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Virgin No Longer
by MaeMaes

The shape. No, no. The size.

Eva jumped up and down in front of the mirror, grinning with satisfaction as they jiggled. "My boobs are sexy! They're saying, 'See us? We're the twins you've fantasized about in your bed, all your life.'" She paused. "No, they're saying, 'Put your mouth here and suck!' God, I love this bra."

Eva studied her breasts' reflection at different angles, and then cooed, "Oooh, I love you like a fat kid loves cake. Zach will fall all over himself to get his face buried in you twins."

She stepped into her red dress, zipped up, and left off her underwear—nervous, excited.

Over two years of dating, and he never once pressured her for more. She just… She just wanted to make sure she was doing the right thing, and that he was whom she wanted.

She knew now.

His patience with her, his trust in her, and his love for her proved that. And she would give herself to him on a platter. A damned sexy platter.

Fisting her hands, Eva hesitated. But, what if tearing her hymen was akin to unlocking Pandora's box? She may be unleashing an inner kink upon an unaware Zach. Or discover that climax would be incapable through penetration alone. Wasn't there a statistic on that? Oh, God, what if she didn't like it?

The doorbell dinged.

Sweat broke out down her back as she got up from the couch. She checked her hair in the bathroom, smoothed out the tight red dress, glanced at her boobs, pushed a ringlet of black hair behind her ear, disliked it and pulled it back forward, settled the charm of her necklace right above her cleavage, touched up some more lipgloss, smiled to check for—

The doorbell dinged again.

Jerking, she set her lipgloss back inside the medicine cabinet, inhaled and exhaled as she strode over to her front door, tugging it open.

"Happy Valentine's!" Zach came in a rush, dipping her over his arm, and pressing kisses to her laughing face.

"Hello, to you, too, Zach." Eva grinned, her worries taking backseat. She adored how his dimples deepened as he smiled, how he laced his fingers with hers and held on, and…


She looked up from their joined hands.



Zach unlocked his apartment and drew her in after him.

Kicking his door shut, Eva slid her hands over his chest and drew him down for a hard kiss by the collar.

"The champagne is still—" He started, amused.

"I don't give a damn about that." She nibbled her way up his jaw line, and bunched the material of his button-down in her hands. Relaxed. Bunched. Relaxed.

Oh, what the hell? Now or never, all or nothing.

She tore; buttons flew. Satisfaction was short-lived. Something primitive rose up in her, something screaming: more!

"Eva—holy crap, Eva."

A smile crept up on her before she knew it. Her anxiety fled in the wake of her libido, smug pleasure overflowing her alongside the hormones. Toeing off her heels, she sauntered toward his bedroom, sliding the zipper—and her dress—down, down, down. She saw when he caught sight of her bra…the way not only his back stiffened.

He stalked her.

Just as she dashed for his bed, he seized her by the waist, pinning her against the wall with his hips, his groin to hers.

"Oh, Zach," she moaned, enjoying the friction. Her eyes snapped shut when he pressed harder against her.

This was it, Virginity. A beautiful beginning to The End.

Smiling, she glanced down at him skimming her breast with his lips. His head bent down further, working to pop one free of her bra.

She settled back, content to let him work when she saw it on the rim of his wastebasket—it reflected the dim light of his room. Sagging just over the edge, it hung stretched from use.

Her body stilled. Had he played with himself earlier that day? But why use…? Her eyes narrowed. Had she seen incorrectly?

She imagined him going off, the condom slick on both sides.

Stunned, she wondered: when?

Earlier this week? No, they'd tossed the trash a few days ago. Yesterday? Today?


Her nails raked down his shoulders as she wrenched them back to her sides, shaking, shaking. She whipped her hand out, finger thrust towards the condom, still shaking.

"What the fuck is that?"

"What is what? And, ow, Eva. You're rough tonight." He glanced up from her breasts.

"Rough? Rough?" She shoved his shoulders.

"What're you talking—" His eyes followed the length of her arm…and then he winced.

He winced.

Her finger drooped, her arm dropped, and her mouth fell open, silent in her outrage, imagining his betrayal, his deception, and his fucking. Finally, she sagged against the wall, shocked. Never, in all the time they'd been together, would she have predicted this. Ever. Ever, her heart grieved.

He stepped toward her, hands raised to grasp her hands. "Eva, it's OK. It's not a big deal. It was just that I knew you'd be coming over, and I didn't want to pressure you, and she was just a girl—I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

She flinched away. "Don't."

"Please, listen to me."

Lurching to the side, she rushed into the hallway.

"Eva! Evaline!"

She wouldn't—couldn't—listen.

"Evaline, please." He caught and tugged on her hand, attempting to lace his shaking fingers with her cold ones. His breath hitched. "I love you. I love you."

Refocusing on him, she stared. …Love? She pulled away, the corners of her lips lifting.

"Happy Valentine's day, Zachary."


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