My waffle

Was the most beautiful color

this morning:

An exquisite shade


pale yellow;

The kind of yellow that makes a princess's hair

Milky flaxen

Blushing waxy like the shy moon

on the first night of the month.

It's like a color

that carries a secret message

between covert lovers

and clandestine friends;

only, addressed to me!

as I tuck those small perfect squares

between my teeth, gently engulfing

that teasing hue.

It's soft, and tastes

like newborn dreams.

I must pause to chew, and


The meaning of its message:

Quickly cooling,


The most beautiful color

of my waffle

This morning.

one morning i just happened to notice the color of my waffle. There are such small things we may fail to notice, that are really so beautiful.