(AN) this was inspired by Room 409(BFMV)

incase this is making no sense at all, its about two people who are cheating on their mates because of lust so they do not really love eachother, resulting in one person geting killed.(brutal-ish) It is all in a girl`s POV.

Stains Of Lust(Wake UP)

Sprawled here entangled in this love

Your breathing down my neck

But he`s standing there with her

You are clutching onto metalic sliver

Wake up! Our bed sheet`s brushed with scarlet

Have you killed me in my dream?

Wake up! My blood is trickling black

Can u taste regret, feel sweet sweat in your palms?

Wake up! There`s trailing lust stains that that`ll lead him to us

U need me, I betrayed you

I need you, you destroyed me

I love him, you love her

It`s the frustratement the final stement: I love you

It`s the meaning just a beginning: I hate you

Decoy revolves around suffocation

While anger rotates pain and pressure

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