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The day was dark and cloudy, an angry sky hung over the deserted beach. One small figure wandered the sand, watching the waves tear at the shore, race up to touch her toes and then fall back down. The waves whispered to her, they told her that he was already here. He was waiting under the bridge. Her heart sped up and she tightened her hands into fists. Her blonde hair blew around her face in the wind. She looked up, she could already see the bridge, and if she looked closely she could see someone standing in its shadow.

Her hands shook in anticipation. Part of her wanted to run to him, another part wanted to run back into the waves and let them take her far away again. They whispered in soft voices, like the sound of rain on a tin roof. They told her that he came every day when it was cold enough, waiting, hoping.

She looked up at the clouds and pulled the first raindrop down, followed by many more. The rain was cold and the temperature dropped, she knew it would be more comfortable for him this way. He stepped out from under the bridge as she got closer, his eyes following her as she got closer. She wasn't sure what he was thinking, if he was glad to see her, or upset at her for disappearing for so long.

When the rain touched his skin it froze in seconds. Thin trails of ice clung to his pale skin, ice crystals hanging from his dark blonde lashes. His eyes were the color of the dark grey rain clouds, and he smiled at her, making her heart speed up. She stopped a foot away from him, the cold rain plastered her blonde hair to her skin, dripped off of her lips, while it froze on him, encasing him in a thin layer of ice.

She tried to say something but the words stuck in her throat. He reached out and brushed her hair from her face, leaving trails of ice where his fingers brushed her skin. Ice made her hair heavy but she closed her eyes and tried to lean into his touch. He drew back. If he wasn't careful he could freeze her completely, he could kill her. He was careful though, he was always careful with her. He leaned forward so that his lips almost touched her ear, wishing he could touch her, "I've missed you."

His cold breath hit her neck and made her shiver, from a combination of cold and longing. She leaned forward instinctively towards him, and he had to step away again. She wanted to throw her arms around him, to press herself against him and forget the last few years of loneliness. He had always had more restraint then she had, and now was no exception. She didn't trust herself not to reach out to him so she closed her eyes. "I've missed you too, love."

He moved so that his lips were centimeters away from hers, the distance small but carefully noted. His eyes studied her face, her wet lashes clung to the tops of her cheeks, and her lips were slightly parted. "I wish I could kiss you again."

She shivered, keeping her eyes closed. She could feel how close he was, and she knew that if she were to open her eyes she would lean forward and close the miniscule space between them. She would take back those forbidden centimeters of space and press her lips to his. If she did she knew that the ice would pour down her throat, take hold of her heart and kill her. Water and ice, the two seemed compatible, but she knew now that this was not true. Once upon a time they had no reason to stay apart, she could kiss him as much as she wanted. However, that was before the water whispered to her in its sultry language, and before the ice took hold of him.

They had no reason for why this had happened to them, no explanations. One day they were normal and the next they were this. She hadn't been able to handle it, it was why she had run away. Spending every day with him, and being unable to even hold his hand, it had nearly driven her crazy. She had ran away, on this very beach, running headlong into the ocean. He had tried to follow her, but the water froze around his ankles like shackles, trapping him on the beach. Those cloud grey eyes had watched her the whole way. She felt his gaze on her back as the sea's jade arms wrapped around her.

She moved her arms; he brought his own arms up, mirroring the motion. Her fingertips brushed his and she stared at their hands, the small contact was all they could afford. Even still, ice stretched down her fingertips, burning her skin. She shook from a combination of his body temperature affecting her, and the cold rain. He used to wrap his arms around her to warm her up, but those days were long passed.

She knew that he had waited for her to come back for all those years. She hadn't been able to gather up the courage to face him again until today. She wanted to explain what she had done, why she had run. "I'm sorry," she started, but he shook his head, smiling sadly at her.

He noticed that the ice had spread all the way to her elbows, and he dropped his hands. "Don't apologize."

She looked up, taking in his appearance. He looked the same as he did the day she left. His light brown hair was slightly messy, and there were shadows under his eyes. She reached up and traced one of the dark crescents with the tip of her finger. He frowned at her and leaned away, ice spider-webbing over her fingernail. "It's not fair," she whispered.

The ice was now completely covering his skin, like a thin layer of glass. It cracked and fell away when he moved, only to be replaced as more rain fell, running down his skin. He reached out, as if to pull her towards him, and then stopped, catching himself. He sighed heavily, "I know." He scooped one of her tears off of her face, watching it freeze into a circle on the tip of his finger. His eyes locked on hers again, "I love you."

Her sea-green eyes were full of longing and pain, "I love you too." They stood there in the rain, the dark clouds matching their mood. The rain mixed with her tears, whispering comforting words to her as it fell. It silently froze when it touched him, the ice held no whispered words, only isolation and silence. Both of them longed for the other, but they knew that they would have to keep longing, because he was completely untouchable.