I was knocking on my boyfriend's door when I found him standing there with nothing but pants and a tight fitting shirt on. I was frozen where I stood and let my eyes roam over his body. It wasn't our first time meeting like this. No it was most definitely not the first. I could see a small smile spread over his lips as I was standing there in one of my larger shirt and jean pants. I moved my eyes back up and saw that his eyes held a promise. Without a single word he pulled me into his room and when the door was shut I found myself against it with his lips instantly to mine. I didn't need to be told what to do. I threaded my fingers through his hair and moaned into the kiss. The last time we did something like this was too long ago. I felt his tongue play with my lips and I let him in to explore my mouth. Waging a war with his, I fought for my dominance. I won after he let me and I pushed him back to his bed. I grabbed his shirt and lifted it up and off of him, throwing it only god knows where, for right now, and pushed him down to the bed. I climbed over him and thrusted my hips down to his. He was already hard and waiting for me. This thought made me smile. I pulled my hands over his chest and lead them down to his pants where I added some pressure with my hand and felt him try to do the same.

With nimble fingers I had his pants undone and my right hand through his boxers. It has been so long that I had almost forgotten his size. I played with him while I started to trail kisses down his chest to join my hands. As I slowly kissed my way down I slowly pulled his pants down too. When he was completely naked in front of me I pulled away with a quick kiss to his member. I stood up and slowly removed my own shirt. I looked down to him and saw he was watching me intently. My red bra was the next to come off and I saw his member twitch at me only half naked. I slowly kicked off my shoes and started to undo my pants. First slowly the button and then the zipper. When that was all done I let them pool to my ankles. I left my panties on and went back to between his legs. Grabbing his member I jerk him a little before taking him into my mouth as much as I can. I can see that he is enjoying this so far and I wasn't sure how much more I was going to be able to take. I moaned and sent vibrations through him. While also sucking him hard and slow. Using my hand to play with the rest of him that I couldn't fit into my mouth.

When he was about to come I stopped and tightened my hold on him. He groaned but I just smiled down to him and kissed him again. I was pushed down where he continued the battle between our tongues but his hand was slowly winning his war. Twisting and pinching my nipples gently I found that I needed him inside me now. I pulled away to breath and gasp out what I need. He smiled down to me and his fingers lead down to my panties. I moan and move my hips into his hands and he played with mine. Slowly, as slow as I did to him, he pulls my panties off and I quickly whine at the loss of his touch. He looked up to me but I pull him down into a kiss.

"Please." I saw and looked into his eyes. He pulls me down for another kiss and he moved my legs a part and at his hips. I feel the tip of his member touch my pussy and I moan for him to move. Slowly he moves in and I moan out his name. Tightening my legs on his waist I pull him in deeper where he finally gives in and I nearly yell out his name. My heard jerks back and press into the mattress. My arms go to his back where I press my fingers into his flesh. He starts at a slow rhythm but I want the tempo to be much faster than this.

"Josh, faster, please go harder." I moan out and finally he complies with my wishes. Thrusting as fast as he can into me I dig my nails a little harder into his back and wrap my legs around his waist harder. Moaning and loving the way he feels within me makes me see stars behind my eyes.

I lost track of time but when I finally feel my walls tighten on him, we are sweating and panting. He groans my name as he feels me tighten on him and soon after he is coming himself. I gasp at the feel of his cum being pumped and squeezed into my body. The warm feeling it brings as I finally reach my high is wonderful. He rests on top of me for a little while trying to catch his breath. When he does he pulls out of me and lies beside me. I looked to him and giggle while giving him a quick kiss.

"I love you Josh." I said and move closer to his warmth. Finding the room suddenly cold.

"Love you too." He whispered and kisses my neck.