I hear a phone ring in the middle of the night. I wake to an unfamiliar ring tone, i don't recognize it as mine or the house phone. I emerge from the darkness of my room.

There it is. Standing infront of me. A monster phone in hand. "It's for you." the being croaks

Shrieking, I turn to run. The only place I have to go is my room, there is no escape. It grabs me from behind and pulls the phone to my ear.

"I told you this day would come." the voice from the other side of the line screeched, manjc laughter followed.

It was all in due time. I HAD known this day would come, but I just wished It was not tonight.

Darkness engulfed my vision, and my whole body.

The last thing I saw, was a smile on that monsters twisted face.

Insanity sure is fun, isn't it?