rail- snorting lines of drugs.


he would talk about them like they were his gods. coke, ketemine, adderal. he couldn't get them off his mind, his tongue went mad talking about them.

"it's all so much better." like a lean cat he would emerge from the bed completely detached. "then all the other drugs."

he says it to me because I'm often caught in tie-dye.

"K makes you feel 10 stores tall!" his arms well above his head now, his ribs counting themselves.

"I would never want to be 10 stories tall." I weave my hand into his pants, and turn them right side out.

"that's because-" he is ripe with youth. "you're afraid of power. K makes you a god!"

my teeth clench. "I am your god!"

he throws me back onto his bed. fingers digging well into my naked back. my moan is not quite. it's a sharp, fishlike death moan, as the sweet pain and pleasure mix.

"no baby you're X." he fishes my arm out of his unfolded pants.

"don't you dare fucking-" he bites down on a bruise from the night before. "ah, tell me shit like that."

our hips collide miraculously. spinning like day old kings in his cheetah print sheets.

his dick pushes hard up against me. "I'm fucking, pure molly."

he stops slowly, tentatively shifting our hips so he can get a good look at my face.

"yeah, that's what you are. pure molly."