the road to your doorstep is long,
but the trek to your heart is short.

kicking up dust with every bored whistle
arranging words under the pale new moon
this is the song i'll sing to you.

the stars have been leading me home
lighting up this dark desert trail with music
singing the song i wrote for you.

fumbling feet and drooping eyes
singing loud for the empty road ahead
this road is long, my tune is short.

the horizon has been screaming your name for days
finally now, my song is finished, my speech is done,
it's time for your door to open and the rise of the sun.

i'm hungry and tired and could fancy a nap,
but it was all worth the journey to see your feet tap,
my song is through, and i have you.

i have your love, stored in my heart,
i have this song, i wrote you a part,

come to me, you silly thing
i don't your money or diamond ring

just be here with me,
just sing here with me.