Hey, just wanted to know if this work as a suitable prologue of sorts. I'm trying to condense information. Uh, it's not graphic, but I should warn you that it isn't really... Disney violence.

Frimmars: Jerks, basically.


It was like a puzzle.

That was it. A puzzle. She liked… puzzles. But this puzzle was really hard.

They would call it the Interplanetary War when it was over. Never before had all twelve planets of the Tsu-Min Galaxy gone to war with each other.

She tried to tape their feet back on because her dad said tape would fix anything, but their feet kept falling off their ankles and then the blood would make a mess again and she already spent so long trying to clean up the blood in their room.

They would say over a billion people died and another billion would suffer physically or psychologically or both. An entire planet was destroyed.

Those stupid frimmars! The little girl sobbed as she thought of them. They knocked in the door and they took her from her bed into her parents' room, and then…

Two people were murdered on Amra, starting the war. Derkaz, Sorn, and Malitia invaded Eos. Hell descended on an entire galaxy.

First they lopped off their feet. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

Then their hands.

Next were the calves and thighs.

The arms.

And then the screaming stopped.

The only things that saved them from certain doom were the Universal Starships. Five of them flying around the galaxy, bigger than cities, they said.

She thought if she put them back together, then they would come back. But their feet wouldn't stay in the right places and how was she supposed to grow up without a mom or dad?

They said she was going to have a baby sister soon.

They thought no war could ever be worse than this one. And they were wrong.

Shaïd curled up on the floor by her parents' bed. It was a nightmare. She would close her eyes… and go to sleep… and when she woke up… her parents would be there….

The doctors misdiagnosed the little girl. By the time they realized their mistake, it was too late.

Uh... yep.

Have some crackers.