Elements of Gray

Why not the mountains
instead of us?
They are many and are also cloaked in elementsof gray.
We the nameless make no demands
of consciousness,
only sleep, blind and eternal, blind and blissful.
It is no heaven we live in, but there is only worse elsewhere.

What do we know of elsewhere?

What does elsewhere know of us?

We know not the other;
we know not but the smother
of black from one side
and white from the other,
leaving us a smeared and graying color,
from the hammerfalls of warring demigods.

What war?

Come quickly, sleep,
come quickly,
This twilight comes cloud-covered
and we would know,
if we knew anything at all, that all we are
is tired dust,
wearing a matching cloak.

Whining sirens behind us mean run!
in line, the same as last time.

Is there character in such an atmosphere of undifference?
We want to be ourselves.
We don't know what's best for us.
We don't know

How grand a paradox.
How gray.

I wrote this for an English project about the average person who lives under a tyrannical leader. I thought it turned out well enough, so I decided to put it up here.