The coldness was blocked out of her body to be filled with warmness.

"I'm only the best to you, not everyone else." His nose nuzzled her nose. Their lips shared a kiss.

This is the feelings she loved about Marcus; all the security, trust and love he gives her. When they broke away from the kiss, they just sat and enjoyed each other company.

From a far, figure walked toward the group. "Sorry I'm late man," a guy said to Jeremy.

"No sweats. The party just got started." Jeremy gestured to the people around. "You know mostly everyone, except for my best pal Marcus. Yo Marcus come over here." He called out to Marcus, who didn't want to leave the warmness of cuddling with his girlfriend.

"Aw I don't want to leave." Marcus whispered to her.

"It won't be long. Just go Mar." She encouraged him. "I'll keep it warm for you."

"Deal." He kissed on her the cheek and walked to where Jeremy was calling him.

"Marcus this is Dylan. Dylan this is Marcus, a good pal of mine; we go back to graduate school. Dylan here is my business partner." The two guys shook hands.

"Nice to meet you," they said. The guys talked for a bit.

"I better get back before Chrissy gets lonely." Marcus was worried she might be lonely and cold without him.

"Chrissy?" That name rang a bell in Dylan's head. 'It couldn't be her,' he thought. His head shook as he thought it couldn't be her.

Marcus looked at Dylan's reaction when he mentioned his girlfriend is named Chrissy. "Do you know her or something?"

Dylan was going to say he did, but he wasn't sure if it was her. "Oh no I have a friend with the same name."

"In that case, you should know another Chrissy then." He called her over.

Hearing Marcus called her; she gathered up the blanket around herself and hurried to his side. "Hey Mar what's up?" Her eyes stared upon Marcus's face with a big smile on her lips. His arm wrapped around her waist.

"Yeah, meet Jeremy's business partner, Dylan." He gestured to her guy in front of them.

Her smile was wiped off her face when she met into the eyes she had not seen for five years. "Oh…hi."

From the looked of it Dylan knew it was her from the moment she came up to Marcus. She had changed, but she was still the same Chrissy he knew for three years. "Hi." That was all that could have gotten out of his mouth.

"You two know each other?" Marcus looked back and forth at Dylan and Chrissy.

"We go way back. Haha." Chrissy made the situation seems light before her boyfriend can come up with any ideas.

"She got that right." Dylan laughed at the circumstance that they meet again.

"She must be the Chrissy you said you know," Marcus concluded.

"Yeah she's the one. Haha." Dylan was relieved he didn't misinterpret this situation any deeper.

Jeremy saw the little introduction and he knew what was up. He vastly remembered Dylan talked about this one girl he couldn't forget, but he didn't mention her name. Then from just what happened he can safely assume that mysterious girl must be Chrissy.

On the other hand, Marcus could feel Chrissy's body stiffen when she met Dylan. He had a suspicion they go more than just back, but he didn't want to interrogate her or Dylan about it, so he would let her tell him what is up when the time is right. Right now the most he can do is make her relax. "We'll let you get to know everyone else." With his arm still around her waist, he ushered her toward where they were. "Talk to you later." A small nod was signaled by Chrissy.

"Laters," Dylan said to them as they walked away. His eyes could not keep from starring at her.

She felt his stare at her even as she walked with Marcus, but she quickly got rid of that feeling because it's not worth remembering about. Her main focus will and always be the man with her right now, who has been for her through thick and thin, for that's why she treasures him the more than her soul. "Aw hun you look cold." The blanket was lifted to make room for him. "I don't want you to get sick. What would I do without you?"

"You would be bored of out of your life." Marcus joked.

"Hey you may be right. Haha," she laughed at his joke. "For that I should kiss you to get you warm up." Her lips landed on his nice soft one. This was not like any of their other kisses, but it was her telling him not to worry about Dylan because he is the past and Marcus is her life and future. He eagerly responded to her kiss.

From a far, Dylan witnessed the moment when Chrissy gave Marcus a special smile to their heated kiss. The truth was he had missed her for the past five years ever since she walked away. "So she is the one you can't seem to forget." Jeremy came to stand by him.

"Yeah she's the one, but I'm too late; she is already taken." Dylan turned away from the sight of her and another guy together.

"You know how fate is man." Jeremy patted his back. "It's a pain in the back, but she is good hands. I haven't seen Marcus cared for someone that much. Thanks to her, he has become a happier person."

"Really? He looked like a really easy going guy." Dylan walked to where the sodas were and grabbed one.

"Yeah I have known him since graduate school; I never saw him like that before." Jeremy took a sip of the soda he had been drinking. "I know this may sound corny or girly, but if it's meant to be it's meant to be. Don't mess with fate 'cause it will bites you hard on the butt."

"Man since when do you give love advice?" Dylan glanced over at him. "What have you done to my business partner?"

"I have been through situations like this before and it wasn't a happy ending. Don't force her to choose because it won't be the choice you think she would make. Just let her realized it on her own." Jeremy spoke from the heart.

"I'll take that into consideration Dr. Love." Dylan joked.

"Take it more than that." Jeremy meant what he said.

On the mean time Marcus and Chrissy had broken away from their kiss a couple of minutes ago. Marcus was making up jokes to make her laugh. "You really are my sunshine." She whispered into his ears.

"If I don't know any better it sounds like if you are trying to seduce me." He gave her a devilish grin.

"What if I am?" She returned the looked.

"Then I got to see what it is you want." His voice became husky.

"I want…you and me…" Her voice turned low. "…to get ice cream this week. Haha."

"That is all you want?" His voice edged up. "Don't you want good looking me to do something for you?"

"No, can't think up of anything. If I do I'll tell you." The tone in her voice went back to normal. "Beside I already have you here with me already. What more can I want?"

"I don't know. Haha." Marcus was happy at what she said. His hold on her tighten, afraid if he didn't she would disappear. "I love you." The eight letter words were whispered through her ears.

"I love you too." She whispered back with a kiss on his cheeks. Her head leaned closer to his chest to hear the beating of his heart.

Outside of Chrissy and Marcus's little world, Dylan was breaking into million of pieces. Each piece represents how much agony it was watching her with someone else. He has been admitting to himself for the past five years of how much a fool he was. The one person who was always there for him whenever he needed, he took for granted. Someone had once told him to not assume she will always be there when he needed her; one day when he needed her the most, she won't be there anymore. At that very moment he knew how she felt back then. All he wanted to do was yanked her away from Marcus and tell her much of an idiot he was to take her for granted. Every fiber in his body told him to go, yet his mind told him not to push it. He will wait for his time to come.


"Honey I'm going to grab a soda really quick." She came out of his embrace. "I'll be right back." Leaning down, she gave him a peak on the lips.

She clung to his jacket he had put on her since the wind was picking up a bit. A blue cooler came into view; she lifted the lid. Scanning the selections, her hand landed on the can of ice tea. "You still haven't change," a voice said from behind.

Chrissy didn't need to play peek-a-boo to know who it was. Her body turned around to come face to face with Dylan. "Oh…hi." A smile was plastered on her face.

"Hi." He replied.

An awkward silence came between them, which she didn't like. "I think I should go back to Marcus now." She turned to leave.

"Chrissy…" She stopped in her track. "…it was good seeing you again." Her face turned to face him.

"It was good seeing you too." A smile was added to the end.

Words were about to be uttered out of his mouth, but he can't seem to say them.

"Umm…I guess I should be heading back." She waved to him and headed back to her awaiting boyfriend.

Walking soundlessly behind Marcus's back, she placed her hands over his eyes. "We are playing peek-a-boo now are we?" he asked in an amused tone.

"Maybe maybe not. Haha. Did ya miss me?" He always knew how to make her smiled.

He moved her hands from across his eyes. "Always." His hands caressed her cheeks.