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She was drifting back into consciousness, her eyes blinked as she tried to focus her sight on something, anything.
Her eye sight was fuzzy at the beginning but it started to clear up, she was sitting down her back against a wall in a narrow alley. She closed her eyes being somewhat dizzy. What happened? she wondered as she could not remember what had put her in this situation.
"Are you feeling better?" startled she quickly opened her eyes. The voice she had heard did not seem at all worried just a little interested, the eyes she looked up in was a very peculiar colour, dark blue, almost black turning lighter closer to the pupil and closest to the pupil the eyes was a light shimmering blue, reminding the girl of ice.

Those startling blue eyes belonged to a man that looked to be around 18 to 25 years old, it was hard to tell since he was very beautiful and probably looked younger then he was the girl thought, since he seemed to be way to comfortable with being in a dark alley this late at night and she did not believe that a person without much life experience could seem so sure. Now that she thought about it she wasn't sure that it was night, it could be morning since it was either twilight or dawn. She concluded that it probably was twilight since it would probably have been colder if it had already been night. The man had raven hair cut in a feathered cut that ended a bit below his shoulders.

"Do you want me to call someone?" he asked after a while she had been pretty dazed and had been examining the man with her eyes.
She finally snapped out of it and started to try standing up while keeping her right hand on the wall to support her.
"No, I'm alright, I don't need help!" she said, a bit irritated , still very focused on the task of standing up, but did not think that she could keep it up without the support of the wall. "If that is what you want..." he said with a shrug and turned to leave. "Wait!" she exclaimed " Could you please help me get to the train!" The raven haired man turned and chuckled slightly "Sure, but I would advice you not to wear something as conspicuous as that" he said tugging lightly at her coat.

"What do you mean?" she snapped, her clothes was not that weird and she did not like getting her fashion sense criticised by a stranger she had just met. "Just that you will probably get arrested or forcefully being brought to a hospital wearing that" he said with a meaningful look. She looked down on her clothes to see what the hell he was talking and she noticed it right away.

Her coat was opened and her white shirt and parts of her coat was covered in, she smelled it and then tasted some of it just to be sure.
With that metallic taste she was sure, her shirt was covered in blood!
Her heartbeat got quicker and she started franticly searching her body with her hands, having recovered more or less from the dizziness, she breathed out with relief as she did not see any wounds, but she got worried as soon as she started to wonder.

Whose blood is this if it isn't mine?

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