Madison was sitting in her bedroom remembering when she and Anthony where stuck inside the school art room with no one else coming to help them out. She had gotten her lip pierced a while ago and found that it was healing well. It was a half day in the school and they were staying after to completely a project. It was one of hers and he wanted to hang out with her. She smiled and told him to sit down on the chair in front of her as she had her camera positioned and was playing around with her paper drawings.

"Madison? What is all of this?" He asked and she smiled.

"I am making a short movie using the paper pieces and everything that change. Want to know the story line?" She asked as she stood up on the table. He smiled when she realized that her skirt was a bit on the short side. "Perv." She said and he just smiled even more.

"What's the story line?" He asked trying to get her to keep talking. He has seen it when she went into a project, how she forgets everything else around her.

"It's about a girl named Robin Wells and how she one day got kidnapped. She was supposed to be ransomed off for her family's wealth but a man comes and saves her from that horrible fate. They end up falling in love and she goes back to her father asking if she could marry him. Her father had made other arrangements to have her marry the king's son of the land. She gets called away by the king's men when they find she came home. She almost marries the king's son but the man that saved her once before saves her again and she finds out that he is a prince from a different kingdom. They go ridding off into the setting sunset as one of the many common themes in my story has." She said. And all through this she had been taking pictured of the men moving. The little character was just being saved by the man.

"Sounds kind of hard to draw all of them." He said and started to trace patterns on her calf.

"That's why I fell behind a little. I did something harder than everyone else. They all are using clay and pictured all ready done. So doing everything by hand was something no one else knew how to do." She said and looked down to him, finding that he was completely preoccupied with making things on her leg. She smiled and kept on working. She had to change the background a couple of times and he had to pause his drawings.

It was about an hour before she was finished and she found that Anthony was in a daydream. She smiled and took care of everything while he watched her. When she came back out they had found that the power to the place shut off. Then they heard the unfriendly sound of all the doors being locked up tight, to the halls no less. She walked to the door when the speaker came on.

"All rooms have been sealed up till six PM when the janitor will walk around and inspect all rooms." The male voice said and was gone just as fast as it came on.

"Shoot. I forgot she told me to be gone within half an hour. We are stuck in here till the janitor comes around. Lucky us they come to the bottom floor first." She said and looked to him. He had found the art room's photography's dark room. She looked to him sideways when she realized he probably found the small part of the couch you could see walking in. then she realized he was probably thinking some things to past the time. A shiver went down her spine and to this his smile turned to a smirk.

"Hey Madison are you thinking of the same thing I am?" He asked and she tried to play dumb.

"That a dark room shouldn't have a couch in it. Because people might fall asleep on it?" She said and looked at the clock. It was three o'clock and they had literally three hours to spend rather intimately.

"I was thinking more along the lines of what we could do on that bed." He said looking away from her and back to the bed. He then walked in and she groaned. No one was allowed in there and he was just barging right on in like it was nothing new. She walked to the door and was pulled with, while still holding the door. When it closed she heard the soft buzzing of the orange lights. She knew they were there so that pictures being processed wouldn't be destroyed: and allowed the kids to still see. She let her eyes adjust when she saw him sitting on the couch.

"Anthony you know we are not allowed in here right?" She asked and walked closer to him till his lifted up his hand and smiled to her.

"Come now. We have a while till someone comes and finds us. Why not let this be a learning experience?" He asked and she sighed.

"Hang on. Before there is any learning going on I need to tell father what has happened." She said pulling out her cell phone. She dialed the well rehearsed number and put the phone to her ear at the first ring. On the fifth one her father picked up and she had to give him the run down on what was happening. She wished her the best of luck on her task and left her then. He grabbed her phone and hung it up while slipping it in his pants pocket. He walked back to his spot on the couch and she waited for him to tell her what she was suppose to do. She noticed how the orange light almost made him glow. Made him look supper tanned.

"Come here Madison." Anthony said and she walked up to him. She stopped right in front of him and he smiled to her. Another shiver went down her back and his fingers went into her pants belt loops. She was pulled down to straddled his lap. She was then being thoroughly kissed by his warm lips. She whimpered against the feel and found his fingers lifting up her shirt.

"Anthony, we really shouldn't be doing this here." She said pulling from the kiss. He pulled her back down and she gave up on trying to talk some sense into him. Once he was like this she learned quickly that she couldn't change his mind. Her father could walk in and he wouldn't stop. She had to pull away from the kiss so that her shirt could be removed. He smiled up to her and quickly removed her bra. He instantly took a nipple into his mouth and she moaned arching her back. Her fingers traced through his hair and gently pulled so that he would understand what she wanted. He purred and started to thrust his hips against hers and she gasped at how hard he really was. She started to thrust down against him.

She lost his shirt for him and dragged her fingers down onto his chest. He groaned when she pinched one of his nipples and she loved the sounds. It made her think that she was doing something right. Which she was he just never told her in words. She had to learn everything out with his sounds. When he made one that sounded like pain she never repeated that again. Once she grabbed his balls to hard. He didn't like that but she made them feel better afterwards. Now she was learning about his chest. What spots where more sensitive than others. She smiled when his nipples hardened and he pulled away from hers. When he did this he lost her heat from his lap. She moved away but closer. She took his left nipple into her mouth and sucked. The skin around was slightly already darker but when she pulled away to look she found that it was a lot darker than before. She looked up and found his face was in a pleasure pose. She smiled and repeated this to the other one.

She moved down to his pants and where taking care of them fast. She smiled when he gave a sigh of relief when the tight jeans where pulled from his erection. He sighed again when his silk boxers moved over said erection and Madison was having a bit of a hard time not smiling at his expression of relief. She cupped his erection and slowly moved her palm up and down watching a little of his pre cum form at the head. She moved her mouth slowly towards him. When she licked his head she moaned and found his hands moving into her hair. She smiled and dragged her tongue from the base of his erection to just under the crown. He moaned and dropped his head to the back of the couch. This made him move his hips more to the edge of the couch for better access to him. She smiled and finally took him into her mouth and she sucked, while slowly moving up and down.

She came to a slow rhythm that drove him nearly insane and he was pulling at her hair to make her move faster. But she wouldn't move any faster and knelt there looking up at his face. When his eyes made contact with hers he realized she wasn't going to just suck him off. No she was going to drag this out if he wanted to play games. She pulled him out and licked at the crown again. But then gently bit his head and he cried out in pleasure. She then pulled away and he cleared his eyes to look at her.

"Tell me again. Who's learning?" She said and suddenly found herself lying on the couch with him now pants less completely and she was starring up to him.

"Oh that would still be you my dear. Take off your pants." He said and she did as she was told. Doing this she saw, out from the corner of her eye, his dick twitch. She held back the smile and got her pants down past her shoes. She then pulled off her panties and he growled. She looked up confused and he just smiled to her. He then told her to stand up with him and she did. But when then pulled down back into his lap. She looked confused to him when he started to kiss down her cheek all the way to her ear. Once there he nibbled on the spot that made her whimper against him. "Now let's see you ride yourself." He said and pulled back to look at her. She looked confused until he moved his hips into hers. She kissed him quickly and nodded.

"All right." She said and grabbed a hold of him. He groaned at this but when he felt her against his head he helped her out by grabbing her hips and pushing her down. Once he was in head deep she removed her hand and grabbed a hold of his shoulders. She was panting and moaning slightly to the feel. He was big inside her and she was being stretched over him. But it also gave a filling feeling she liked and he just helped her move.

When she was sitting against his legs and he was in as far as he could, they moved slightly. He moved his hips back out to the edge of the couch so she could get more of him. When she thought she was ready she lifted herself up slowly and started a slow but steady rhythm. He found himself panting and sweating from the effort he had to make not to thrust up into her any faster than she was moving herself. But that didn't last to long. On her way up he tightened his hands on her and pushed her down fast while thrusting up. She through her head made in a deep moan and he cussed at the feel. He helped her take this new speed and she found herself liking it. Slowly she moved up and down and found her breasts bouncing with the new force. He watched her body move over and on his and it made him want to come so bad.

After a while he told her to stop. She was confused but he the kissed her and pulled her off. She whimpered at the great loss and he smiled. He told her to get on her hands and knees and to use the arm rest for her arms. She got into the position and he thrusted madly into her. She felt her back arch and she cried out with the force of pleasure. She suddenly found this position to be to her liking. He reached deeper into her and she could hear the slapping of his skin to hers. She panted and moaned for more. He just smiled and leaned over her back to kiss her neck.

"Shh. Don't worry, you will get yours in do time." He said and thrusted into her hard. She cried out again and he smiled to this. He drove into her over and over till she couldn't make a coherent sound. He loved the way he could make her see stars behind those eyes. He then felt her walls tighten on him telling him that she was about to cum. She was going to cum hard onto him too. She started to move backwards onto him and felt her back arch. He pulled her up so she was just on her knees and she grabbed a hold of his arms and just moved with him. She felt her back arched and she came crying his name. he felt her tighten on him and within a few more thrusts he came violently into her.

When they caught there breath they where lying on their sides and she smiled. She looked to him and kissed his lips gently. She then kissed his neck and smiled when he made a small whimper. She smiled to him and he slipped his fingers in her hair and gave a gentle pull.

"See that wasn't a bad lesson." He said and she laughed.

"Next time, I would rather like to have a bed. More room for other things." She said and smiled. He nodded and smiled to her thought.

"Now we just have to get home." He said and she laughed at that.

"You are driving. I am to tired to do anything else." She said and kissed he kissed her gently.

"Let's get dressed and we will wait for the janitor." He said and helped her up, to get up.

That night Madison was enjoying her sleep dreaming sweetly of what was going to be her next adventure with Anthony.